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In Topic: Last night a thief annihalated me

09 April 2014 - 03:18 PM

View PostAzure Skye, on 09 April 2014 - 02:53 PM, said:

a pistol whip thief

Sword/Pistol does not have an Evasive roll behind him when striking-Thats sword/ dagger with infiltrators strike.

In Topic: People being JERKS, there I said it

30 January 2014 - 12:24 PM

As a player right back since beta of gw1 all the way till gw2 beta and till now I still think some people just need to get their heads around a few things. First off all anet already stated they want to move away from the guild wars 1 game, not so much that nothing in gw2 is related but mechanics and such and focus more lore on elder dragons. They clearly stated that in writing. If you read that before guild wars 2 came out and yet still bought the game then you need to learn to adapt to the changes they made. As passionate as I am about guild wars franchise in general I don't generally like to give my opinion unless I feel the need too.  Yes you could argue the gemstore is just a way for anet to get your money. At the same time if you buy gems, you support the game, you support the franchise, you make new content possible? You think living story doesn't cost them a lot? Every 2 weeks of content was pushed out for us after the majority of the community complained about no end content which I agree unlike back in gw1 we had elite areas. So they gave us new content every 2 weeks plus holiday events. I agree some of this content was pretty bad but the game is in its first year! Another thing about the gemstore that I see a lot of people complaining about are things that are "rng" based like black lion chest. Does anet force you to buy gems to get  keys to open black lion chests in order for you to get a golden ticket or many scraps? No they don't, you choose too. And you know if you had a little bit of patients rather then trying to be the " oh look I get the new weapon from black lion weapon merchant straight away" and just wait for it to appear on the trading post it goes cheap. I remember everytime new weapon skins came out they went cheap on the trading post when they became tradeable.

Okay so let's talk about actual in game content like skills, dungeons, meta events and so forth. Yes dungeons do need to be re vamped.  But I'm not gonna constantly complain about loot drops and hoe the rng is bad. I just deal with it. And playing from guild wars 1 I remember when you used to have 4 districts sitting in vlox falls with assassins all speed clearing SoO for a bds. I could run that 100 times and get no bds, I can run it 5 times and get 1. I didn't ever hear anybody complaining about not getting a bds every x amount of runs. It's rng it does what it's supposed to do. If you want one of those re skin TA weapons, don't buy it from the to, go get a group and do the path, do it daily and just hope. You're still making money to save for that weapon.

Skills and utilities. I agree you have a right to complain about " balance" patches that anet bring forth. Sme of them are just huge hits to the class and some of them are just making a class stronger. A lot of people that complain about certain classes like those ha bow warriors or minion necros simply complain because they struggle to understand the weakness of those builds. Remember when D/D theif burst was insane damage and everybody was q.qing about how you don't get a chance? It took what a week or so till they nerves it abit and even when they did people still complained it was op? Why because the game hadn't even been out a month and people are still understanding game mechanics. But let's talk about the current meta now. Yes I agree there are some thingd that need to be fixed because it is rediculous with what you can do. Like warriors immobilise stacking. I hope anet also implement pvp and over skill split. Just like gw1 had so there was different metas, could even do it for wvw?

2 new events came out. The warm and scarlet one with the robot ( can't think of the name right now) but they started with bugs I believe. They got fixed, what did people do? Complain it was too hard to do them. People thrive for harder content, especially hard core fans. I'm a casual player that mainly focuses on wvw but I enjoy tough content. People have expectations that oh new content? Easily steam roll it like shadow behemoth...oh wait server can't take it down? Let's go complain. Anet are trying to pull server communities closer to engage with one another. Have you watched wooden potatoes on youtubr with him commanding and talking about his server co ordinations to get euro down? They was so close. It's tactics and team/ server play. Just like teq. Onto that yes the over flows are really annoying and that anet should add districts like in gw1 where server had multiple districts instead of an overflow.

I'm not gonna continue to rant on about what others seem to complain about all the time. I just accept the game for how it's being constructed and hope that things get better and to be really honest it has. Engineer is my main, started of as an awful class. Took a lot of latches before engineers were finally considered a great class. Some people are just passionate and can't seem to adapt to the changes and just want to be heard but you know as much as I hate whiners I agree to some extent. The guild wars 2 community should be heard by anet and should have thoughts but it always  breaks into arguments over who's got a better suggestion or opinion. And that's where it's just mindless flame wars over the same stuff over and over. Go look at guild wars 2 forums.. Self explanatory. Some people demand too much from the game and need to take a step back.

In Topic: 2 different builds

16 January 2014 - 10:17 AM

View PostQuaker, on 15 January 2014 - 11:47 PM, said:

There's not a whole lot of difference between them.

- The Phenom x6 performs about the same as the FX-4170 - varying depending upon the game, app, etc.

- the same for the GTX-560 Ti vs the HD5870. The 560 is newer though and is probably quieter and consumes less power.

- the motherboards are just a matter of features. If they have enough of the connectors you want, then either will do.

- about the only difference that matters may be the power supply. Be Quiets have a good rep, but I'm not familiar with Icute. Google them. :)

Other than that, you could just choose on the bases of which case you like best, but overall, the FX-4170 and AM3+ motherboard are newer and an easy upgrade to an FX-6350 would be a future consideration. (The only upgrade path, other than an FX line, for the 1075t is the 1100t, which is much of a step up).
On the other hand, if you think you might want to OC the CPU, the Crosshair IV would be better for that (but, then again, it's only AM3, not AM3+, I think).

Thank you so much for the info back! Well for now the only games I have interest in at the moment is guild wars 2, assassin creed black flag and a few other oldish games. So in terms of out of the 2 specs which would be better to run these games especially for wvw? That's my main focus at the moment which is wvw and don't want to end up dropping to 10 with smallish zergs of like 20v20.  On the side note which would be easier to upgrade if I needed to change a few things in terms of graphics card/ ram ect along with motherboard? Cheers!

In Topic: Did Anet Mishandle the Final Boss?

08 January 2014 - 12:40 PM

Problem with having him as a dynamic event would be the same as we had with teq...many many over flows for one server, many people guesting to the servers thst could actually beat the dynamic event and of course if you wanted to do it you'd be sitting in the map an hour before the event actually started just to be sure you got in and no overflow. But I did feel disappointment in all that story building up on my first play through, all that thrill when you reach Orr, get into the story for an hour and a half and boss dropped in like 5 minutes.

Would love to have it re vamped.

In Topic: T1 WvW: The Big Three Olympians

08 January 2014 - 10:46 AM

View PostImpmon, on 30 December 2013 - 06:30 PM, said:

Nothing has changed either.  SOR is still creating massive blobs & ruining WVW in the process just like months ago.

Now that's pretty hypercritical considering past few weeks switching into different borderland I'm pretty certain that JQ blob was always bigger then ours. Maybe a few situations when it wasn't. And funny thing is, even when our numbers are smaller then yours Still wipe your ass so dry you could use it as sand paper(not all the time, but most of the encounters we've had..it's happened) . But no seriously, If your gonna complain about blob size look at BG I'm pretty certain BG have a blob on every map.

And to be real honest, pretty much every server from BG, JQ and SOR has blobs. Just different hours of the day.  Want some cream for that sore ass too?