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The House of Midnight - A Heavy RP Drow Inspired Guild

26 November 2012 - 02:44 AM

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The House of Midnight

Welcome to The House of Midnight. We are a Drow Inspired Guild on the Tarnished Coast Server. While Drow do not currently exist in Guild Wars Canon, we roleplay as subterranean humans that have evolved over time to adapt to their new environment. It is a creative solution for those looking to play a drow-like character in the Guild Wars Universe without breaking lore canon.

The House itself is an adventuring/tradesman lodge located as chapter houses in the more populated cities of Tyria. However, trading and adventure are just the legitimate fronts of the House operations. Deep below each chapter house is a speakeasy with a dark history of dark secrets, unspoken pleasures, even a little death and debauchery.

We believe we are a unique concept for a Guild Wars organization with a complete historical timeline and additional story on the way. We invite you to look over our charter and character creation requirements. We look forward to roleplaying with you!

Guild Page: http://www.thom.enjin.com/

Guild Leader: Julae Eilserves
Guild Officer: Eilistraee

Recruiting: Yes

Special Requirements: Yes! We have a strict Character Creation process so that all members fit the drow-inspired theme of the guild. Located here: http://www.thom.enjin.com/cctools

Brisban Highlands skill point bug in Hidden Lake?

10 September 2012 - 11:07 PM


It seems the skill point at Hidden Lake in Brisban Highlands is bugged or glitched. I don't see any npc or object that offers the skill point but it is on the map. No one else in the area could find it either and some of us sat around for a while. Is there anyway around this bug? This is really annoying. I was almost done with the map there.

Anyone have insight on the matter? Thanks.