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#2148489 The profession desicion is saddening me...

Posted Schwarzseher on 22 January 2013 - 08:19 PM

Is it just me? I've played em all: guardians, rangers, warriors, thiefs..and so on and so forth you get the idea.
I've got many on 80 and I am never happy with any of them.
Recently remade my warrior from Norn to Sylvari and today I'm yet again not happy with it. I'm STILL searching for my main.
For example I want to play my thief: but then again I think my skills are rather boring unlike the Elementalist. I then go ahead and play my Ele..but then I lack the fun in WvW so I change to Mesmer...who's not good at AoE which makes me hate him in PvE...ok for PvE I'll play Warrior then...but the skills lack the flashyness of the Elementalist....it's just a MESS! I finally want to really work on me gear and some awesome looks...but to play all aspects of the game I've gotta play all the classes...but that can't the the right thing right?
sPvP is no problem for me I mean cmon it doesn't matter as much as me playing something for hours to grind in PvE.
But basicly to be able to have it all I got to play em all :(
Now what do I want to say with all this wall of text? TL;DR:
How did YOU decide on a main?

#2131031 WvWvW build help

Posted GUFF on 29 December 2012 - 07:54 PM

For Full Ranged Damaged you will need a longbow and at least 30/25/0/5. You can distribute the rest of the points as you see fit. Full Beserker's and QZ are a good idea as mentioned above. Bowl of Curry Butternut Squash Soup for food and Superior Sharpening Stone are also recommended. For runes more offensive choices will work great here.

I have used a full glass canon ranger spec for a long time and found some glaring issues. The main one is: You and your pet do 0 Damage when you are dead. A lesser one which is more of a general Ranger issue is: The larger the battle the less effective your pet is and the shorter its lifespan will be.

The two reasons above led me to do major experimenting with my glass cannon build. I knew I was going to keep the longbow for sure but everything else was on the table to change. 2+ months and 100s of gold later I ended up with:


I gave up extended long bow range for Signet of the beastmaster. Combined with signet of stone I have survived many sticky situations from thieves and warriors.

Another layer of protection that most rangers ignore is Nature's protection. Such a great skill and usually triggers often. Also,  since glass cannon builds have less vitality it takes less damage in a single hit to trigger this. This gives you more time cushion to move from offense to defense.

Remember mobility is great but sometimes you have to eat damage due to being CC'd or being in a bad location on the battlefield. The two traits above combined with SOS allow you to escape such threats and re position or escape to safety.

Dodging and avoiding damage is made much easier with Natural Vigor. The increase in endurance regeneration is very nice. I find myself having a hard time going without it. Couple this with Primal Reflexes and you will get even more endurance regen since alot of crits are flying around in WvWvW. The endurance regen gets better with lightning reflexes. Such a great escape utility. Saved my life many times.

Speaking of dodging, nothing dodges better that using the 1h sword's hornet sting/monarch leap. I forced myself for about a month practicing hitting hornet sting, deselecting target, rotating camera 180 and hitting monarch leap. Life is made easier by turning off autoattack on the sword and going into your game properties and shutting off a few settings.  I feel the avoidance along with the offensive abilities of the 1h sword make it the better choice for weapon switch. Combine this with the warhorn and you get a nice swiftness/fury/might boost along with some nice bird damage from hunter's call. I like being able to fire off hunters call after a dodge roll or two allowing me to still do damage while being able to keep my distance from an opponent giving me the choice to jump right back in.

I used to run rage as one elite skill but found entangle so much better. What I don't like about Rage as One is once again you rely on your pet to help make the skill more effective. As I said before pet survivability is limited in WvWvW, mainly in larger engagements. I don't like having skills on my toolbar that are going to be less effective in certain situations because my pet is at a disadvantage in WvWvW. With entangle you have a skill you can use offensively and defensively. You can help stop a retreating enemy force, make thieves have a really bad day, or stop a smaller enemy group from catching you while retreating. Very handy skill.

For healing skills i used to run healing spring but found as a glass cannon sometimes I would survive long enough after the first heal to get a chance at a second. Instead i use heal as one now and the shorter cool down is much appreciated. Sometimes I do run into situations in WvWvW where dots are a problem. However, I have found that in a majority of cases direct damage is what does me in so I gravitated over time to the shorter cooldown heal. I save healing spring for bunker builds in sPVP.

For pets i used double canines. CC is powerfull especially in smaller scale combat. The knockdowns and snares help me out a lot in smaller fights which allow me to keep dishing out damage. I can also use them defensively to get away if needed. I like dual usage like that. For larger fights pet survivability is low so pet choice is less of a issue there. My focus there is to try to keep constant damage up while having some aces up my sleeve for escape in case things go bad.

My build still uses squash soup and sharpening stones. I tried a lot of other combos but keep going back to these two.

My armor and rune choices are different than the standard glass cannons. I have knights for coat, helm, gloves, shoulders and boots. Leggings, back, jewerly and weapons are beserker. Runes are divinity. Once again i like the bonus across the board for offensive and defense. Too bad i can't chose something with vitality, precision and power for armor. I would do that if I could. Power, precision and toughness seem to do alright. For sigils I currently have sigils of accuracy in my LB and sword and sigil of energy on my warhorn (highly reccomended for this build, synergizes very well with the other forms of endurance regen). However, I am experimenting with sigils of strength along with maintenance oils instead of sharpening stones since my crit is already high, the might stacking comes natural with rapidfire and barrage along with a fast attacking sword and natures call from the horn. In fact, that seems like a better replacement for might stacking than Rage as one since you do the stacking instead of you and your pet.

As you can see, I toned down the glass cannon aspect with a few changes in favor of more survivability and of course tweaking is never done but after trying many many different ranger builds I keep coming back to this one for WvWvW.

#2105040 DAS MDK Wv3 Video.

Posted DAS MDK on 02 December 2012 - 08:24 PM

Hi just having some fun in Wv3.

#1858965 Guardian - Zealot Spike Guide for sPvP and tournaments!

Posted JaxSilven on 01 September 2012 - 01:57 AM

-- Introduction --

Hey all, my name's Silven, this is my first post here on Guru.
Quick History: Played GW1 at a high level around 2010, played loads of GW2 tournaments with my team [nD] on the SoS server. I also stream =)

Ever since the start of GW2 (the first beta's) I've been more interested in the Guardian's large spike potential, rather than it's ability to run defensive builds. I saw that through traits and burning the Guardian definitely had a lot of untapped potential, taking this in I decided to run sword spike builds from the start.

I've included a quick guide to setting up and playing my build, and I know it's still a while from being completely optimal, but now there's much more of a chance to play and I would really like everybody's feedback!! And hopefully we both may learn something, enjoy!

-- Build --

  • Zeal: 10 - II
  • Radiance: 30 - II, X, XI
  • Valor: 30 - I, X, XII
  • Honour: 0
  • Virtues: 0
Knights Amulet with Berserker Jewel
Divinity Runes

Utility Skills
  • Signet of Resolve
  • Smite Condition
  • Judge's Intervention
  • "Stand Your Ground!"
  • Renewed Focus
  • Sword/Focus (Air, Accuracy)
  • Scepter/Shield (Bloodlust, Bloodlust)
  • Valor V > Valor X
    Amazing condition removal over Amazing spike, if Contemplation don't bring V.
  • Honour II > Zeal II
    Shout recharge is excellent support while sacrificing a lot of damage, in team fights not as important.
  • Contemplation of Purity > "Stand Your Ground!"
    The ability to remove covered poison, bleeding or immob instantly is amazing (especially the poison to heal).
  • Hammer of Wisdom > "Stand Your Ground!"
    Knockdown with 2.5k extra damage on your spike (more compact than bane but more predictable, also consider Virtue V or Zeal VI) and control!
  • Bane Signet > "Stand Your Ground!"
    Knock down with ~1k damage on your spike.
  • Tome of Courage > Renewed Focus
    Use ToC with SYG, an amazing support skill!
  • Greatsword (Bloodlust) > Scepter/Shield
    High AoE damage, punishes enemies for balling and nice Jump and control, way less utility and defence though.
Here it is on a build creator:

-- Usage --

  • Your main spike is:
    Virtue of Justice, Zealot's Defence, Smite Condition, Judge's Intervention all at the same time
  • This can be improved by:
    - Smite and/or chains of light before your main spike
    - Shield of Wrath before your main spike then spiking just as it ends for the 4-5k bonus damage
    - Shield of Judgement after the main spike
    - "Stand Your Ground!" to inflict retaliation if they're trying to damage you too
  • Shield of Wrath is your best defensive skill, blocks the next 3 attacks and the is removed, but it blocks any attacks while the animation is up (may be a bug, I don't know), so you can effectively block a lot more. Explodes for 3-5k damage when blocks aren't used up.
  • Chaining blocks and blinds is extremely easy!
    - Your first aegis
    - Ray of Judgement
    - Flashing blade
    - Virtue of Courage
    - Shield of Wrath
  • To stop people stomping your allies, use shield of absorption to knock them back soon as they jump into the air (you can also spike them and either kill them or force them off the player)
  • To get your own teams' stomps use SYG, a lot of the enemies can also be blinded by virtue of justice or blocked by courage.
    Warrior: When they hold the hammer back use your virtue/SYG
    Guardian: If you have the reflexes to use it as they use bubble do it otherwise just use your block/SYG when they stop attacking (if they don't attack just use it straight away)
    Elementalist: They can't stop you =)
    Necromancer: When the green symbol above their head appears use your virtue/SYG
    Ranger: Use your virtue/SYG when they stop attacking or soon as you can if they don't attack
    Mesmer : They can't stop you =)
    Thief : When they teleport instantly use Judge's Intervention and you'll stomp them anyway, it's really sick!
    Engineer: Use y our block/SYG when they stop attacking
  • When facing burst builds use, Shield of Wrath or Renewed Focus to block it completely. Flashing Blade or JI to teleport out of the burst. SYG to break stun and retaliate the damage. Shield of Judgement to give yourself protection. Or V of courage to block the stun. You can also just spike them back with retal and easy win. (you can also use the scepter to just stay out of range vs a war for example) =)
  • When facing bunker builds, pressure them as much as possible. Spike then flashing blade to keep up with them and just keep dealing damage, when you see the tell tale signs of a heal skill (same for almost all classes) use SoA to knock them back, this can either kill them, make them panic, or make them run away.

-- Videos --

Here's my stream channel:

And here's the youtube video!

Here's a quick 1v1 vs a Warrior who wanted to play against me.

-- Conclusion --

Here are my other builds:
Crit Mid Bunker
http://gw2skills.net...Nudk1siYQw jJBA

Standard Mid Bunker
http://gw2skills.net...Oudk7s2YEx jJBA

Khylo Mid Bunker
http://gw2skills.net...Nudk1s Y8x jZEA

Obviously their are a lot of optionals, these are builds I'm going to be doing a guide for later on, and there are a few more!

Any requests for more videos I'm definitely up for, and I have a fair few uploaded!
Thanks for watching!
- Silven

#2114497 Guardian goes where he pleases.

Posted MayorOfBartertown on 11 December 2012 - 08:19 AM

http://gw2skills.net...glALLWOskYt Y8B
To hell with a description, this build only needs an instruction.

Play it like an ass, and you will be fine.  Trust me.

Edit: Link fixed.  No longer using 2 Hammers.

UpdaTED: Had no runes on the weapons.

#2113605 How good is guardian in 1v1?

Posted MorangoTango on 10 December 2012 - 12:32 PM

I know this will sound very "clichê", but guardians are very versatile when it comes to playstyle. I used to doubt it, but when i started to test out some builds, i realized that it can either play a great dps (not as good as warriors, but with decent criticals) or a bunker tanker.

Answering your question : Yes, guardians are very good on 1v1, no matter which profession you are facing. Even tho there are some harder classes like Rangers, you will have a arsenal of choices to pick against each class.

At the moment, i am using a very fun build, that have constant damage flow and is capable of very good criticals (over 3.5k criticals using Zealot's defense if it crits).
I've played some bunker builds aswell like Staff + Hammer but using Critical Based atacks, i was able to crit over 6k with the hammer leap skill after charging Staff's number 4 skill. It was brutal but a little glass cannon to me.

This is the build i am using at the moment for sPvP and Tournaments : http://en.gw2skills....Nuak1soYQxmgJBA

Just to help you out :
. Monk's Focus : Heals you for about 2.3k for each meditation you use
. Both meditations (+Signet Passive) makes you almost imune to conditions
. Voice of Purity can really turn the table against condition based necromancers
. Instant meditations are awesome
. Use your scepter for ranged atacks and kiting. Imobilize is very usefull when used after smite (yes, after, not before)
. For finishing up Use Focus 5 skill, change to sword and them, Teleport and use Zealot Defense for heavy burst on them
. This can be played very defensively due to Stand your Ground Utilty (Retaliation + Stun Imunitty vs warriors and Thiefs is very useful)

Thats what i can say, feel free to PM me if you have some questions, i might not be the best, but i'm not a noob :D

First Post o/ !

