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#1922858 Time for Guru to evolve

Posted chuckles79 on 12 September 2012 - 03:31 PM

Ok, the game is out and as no shock to anyone with a grain of intelligence and wisdom, it didn't live up to the full out hype blitz.

For the last few years; GW2Guru has been all speculation, over-analysis of every press release, and everyone feeding and feeding into the hype.

Now the game is released, and the groaning and complaining has the driver seat.  GW1 players miss the simplicity and buildcrafting, WoW players want raids and endgame cookies, and the console crowd thinks that 2 weeks spent on any endeavor is too long.

It's time to move past this and do like GW1Guru did and become a place for depositing knowledge and good ideas.  For instance, posts that let us know about great DE chains that yield lots of XP in early and mid-level areas, or the best route to clear (insert zone) here in the least amount of time.

Some people have been posting crafting guides and other useful things; and that's where these forums need to go.

More than anything I'd like to stop seeing a new "QQ I'm leaving as soon as I can Kung Fu Panda" every hour.