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In Topic: Lunch with Colin Johanson - Give Us Your Questions!

16 February 2013 - 12:35 PM

Why has ANET abandoned their original game designs and promises?
What happened to everything we loved about GW1?
What happened to defying existing conventions?
What happened to no grinding for stats?
What happened to not building the same MMO than everyone else?
What happened to being able to acquire max stat gear trough all means of the game?
What happened to rewarding players for playing the way they want to play?

In short: what happened to:

By this very article GW2 is a total failure with designs fit for a subscription based MMO. Why?

Not that i expect any of these to be answered truthfully or at all.

In Topic: Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

18 November 2012 - 06:42 PM

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In Topic: ArenaNet: Choosing and Transferring Worlds in Guild Wars 2

26 April 2012 - 12:31 AM

kilim said:

The transfer costs are really OK - from economy point of view.
At the moment the king of MMO is WoW. The last post explayned its costs and still SO many people plays it. And are OK with high transfer costs.

Those that don't want to pay - will get used to they're server.
There will be HUGE number of players, so WvW wont be problem i think. It soon can get overpopulated and thats going to be 1 MAJOR problem...

ANet only gains from such system. Its not just about players - its also about company hosting and developing this game.

This game is going to be SO superb that people will just WANT it and so they will buy it. If someone gets mad from them ANet doesn't loose anything cause the community will continue to GROW.

Look how many pre-purhased this game. Only real concurrent to this game is WoW. NO OTHER. The rest of game lacks a lot.
And I have played many.

And since I dont like any of current MMO, I for once dont have much choice and hope I finaly will have uber MMO to play. :D :D :D

What has WoW got to do with GW2? GW1 had FREE transfers and GW2 uses an upgraded engine of it. The cost for transferring an account is virtually 0 cents! And sheep still think they should be paying for this!

Yes at the start the population is gonna be huge and you might not even get to play WvW when you want to but this aint the problem. Most likely you will have to pay if you want to keep playing WvW if you chose the wrong server at release. WHY?
With the eventual population decline after the first few months those who have money (real or virtual) will transfer to the servers where there will be more action. This will repeat itself till quite a few servers populations will decrease to the point where WvW will be a ghost town.

Anyone interested will have to pay to keep playing WvW!

I have no idea how this can be justified and considered fair by anyone.
Yes things are not final but this cost is not justified by any means as already stated here: http://www.guildwars...2&postcount=281

In Topic: ArenaNet: Choosing and Transferring Worlds in Guild Wars 2

25 April 2012 - 07:46 PM

Knight of Virtue said:

On WvW transfer cost


Couldnt have said it better myself.
Its simply making inconvenience to sell convenience and makes me wary of what else is to come in terms of MT (btw 20€ for me and most people isnt micro).

In Topic: Foreign language chat

20 April 2012 - 09:44 PM

Since the game already has servers the best option is to simply brand them as official x language server and let people pick (no enforcing ips and such). Speaking anything but english and x should then be enforced by short time temporary bans.
Solves most of the problems IMO.