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#2032603 Thief needs to be nerfed!

Posted by DataPhreak on 21 October 2012 - 05:31 AM

Enough already.

If you've got any significant amount of toughness AND vitality, theif burst is not going to KO you. I play multiple classes and have never had a problem with glass cannon theifs. (Ranger,Warrior, and Theif) Do they win? About 50/50. Usually I can attribute it to something I've done wrong. But I don't run a glass cannon build myself. Last night there was a theif in Kyhlo using the treb almost exclusively, and I trolled him all night long. Classic stealth backstab glass, and he was good. I was running theif at the time too, a SB power/vit/toughness build i've been kicking around. Out of 5 rounds i lost 1.

The thing about glass cannons is if they don't kill you in the first 10 seconds, they aren't going to. The problem is that everyone else is running glass cannons also. The other classes are not designed to be glass cannons. You know who you never hear complaining about theifs? Necros and guardians. Cause they spec defense. Mesmers just stack confusion and pop clones, by the time the theif finds you, they've already burned all their ini and are almost dead anyway. If you play a ranger or ele, put 15 seconds of burning on them, gg. In all honesty, a crit/crit damage warrior with a rifle will outburst a theif any day and can keep the burst up longer while still having 25k health and 1500 toughness. Grenade engi with high toughness will never see a theif cause they are going to run like the wind. And slot some defense utilities already. HS, clusterbomb and Pistolwhip have already been nerfed. You want us to hold your hand while you PvP too??

And for those of you complaining about stealth bugs, bind 'target closest' to 'X' FFS and L2AOE/Condition damage. These theifs don't have that much health, and stealth doesn't stop damage coming in, it only keeps you from targeting. Also, don't evade in the same direction every time. Don't run backwards cause its slow. Infact, the best way to mess up a bs/stealth theif is to evade forward as soon as they cloak and just keep running. In fact, never stop moving ever. The range on backstab is short, they won't be able to catch up before they uncloak. Theifs that can keep stealth up for 45 seconds and backstab 3 times in 5 seconds actually have skill. Again, they have 14k hp and no toughness slotted. So why can't you hit them? Cause they are evading and blowing cool downs on everything you do. Yeah, you're right, totally unfair that you should have to evade, stack 2 defensive utility slots, and L2Play. Defense>Power>Healing>Defense>Nooberty It's rock/paper/scissors and every class has an answer.

Jesus, people. You sound like a bunch of babies.
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#1980852 To all the thiefs dying to melee mobs

Posted by DataPhreak on 30 September 2012 - 04:05 AM

There are so many topics about this. I'm just going to keep this short. Dual Dagger, D/P, S/P, shortbow, P/P all have good survivability. Just depends on your play style. The key to theif is to exploit the mechanics as best as you can. The harder you play, and the more you tweak out your dps, the better you will be. To be honest though, if you are looking for dps from bleeds, you're going to stack faster using shortbow's scatter grenade. 3 seconds of bleed is plenty if you're stacking condition damage/duration. 10 seconds of bleed is a little excessive, and the attack damage that scatter shot puts out is far better than death blossom.
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