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Asuran Butler Golem and Black Lion Chests

25 September 2012 - 06:13 PM

The GW2 Wiki suggests that the Asuran Butler Golem that you can get in the gemstore has a "Black Lion Chest Unlocking Service" but does not give any further details. Anyone know more about this? What exactly does it do, is it limited, and is there a cost beyond the initial cost of the golem?

New to guardian, would love feedback on sPvP retal/weapon build

01 September 2012 - 12:28 AM

I tried making a retal spec for my warrior in spvp and was sorely disappointed. So I rolled up a guardian and spent  the last hour or two trying out the abilities in the training area.

Here's what I came up with for sPvP:


Main Weapon: Greatsword
Off Weapon: Mace/Shield (for situations where healing or defense is top priority)

Signet of Resolve
Hammer of Wisdom
Bow of Truth/Stand Your Ground/Contemplation of Purity (not sure which)
Tome of Courage

30 Zeal: Spirit Weapon Mastery, Eternal Spirit, Wrathful Spirit/Zealous Blade (not sure which)
20 Honor: Writ of Exaltation, Writ of Persistence
20 Virtues: Vengeful, Improved Spirit Weapon Duration

It seems like this build will do reasonable sustained damage (mostly AOE) and maybe OK burst with the spectral weapons, although the crit chance is very low so burstiness will be somewhat hampered by that. There are several heal options for when the going gets rough. Also, the build should be able to keep retaliation up nearly all the time between Symbol of Wrath and Virtue of Retribution. If I get Stand Your Ground! then keeping retal up all the time should be easy. The AOE stability seems really powerful as well. However, it also seems like a loss to not load up on weapon abilities given how many traits I have invested in weapons. The other obvious weakness of the build is the lack of condition removal. I'm tempted to run Contemplation of Purity for that reason.

Is this a viable build? Are there easy improvements to be made? Should I go with Wrathful Spirit or Zealous Blade? What about Bow of Truth vs. SYG vs Contemplation of Purity?

Leveling spec, could use some feedback

28 August 2012 - 08:03 PM

Here is my leveling progression plan, using Greatsword/Rifle or Longbow

Levels 11-20: Arms up to Deep Strikes. Healing Signet, Signet of Might, For Great Justice!

Levels 21-30: Arms up to Momentous Greatsword. Healing Signet, Signet of Might, Signet of Fury, For Great Justice! (If crit is 100%, swap in another signet if crit is lower than 95% or so).

Levels 31-40: Strength up to Berserker's Power. Healing Signet, Signet of Might, Signet of Fury, Signet of Rage, Any Signet (depends on situation)

So that far is pretty clear in my mind. At level 41, what I do will depend on how my crit chance is. If it's started to fall off quite a bit, I'll go for Discipline up to Heightened Focus. If it's remaining high I'll go for Strength up to Slashing Power. Then at level 51 I'll do whatever I didn't do at 41. At 61 I'll probably push Discipline up to Signet Mastery.

I'm really not sure what to do with the last 10 points. Strength up to 30 for Restorative Strength is an option, as is Arms up to 30 for Rending Strikes (and more importantly Attack of Opportunity), and Tactics up to 10 for Empowered.

What do you think?

Some basic stat information for warriors

28 August 2012 - 02:51 PM

Just thought that this might be helpful. It's based on some relatively cursory tests, so take it with a grain of salt. it's my best guess though as to how things work at the moment.

Power: An increase of x% to your power will increase your direct damage by approximately x%. For example, if you have 100 power and add 10 power, you will be increasing your power by 10% and your skill damage will increase by about 10%. If you have 200 power and add 10 power you will be increasing your power by 5% and your skill damage will increase by about 5%.

Crit Damage%: Putting points in the Discipline tree increases your crit damage bonus. However, I'm pretty sure that this is inefficient when compared to increasing Power. The first point in Discipline has the most impact, increasing your crit damage bonus from 150% of normal damage to 151% of normal damage. If you assume a 100% crit chance (a difficult assumption, but doable for a lower level warrior), then you're basically gaining .66% to your overall dps by increasing your crit damage bonus by 1%.

For example, if you do 100 base damage with your attack, you will do 150 crit damage with 0 discipline and 151 damage with one point in discipline. That's a .66% increase.

If you have 29 points in discipline (179% of normal damage on crit), then increasing that to 30 points will increase your damage output by about .56% (100 base damage, 179 crit damage becomes 180 crit damage, an increase of .56%)

So basically you get between .56% and .66% overall DPS boost from direct damage for each point in precision if you have 100% crit chance. If you have lower crit chance then the benefit that you get is lower.

How much power would you need to have for 10 power to achieve this small of an effect? The answer is about 1515 for the first point in discipline, and 1786 for the last point in discipline. There is just no way you are even close to that much power at low levels. At high levels it is realistic that you might have this much power, particularly if you stack power on your gear, but then again it may not be possible to get anywhere near 100% crit chance at high levels.

Therefore, +10 power is almost certainly going to increase your damage by far more than +1% crit damage bonus.

  • An x% increase in power probably increases your direct damage by x%
  • Increasing your crit damage is less effective than increasing your power even if you have 100% crit chance. You need 100% crit chance and about 1500 power before you start getting more out of 1% crit damage bonus than you do out of +10 power.

Detailed DPS calculations -- need some help

28 August 2012 - 02:22 AM

Does anyone know what the actual damage formulas for GW2 are? The stat system is somewhat more opaque than what I'm used to. I'm a bit of a theorycrafter/min-maxer at heart and I usually like to get an understanding for the way stat systems work in a game. Specifically, I'd like to be able to figure out exactly how Power and Condition Damage affect the overall damage calculation. Do they add a fixed amount of damage? A percentage? Does character level matter like it seems to with Precision?

Any insight would be helpful! I suspect the GW2 wiki covers some of this but the site is down for maintenance and has been down for quite a while. Who knows when it will be back.