#2091405 WvW Warrior that excels at WINNING

Posted RivenVII on 21 November 2012 - 07:44 PM

View PostGSSB Lunaspike, on 21 November 2012 - 12:55 AM, said:

That is what I use on my warrior 20/20/10/20. Mobile strikes makes a huge difference in small engagements. While still giving me the range increase on my lb that I need. The 10% crit damage works out well for the build. I like your original, it's just that I feel more comfortable running with mobile strikes, and signet cd reduction.

I prefer mobile strikes to restorative strength because the low cd on movement skills with the great sword. It allows me to pretty much ignore any immobilize.

Greatsword #3 is the single greatest skill ever designed, and it evades!

I keep the extra 10 in both Tactics and Strength because I use my movement skills so often to engage that I need my 2 dodge rolls + Mending + Signet of Stamina + Endure Pain to get the hell out of dodge. Personal preference, however. If you manage to keep your mobility skills up, putting 20 into Discipline is a great choice. For me, going 20 into Discipline would make me lose Empowered and Restorative Strength which I have become a big fan of, especially when Restorative Strength works towards the "well-rounded" philosophy of the build and responds to more CCs (chilled, crippled, weakness) than just immobilize.

Also, I have updated the original guide for formatting and to reflect the changes I have made as this build has matured. Hope you all like it and it is a bit easier to read!

#2064526 As a Mesmer, how do I actually KILL people in WvW?

Posted Soulstitchmmo on 06 November 2012 - 10:06 AM


1.) Confusion Bomb (decoy+mirror images, cry of frustration, scepter 3)
2.) Block Attack
3.) Swap Staff
4.) #2, #3 for faster run speed + damage
5.) #4 to get regen + protection rolling
6.) ????
7.) Finish them

Even Decoy+Mirror Feedback as an opening on a group = 6 stacks aoe confusion, and with the trait + pizza that's 77% increased duration.

Throw on Feedback bubble on them, and watch your group mop them all up.

#2032079 Someone just bought 500,000 black lion chests - why?

Posted Passive Aggressive on 20 October 2012 - 09:17 PM

Is there ANYONE in game that doesn't have an average of 50 - 100 black lion chests sitting in their inventory waiting for keys to drop?  Seems like a really shortsighted purchase to me. I mean do any of you plan on buying 50-100 keys with RL money and then being all "Damn I didn't get what I wanted in any of those chests I think I'll buy some more."?

#1984491 [Build] The Invincible Berserker - it's back.

Posted Red_Falcon on 01 October 2012 - 08:31 PM

Posted Image

You might remember this build's name from the BWE killer build. It's back and updated.
A Warrior’s role is to be a mobile fighter capable to adapt to every situation, not die and deal gigantic amounts of DPS: this build achieves exactly this.

This build offers:
  • Great Damage
  • Great Survivability
  • Great Control
  • Great Mobility
  • Very good Condition Removal
  • Ability to use 6 weapons at their full efficiency
If you dislike those “tank” builds that deal no damage and yet won’t survive longer than this build and deal sub-par damage, then you’ve opened the right thread.
As a rule of thumb there is no weapon setup that alone is capable of dealing with every single situation in the best way.
In order for your Warrior to be at 100% efficiency, you’ll sometimes have to swap from your Main set to another 2 sets when specific situations occurs: the Control set and the Mobility set.

Posted Image
- Pow/Prec/Tou on armor and weapon (usually named Knight’s) or Berserker.
- Divinity runes or Ruby Jewels/Orbs (12% crit dmg)

- Pow/Prec/CritDmg from jewels (36% crit damage).

- Either Superior Accuracy or Strength, personal preference; it's also useful to stack 250 power by using Sigil of Bloodlust

- Orrian Truffle steak + Superior sharpening stone

Posted Image

Posted Image
This set is your main set to use for most situations, where you’re not required to apply strong control and meleeing is viable: it deals fearsome DPS and very good mobility/defense.
Stack vulnerability and build 25 might with your GS, using HB+WA, then switch to Axe for DPS and further vuln spam with Cyclone.
Time your Endure Pain well right, keep FGJ up, and use SoS only when really needed (the passive endurance regen boost is great), use dodges properly and make correct use of Whirlwind Attack’s evade and Shield Block.

Don’t forget to thow your cripples on dangerous melee mobs.

Posted Image

This set is needed when you face situations with a lot of trash mobs and you need to control them to prevent a wipe.
It’s not necessary to use if you have a Guardian who knows how to use Wards, but if you don’t then it’s your job to control mobs.

