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Black Lion Trade Company letters unreadable

31 August 2012 - 05:45 PM

As the title says, when I open Black Lion Trade Company the letters are almost completely unreadable.

Anyone knows solution for this issue?

Some WvW issues from my perspective

29 August 2012 - 07:30 PM

Hey guys,

Just to start this thread off let me say that I really enjoy GW2 and was looking forward to WvW, it was probably the hardest selling point for me before the release.

Now few days after the release I am a bit disappointed and let me explain why:

Point 1

There is no chance to get an organized guild groups in WvW. I am playing on Seafarer`s Rest which has medium population and WvW has insane queues. I would not really mind that if I could actually queue my group for WvW. At the moment the situation looks like this:

- 5 man group forms up and decides to go to WvW, any map is the option at this moment
- Everyone queues individually and gets to enter on completely random and ofcourse different times
- 1 person is in and gets bored after a while waiting for his/hers friends which always has snowball effect leading to disbanding the group

Now the easy solution would be to join as group, so when there is enough room, every person from that group can go into WvW at the same time.

Point 2

Second thing is organizing larger guild groups for participating in WvW. I have said it many time and will repeat myself again: Squad system is the worst invention ever in any MMO.
This game needs something like a warband which would consist of maximum 4 groups of 5 members. This warband (lets just call it like that) needs to have unit frames for all members of it and also needs a color (different one from party or ally) so you can see members of it around the map.
Just to add, you should also be able to queue for WvW with your warband.

Only these two small changes would make wonders for the game and make it more enjoyable for organized guilds that want good, quality WvW. At this moment WvW is completely boring and useless feature of the game in which side with smarter PUG`s and bigger numbers wins.

What do you think about these two suggestions?

PvP: The Committee

29 February 2012 - 05:49 PM

The Committee
Posted Image

The Committee is a hardcore PVP/RVR guild with player base deriving mostly from Croatia and Balkan in general, but the guild has expanded our recruitment channels throughout Europe. Due to this, all text on guild chat/warband/party is composed in English and is therefore the compulsory language to use on Ventrilo.
We also do PVE because of the gear, and to take an occasional break from RVR/PVP.

So if you like the best premades, awesome small skirmish fights and the occasional PVE runs with experienced and clued up people, you came to the right place!

Did I mention that we have a lot of fun outside of the game? When we're not logged in, you'll find most of us on Ventrillo chatting, playing other games and enganging in some mandatory banter! So not everything is black and white and extremely serious, but there's a time and a place for everything.

Age limit for The Committee is 18, but we will consider people who are 16+ if they leave a very good impression on guild leader and/or guild officers in informal chat ingame or via application.

Our recruitment is currently closed, but make sure to check us out in the future on our recruitment thread.

If you join us and pass your trial period you will be among the best, and you will recieve all the perks of being a guild member. So in one sentence: We ask for the best and in return we will make sure you are among the best.

HF&GL :cool: