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In Topic: Has anet put their cash shop before content?

19 December 2012 - 09:32 AM

View PostKananeko, on 19 December 2012 - 09:17 AM, said:

in wow u get forced to raid for best gear, here you can get them easily doing the stuff you enjoy, a 1000+hour player would have the same stats as a 100 hour player. all of the cash shop item in gw2 are optional, not important, they are a WANT, not a NEED. the cash shop does not give away advantages like other mmorpg eg extra stats, power, lvl gain, protection stone for upgrades while making the upgrading chance low.

maybe you ppl do need to go back to wow, then maybe we will have less whinning here, becuase in wow when u fail on a boss, and wiping constantly every night, you know you SUCK and dont deserve the drop where as here in gw2 everything are TOO easy to obtain,and you ppl suddenly believe you are entitled to everything.
did I say i am entitled to everything? I spent *ing 100 euro this holiday and still have do not all minis where is skill or grind in that? only *ing rng
for that price I could sub wow for what 9 months and get everything they release by playing what I want and when I want ...

for 13 month I can farm them and they are almost guaranteed to drop after 20 hours of farming in WoW

I want to buy minis but they are RNG and account bound with no other way

you are forced here to do fractals you cannot even craft exotic set when your acc is bugged with DR as I had 10 ecto from outdoor drops in past month ...
so unless I grind dungeons I cannot get same stats as those that can currently only way to get BiS is doing fractals with ascended too so again they are forcing me to do fractals

GW 2 grind is comparable to lineage 2 in every at least little unique skin

and btw  and again you dissmised half of my post when I said that people likes minis and costume for some that is end game and currently there is only gemstore for that in WoW  80% of minis are quest rewards / event rewards rest come from special editions and blizzcons and card games and few from their cash store

I never wanted anything for free
I want grind it I want to do some skill chalange to earn it I want to buy it
but not spent 150 every month to have something that I can do in other games like  WoW for only 12 month...

actually this game is not skill based but grind and RNG based
you can say that wow is RNG based too but WoW actually got lootables and you know what drops where and not hoping for random precursor to make you rich

In Topic: Has anet put their cash shop before content?

19 December 2012 - 07:23 AM

View PostThe_Tree_Branch, on 18 December 2012 - 11:24 PM, said:

How very mis-informed.
it's fun about you saying who is mis informed when several things you listed are wrong

1)you said farming is easier yet there is 35 000 views 1100 replies topic about how drop was decreased everywhere else except dungeons or how some accounts are affected with permanent DR ( I see maybe 1 rare in 80 lvl zone for every 10 - 20 hours of play and that used to be 2 - 5 in 1 hour)

2)  minis
you do know that there is 9 minis this event from those 9 only 5 are craftable and devs said we are going to have material to craft only 2 other 3 are only from rng gemstore box and quaggan is from 3 RNG minis combinated in  mystic toilet or such rare drop that there is no chance to farm it at all

it took me 6000 gems just to get those 4 minis and I'll be still missing another 3. This game is not worth to collectors at all
People may complain that WoW is too expensive with 13 euro sub but new limited items in gemstore every second month with no other way to farm it is much worse and with no way of knowing if they will be back next year or that hole in collectables will be permanent because they are account bound.

and please stop arguing about minis or costumes are not needed as they do not provide stats.
this game is advertised as no grind for stats only for skins.
minis and costumes are big part of this game even when they do not provide any adventage at all they where huge part of gw 1 and they are of gw 2 now.

I used to be hardcore raider and later pvp player yet I never told any RP player or collector that their playstyle is wrong. Now I don't have so much free times as I used to 6 years ago so now I am only collecting mini and doing pvp or dungeons only when I have time. and don't forget it was always collectors or RPers that paid most for game as raiders or pvp players never spent on costumes or minis that much.

I actually prefer WoW sub now because I could play the way I WANT and not they way Anet wants tunneling ppl to fractals and gem store.
I still think that free 2 play model can work (LoL, Dota 2)  Right now It seems like Anet is trying to find how much they can force players towards gem store until their refuse to pay anymore. I think things like fixing guilds rehauling dungeons adding specific loot tables to mobs, fixing deserted orr fixing vets and champions as it was listed in lost shores patch notes should have been priority. but it's seems that gemstore is more important for Anet than anything else.
Now I spent 40 e this holiday as I love this game but I hate direction that devs or publisher is taking if that biggest ever zomg patch promised in january will not fix any of these issues I will be moving back to league or any other game that actually value their customer and not trying to scam them with rng and no drops every event.

In Topic: why so much negativity

15 December 2012 - 04:37 PM

View PostDaesu, on 15 December 2012 - 04:21 PM, said:

Wise old ancient American saying: "The wheel that squeaks the loudest gets the grease." - Josh Billings

If you don't feedback to ArenaNet they won't know what we want.  They are not psychic.

If you want ArenaNet to give you what you want, rather than what they think you want, then you should let them know what it is you really want.
well if  they want feedback they need to kick their forum moderators first
if their moderators delete / merge / infract every question every suggestion or feedback except thank you I love u anet best game zomg evaa ...

then they can't get that feedback I seen so many constructive posts deleted just because they said Anet did wrong this and this is how should they fix it ... mods delete something like that because Anet did nothing wrong ever don't you know?

talliwackr > its not my need its something I like to do and I was able to do and I am unable to do because I am not going to spent my salary on pixels

some people play for RP or for collecting minis, minis where huge part in gw 1 so just because you play this game for PVP or any other reason do not mark other people whiners grow up... I know about 10 people who loved rp and moved back to gw 1 / wow just because every time anet add something to RP its paid costume or paid mini so they moved back to other free games and those are people that pays the bill not hardcore pro raiders or pvprs that cares about numbers and not skin ...

In Topic: why so much negativity

15 December 2012 - 04:17 PM

I complain about game a lot. Why? Because I been watching this game for years and I am sad with direction they are heading while loving game they created.

original forums are like prison ...
let me give you example yesterday there's been this one guy I don't remember his nick he posted 3 post long topic feedback about pve, guilds and what anet did wrong and how should they fix this ... this was really well written and constructive. name of that topic was something like What Anet did wrong and how can they fix it? .. guess what? it was deleted in 10m probably because of name what anet did wrong ...

I got 3 infraction in 1 day there ... reason trolling second was lying and 3 was something like flame on mods?

trolling was because I posted link to most viewed topic about bugged outdoor drop rates (about 35k views and 1000 replies but with no Anet reply) saying that this game is forcing you to fractals while leaving whole orr contested and no under flow or whatever will help if there is no reward ( with today patch that boosted fractals even more and with no fix to champions and vets I believe this even more)

I used to be raider in wow (top 10 guilds in world at tbc) I done so much dungeons in my life that I never want to do that anymore EVER
this game was marketed as no grind do what you want ...  while lost shores force you to grind dungeons not only because they are ascended items there but outdoor drop is soo nerfed that I can't even get 1 rare per 3 hours ... and that used to be 5 - 6 in 1 hour at orr

so again I am negative because I love this game I don't want it to fail but every time I look at some post replies or new patch I feel they are heading same route as swtor (that game is pay 2 win now )...

This patch today is really great I love collectables tab etc etc

but then when I look at gem store as mini collector and see them account bound and only obtainable with RNG  "gifts" I really wonder what Anet is thinking
I am happy to spent 2000 gems every second month that is about 10 euro / month just like subs
isn't 2000 gems enough to get few pixels do I need to spent 10000 gems every second month to get complete collection ?
I could farm any mini in WoW or buy almost any in GW1 why GW2 is so different and all about money money and even more money
you needed to buy Halloween minis twice then lost shores added them to drops so I was really happy but now you can't even buy minis but only RNG chest hoping for luck ... and again you need them twice if you want all + quagan pet

so here is summary why I am so negative ....

I love game I hate this new direction that game is heading full of grind and rng slowly changing gem store to swtor pay 2 win model ...

In Topic: ArenaNet needs a public test shard and survey system.

09 December 2012 - 01:44 AM

I agree. they really need PTR

but if you look at official forums Anet is refusing to talk
if you say hey best mmo ever ... some community manager will tell you thank you for feedback

Now in bugs / general you have most replies from mods that are merging and locking topics topics while 700 replies topics are waiting for anet reply...

and you can even look at suggestion most of them got from 5 to 33 views and in !!10!! pages of suggestions there is only 1 anet post in linux topic ...

I am really worried about development of this game because based on official forum they are just ignoring their player base and not responding to any issue at all except maybe karka chest shitstorm.

I find this very unprofessional when I look at some other games or even indie games where developers are responding to community or even asking for feedback on how should they improve game or what their player base want ...
this is same that swtor did I was there when that game launched yet developers refused to listen to any feedback and look its now pay 2 win free game ...