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In Topic: PCGamer: NCsoft Seattle offices undergoing “realignment”

05 December 2012 - 02:12 AM

View PostTenderFoot, on 05 December 2012 - 01:59 AM, said:

Merry Christmas from NCSoft pink slips

Nexon 14-15% stake is Minority Interest and not controlling share that can such make huge changes within NCSoft, so this is more likley of NCSoft's doing than anything else, time will tell if and when more info comes out. Also NCsoft laid off roughly 2% of its global workforce in October 2011 as part of its restructuring plans.

If there are 8 or 9 investors, Nexon could have the majority share.

In Topic: YOUR average time from 1-80

09 October 2012 - 04:29 PM

Got to level 80 exactly one month in on Sept. 28th. I got 100% world completion last night, no crafting yet. 298 hours on this character, a lot was AFK.

In Topic: PvE on Nothern Shiverpeaks

30 September 2012 - 12:50 PM

I transferred from SoS to NSP last night to catch a skill point that is bugged. Doing DE's in Orr after I got my SP, I have never seen more people trolling, arguing or just being flat out rude. I cant wait for my 24 hours to go by so I can get back to SoS where its a ton friendlier.

In Topic: Sounds in GW2 that throw you off

15 September 2012 - 11:55 AM

There is this clicking sound that I can not figure out. It is in more than one area. It doesnt happen under water, but it will do it on beaches, woods, fields & outposts.

In Topic: Be careful when purchasing anything

12 September 2012 - 09:25 PM

View Postresistentialist, on 12 September 2012 - 08:39 PM, said:

They could also disable the purchase of soulbound items that the player cannot use.

This would be the easiest way IMO.