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In Topic: Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

28 October 2013 - 01:57 AM

View Postshanaeri rynale, on 27 October 2013 - 08:32 PM, said:

I have everything I need to craft a few weapons, but I feel they are a waste of time because legendries offer better value. All it will take is for the level cap to rise(something they said they expected they would do) and you can bet ascended will be outdated. The only weapon item that will remain best in slot is the legendary so it makes sense to divert attention to those regardless of Ascended.

This is the same train of thought that I subscribe to. Unfortunately it works both ways. Getting ascended gear slows the progression towards a legendary. From what I've heard, getting the crafting profession from 450-500 alone is a massive gold sink. While getting a legendary, which is grotesquely expensive, hinders progress towards getting ascended gear after that. It really boils down to the individual's decision in the end. But really, after feeling the sting of my exotic gear (which is all nicely transmuted) no longer being BIS, I'm just not willing to grind out this ascended gear, transmute again, only to have it made redundant.

Expensive as it was, it was far more worth it for me to get a legendary and ignore ascended gear, at least for now. It's future-proof gear, and some of them have nice skins and effects. Let's not forget of course, legendary armor, which could happen in the future.

In Topic: Executioner Costume should have been a Heavy Armor Skin

24 October 2013 - 11:05 PM

View PostAndemius, on 24 October 2013 - 10:31 PM, said:

Aren't the recent skins enough, they're multi-class but in reality are all hevay skins.

The recent Aetherblade armor skins are actually quite well designed. If I could scown up 1600 gems, I might actually buy the light and medium armor.

In Topic: The Tequatl Debacle

23 October 2013 - 11:58 PM

Well, any number of us here with half a brain would have predicted this from the start: that Teq would be a dead event within a few weeks on numerous servers (and time zones). Even on a more populated server, I'm now getting onto the main Teq map and it's completely dead. So I solo it for giggles only to have it fail so I can still walk away with that damned 1 achievement point.

It's humorous because a number of folk have been clamoring for more difficult content, and yet when that's implemented, nobody really wants to do it anymore, save for perhaps a number of coordinated guilds in voice chat on a server or two. Truth is that a lot of people are loot-driven rabbits. Why would people want to farm Teq when there's numerous brain-dead dungeon paths that you can do daily, and for probably the same level of return?

Heck, I don't even have time (or want) to do even a single dungeon path on most days. The point is, numerous players look at return versus time spent. People don't necessarily just want more difficult content. They want that, plus better loot to justify the level of difficulty.

Achieving the required level of coordination for Teq isn't going to be easy in open-world, especially when there's dozens of idle turds sitting around waiting to be handed their crispy Tequatl wings on a silver platter. But it is precisely the idle turds that are taking up valuable space and pushing the ones who actually want to do it, right into an overflow map. Implement a debuff of some sort that deals damage over time for idling in the area, and then log the player out after being in defeated state after a reasonable countdown. This would also encourage people to run back after being defeated, rather than lying there dead and making it difficult to res the people who are downed and yet to be defeated.

In Topic: Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

23 October 2013 - 12:04 AM

View PostChuyDog08, on 22 October 2013 - 11:39 PM, said:

What keeps bothering me and I don't hear it in the gear progression argument is:

If Ascended is the last tier to be added, why not make Legendary stats more powerful now?

Legendary is referenced as a tier above Ascended, but will always be "at least" equal to the top tier.  That has never made sense to me.  It seeems like a cop out.  I read into it that ANet is always holding the gear progression "ace in the hole" by being able to raise the stats and abilities of legendary items to that of the newly created top tier.  That sounds like a deliberate plan.  If not, just make Legendary weapons equally as more powerful than Ascended as Ascended is to Exotic.  They won't because it will be read as a statement that gear progression is over.  At any time they could change it, but the way it is now they would have less to defend.

Not permenantly changing the stats will allow them to do some of the things referenced in this topic.  You can increase Sigils to higher tiers. When they do, Legendary weapons will automatically have the higher tier in sigils.  Raise the tier of Inscription, and the legendary will automatically have the highest values. etc...

The thing is, that's not the understanding that most of us would have had about legendary weapons. Legendaries were sold at the start of the game as having the same stats as exotic. People who decided to grind it out for a legendary would get the benefit of a fancy skin, not a higher tier of stats. By virtue of that definition then, legendaries would not have better stats than ascended, even *if* this was the end of a gear-related progression.

But I understand where you're coming from however, in terms of leaving things 'open-ended' about having new tiers in the future, and it gives reason then as to why Anet also indicated that legendary gear will always be BiS.

In Topic: Why you Can't Ignore Ascended Gear

22 October 2013 - 11:01 PM

View PostKymeric, on 22 October 2013 - 04:07 PM, said:

I'm an average player.  At 15 to 20 hours a week, I don't fit in with the weekend casuals, and I'm definitely not one of the hardcore.  I read up enough to know where the farms are at, but tend to get bored and leave them after about a half hour of trying whatever hot new gold train...

...ANet looks at the middle of the road players, and realizes that they've completely dismissed legendaries...

...ANet realizes that eventually I'll have 8 characters in full exotics, world completion on two or three before I get sick of that game, and have them all dressed up in a style that I like.

So they implement a grind, calculated to be just short enough to entice me out of my revulsion for farming and chasing carrots, but long enough to keep me working at something in the game.

Well, I'm very much in the same boat as you as far as play time goes. Sometimes I'm almost embarassed to admit how much time I actually spend on the game. But back to the point...if Anet introduced ascended gear as a means to entice the 'middle of the ground' players to play on, then as far as I'm concerned, they made a gross error. If anything, it's been a massive turn-off for me.

The 'living story' updates have been fun to a certain extent (in terms of playing the content to get the experience), but the *thought* of working towards a meta achievement for a specific reward has also been a turn-off. It is faulty reasoning for them to have believed that it is necessary to provide something to work for in order to retain players. I came to GW2 after spending loads of time playing FPS games like Half-Life/ Counterstrike and Left 4 Dead 2. There was nothing specific to work towards in these games, but they were ultra fun.

Maybe I'm old, but after spending too much time on games in the past, working for a bunch of pixels that are worthless now and not remembered by anybody, I've tried to move away from that as much as I can. Admittedly there's stuff in the game that I spent a lot of time working towards, but we have got to draw the line somewhere. Ascended gear has me concerned. First it was trinklets, then it's weapons, then armor. What's next? Sigils, runes, food...and a potential raise to the level cap. For this reason I decided ONE legendary was worth more than an ascended weapon or two. At least I could be sure that ONE piece in my setup was future proof.

At the bottom of it all I'm also a theorycrafter and like to experiment with various equipment. Now I find it difficult to justify that. What's the point of experimenting with throwaway exotics? Speaking about achieving specific 'looks', using throwaway exotics also implies using more transmutation crystals and those are not cheap. Moreover, what's the point in gearing out alts? I spend a lot of my game time in WvW, and my biggest mistake was using as many as 4 different toons in WvW. Now none of them have a high enough rank to gain any meaningful bonuses. It is hilarious that they are not encouraging a person who is able to use a number of different professions, to bring something different to the table each time.

View PostEl Duderino, on 22 October 2013 - 08:10 PM, said:

I can say that I probably would have stuck around longer had it not been for the Ascended Grind, even though I wasn't happy with a lot of the rest of the game. WvW was fun, the world is beautiful, jumping in to random groups for Dynamic Events is a lot of fun. There is a lot to like about GW2.

Agree, in my opinion also there *is* a lot of fun in GW2. Every so often I still try to recapture the magic of the day of headstart. The magic is still there. The artwork and environs (including the music) is excellent for the most part. There's enough particle effects in a dynamic event to make my eyes bleed. Animations are really nice apart from clipping issues, which I can live with. WvW is tremendous, I enjoyed it more before they started to introduce Wxp and season achievements into the picture. I don't mind standing in one spot and having a chat with a friend. No, that's not RP, that's just standard quality time. The magic of this game has been clouded and diluted by a 101 meta-achievements and 'rewards', and a butt-load of stuff that's a poor excuse for 'something to work towards'. And yet because it is there, some of us feel compelled to chase it even though our time could be better spent elsewhere.

I was done chasing the meta achievements. And now in the most recent update they are introducing a new healing skill as part of the reward...something that can actually be used and *can* affect the game, not some mini or aesthetic item that can simply ignored and it wouldn't have much of an effect at all. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the game. GW2 is the *only* game I currently play, but what a turn-off it's been in recent times. If they want to push me to quit, they're doing a pretty good job at it.