Swap defence traits for Hammer & Mace traits.
Swap FGJ and SoS for Signet of Fury and Berserker Stance in order to build adrenaline fast and spam your profession skills for stun; alternatively, a mix of this and Stomp/Kick/Bull's Charge/Bolas for further control.
You’ll be swapping between Hammer and Maces as soon as all your skills are on CD; spread weakness, stuns and knockdowns.

Posted Image
This set is used for those fights where you face frequent spikes and AoEs which prevent you and your team from effectively standing in melee for long.

Swap the Tactics trait for Longbow range, and possibly the Arms traits for Deep Cuts and Blademaster.
Swap utilities for Signet of Fury, Berserker Stance, Frenzy; this is in order to spam Combustive shot, combo finish with Explosive shot into AoE might, apply Frenzy for autoattack’s combo finisher projectile burning when fire field is up.

If you are chased by a boss or heavy-hitters simply drop a lvl 3 combustive on the ground and circle it so you're dealing AoE DPS and condition while kiting.
It’s a good idea to periodically swap to your secondary set to spread Vigor, Swiftness on allies and Weakness on enemies; don’t be afraid to swap just to use Leap either, it can save your life or simply allow you to get back into the fight faster.

#2004121 PVP build

Posted corebot on 08 October 2012 - 11:32 PM

Hi all,

Been working on a guardian build for a while and thought I’d share. It does very well in small and large scale battles, can hold a group off for a decent amount of time (dont expect to kill them, but you can deny a cap or hold off for reinforcements), and serves very well as a roamer.

Weapons: scepter/shield and greatsword

The recent changes to GS are meh. This, to me, is a loss of survivability (symbol + whirl = cleanse conditions) since we can’t use our symbol as often. Retal was nice, but you can’t just sit in your symbols or you’re not a threat.
One thing to note for greatsword 5, use this extra early, before you need it.  By that I mean, try this order for GS. 3-5-2 then carry on. What this will do is leap to them, throw your 5, then whirl on them. This can do lots of damage and give you 2 advantages that I rarely see other guards have when I fight them. #1 – there is a decent dot on 5 which is now ticking away on your opponent. #2 – That pull/knockdown/interrupt is ready when they start to heal or run.
This is invaluable and so many people just dont do it. Most guards that I fight just spam 5 till i’m at their feet. Almost 100% of the time they’ll go right to 2, so I’ll Judge’s to them (breaks the stun/knockdown from their 5, puts you on them, lights them on fire) then immediately roll away. Now they’ve blown their 5 pull, their interrupt, their dot, and their whirl and i’ve taken a fraction of the damage that I could have taken.

Scepter is SO UNDERVALUED. This thing does a ton of damage, but the orbs are stupidly slow. When I’m holding a node and someone is coming to try to take it, I 3-2-1 with scepter to bring them down a bit, then shield 5 when they get close. This will buy you ~7 or more seconds of them being out of the node, which a lot of time results in a cap. Scepter 2 is also pretty strong, even though I really don’t like it. When combined with 3, its great damage, but usually people move away or the randomness of the swirly derps that is shoots just flat out miss the target. Still, we have no choice in ranged and this thing does better than most give it credit.

Runes: divinity or ogre

For gear, I’m not in love with any particular set of runes. I use Divinity in the calc because its a great catch-all. Part of this MAY have been the bug (that I never noticed) that was fixed on 10-7 with regard to crit damage? Again, I never noticed it so it might not have been a big issue. 60 to all attributes and 10% crit is nice though. Ogre is a good set too for a more dps-focused guard, the rock dog is actually pretty nice and the raw dps is noticeable. Expect to lose a moderate chunk of HP though.

Sigils: Air, Hydromancy, Bloodlust, Blood

Air on a scepter is a good choice. The orbs are slow, but the attack is fast, so you have a lot of 30% chances floating around at any time. Scepter 2 can also proc this for some decent spike damage.

Bloodlust is just a good overall rune to have. It pairs very well with Ogre runes IMO since you’re more focused on killing than surviving, so getting the stacks is a nice addition. For those who do not know, this sigil does NOT give just 1 stack per kill as it does in PVE, it awards 5 per player kill. You get no stacks if the weapon is not being used when they die though, so keep that in mind if you’re weapon swapping. Using 2 bloodlusts usually gives you double the stacks for a kill, though sometimes it seems not to do this.

Hydromancy is a great sigil for this shield, here is my reasoning for that: I start every fight w/ scepter shield so I can control/bubble/protect/ranged dps as I’m running in. Once I’m on someone, I swap to greatsword to punish them in melee. Now, if things go badly, I can swap back to scepter shield which freezes them for 3 sec. I can now retreat, and hit them with scepter 3 once the freeze is up for ~6 seconds of retreating w/o them closing on me.

Blood is a sigil I hardly ever see other people use. It’s great in small scale fights if you’re a solo roamer or recapping nodes. It’s crap in zergs or in 1vMany battles, because the healing just doesn’t keep up with that kind of dps. For me, as a roamer and mostly solo player, it’s not a bad choice for tankier work. Usually pairs with divinity better than ogres due to extra perception.

6 – I like the signet to heal. The bonus condition removal is nice, and the passive stacks with the trait, removing 2 per 10 seconds or 1 per 5, depending on how you look at it.

7/8/9 – Meditations heal quite well in this build (slightly better w/ Divinity than with Ogre), so I try to use them as often as possible (when it’s a smart move to do so).
-Judge’s is a no brainer, with the traited bonus damage to burning foes, stun break, knockdown removal, teleport, aoe damage AND a heal it’s just a bad kitten button to push.
-Smite is a moderately hard-hitting button. It does decent AOE damage, good damage w/ a condition. If you’re fighting a warrior or especially a ranger, this is a good choice too, as it will remove 1-25 stacks of bleed as one condition. Pretty potent. Also heals you as it is a meditation. This is also a useful ability if you want to put some pressure on a stealth thief or a bunch of mesmer adds on you.
-Save yourselves is a very strong buff as it offers basically every boon you can think of. It can get you in trouble if you have no other support around and you use it in a group fight, stealing everyone’s conditions and setting yourself up for an kitten beating. I use this at the onset of a fight and it makes you a nasty mofo for 12ish seconds. Alternatively, you can put in Contemplation of Purity which will make necros MUCH easier to deal with as they often give you 5+ boons (they are random, so sometimes you’ll get 3 stacks of something instead of 3 separate boons, for example) when you convert their conditions, and it heals you as it is a meditation.

0 – Because the tomes lost stability, they are pretty tough to pull off in the same game-changing fashion that they used to be. Not impossible, but tough. I have been using Renewed Focus recently and I really just don’t like it. Here is what I do, f1, f2, f3, 0. This gives you burning on next attack, might, a heal, regen, aegis, protection. Hitting 0 SHOULD make you invulnerable for 3 seconds but I have died about 200 times while using it. Sometimes is does work, and when it does it’s pretty nice because you have all those boons and your f’s are back and ready for action, but when you just hold still and float while your enemies kill you, thats just a sad, sad day.

Given the choices, I’d go with Tome of Courage if you dont like Renewed Focus, because that heal is disgusting if the other team doesnt CC you during the channel.

So, there are a lot of different ways to play a guardian, and this is just one. This method works for me as I play. I’m sure there are a ton of pro’s out there that can poke holes all over this. To them, I say, it’s all good. I don’t care if you don’t like it, because I do.

Here’s the build. Enjoy.


#1965038 WvW ranged glass cannon

Posted Kutsus on 24 September 2012 - 09:30 PM

This build focuses on massive damage output for both AOE and single target ranged situations. It is also specialized for chasing and running away - rarely will an enemy be able to escape your grasp or catch you regardless of how hard they try or how many cooldowns they blow.

I do occasionally swap a sword mainhand instead of pistol - especially against classes that can reflect projectiles. Sword autoattacks and pistol whip are insane with this spec. When speccing sword, i swap in Haste and Basilisk venom... IMO they are needed to make people stand still long enough to be worth using.

You could get more mobility and escape tools going high in acrobatics and/or shadow arts, but then you won't be Unloading for 10k+ and cluster bombing for 8k+ on a regular basis. The highest I've seen from unload is a little over 15k, cluster bomb 10k, sword auto attack 10.8k, and a few pistol whips that would have surpassed 20k had they gotten to land all the hits before KO-ing.

With it, go all out and use full berserker gear in every slot. Sure, you could go with knight or other gear with survival, but then you might as well spec differently too.

Dagger storm + stolen warrior whirl and shadowstep makes you a zerg-busting machine that can even get away after the fact.

Shadow refuge is just too good in WvW not to take. I can't even say how many times it was instrumental in winning fights I wouldn't have otherwise. Very few players realize that they can hit you while stealthed in it.

25% extra runspeed is a no brainer IMO.


Burst fun on a player who isn't paying a lot of attention: Lob a cluster bomb at them from max range then swap pistols and start an unload > Steal. They will need 30k life or a well timed dodge to live through it.