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In Topic: Why don't people like Activities?

19 March 2014 - 01:44 PM

Because they're minigames and the time:reward ratio is very poor. In the 10 minutes (or so) one round of the activities last you can clear CoF p1 and get yourself some gold/loot/XP. Also, while being fun, it lacks any progression. If you're in PvE you get loot, XP and achievements, same for WvW and sPvP.

If the activities gave you some Activity Points you could trade for unique cosmetic items/items with value in PvE, people would maybe care more.

In Topic: Apparently Arena Net just can’t count

18 March 2014 - 04:51 PM

Hope you're not in too much of a hurry for the patch, in two weeks this time it's April 1st, which is most likely gonna mean another Super Adventure Box.

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In Topic: Why Healing Power Sucks, By WoodenPotato's (also bad mob design)

15 March 2014 - 03:52 PM

Watched the video some time ago and not willing to re-watch it, so I'm sorry in advance if I misquote him or something.

First of all, the PvE side of the game is designed around delivering DPS and providing support to the DPS in form of Boons. The fact that each class has it's dedicated heal skill (default Num 6) and can have several secondary heals obtained via traits or offensive skills pretty much implies that unless in an exceptionally rare situation, each class is supposed to be self sufficient when it comes to health management.
The so called fix he proposes, about how he'd like longer CDs on heal skills and have personal heals nerfed is a pure display of selfishness, as in "I wanna be a special snowflake, which will heal you and I expect your gratitude in return". He even states how annoyed he gets when he provides all the heals and nobody thanks him in return. Your party is alive, that's what you get in return. The game is a particle-fest, even in a 5-man group it gets hard at times to see the enemy, not to mention someone's healing combo fields. Obviously, people are thankful when you res them but guess what, while you're typing "Thank you, oh great WP for taking your valuable time to res me, you're awesome!", you're not doing DPS, support nor dodging, you're typing. I've been following WP for a while but lately, he seems to be getting more and more egotistical to me. /rant

Secondly, unless the devs do a 180 degree turn in the game's design, Berserker or DPS builds will remain the go-to builds for PvE. No matter how much they nerf Berserker's, the game simply isn't designed around standing in one place and tanking damage or about standing 1,200 units away from the fight, staring at your party's HP and popping heals when they get low. If you want this kind of gameplay, go to WoW or any other MMO with the tank/heal/DPS trinity.

Finally, I have to agree that the dodge mechanic could use some work. As I, and multiple people in this thread have mentioned, there are too many special effects going on at the same time and most people won't notice the enemy telegraphing their attack, unless there's the giant orange circle/rectangle thing on the ground. Adding more than two dodges though seems like it would imbalance the game, so that wouldn't be the way to go IMO. Something that comes to mind would be a flash of some sort on your screen just as you're about to get hit, but it feels like then it would get too easy to dodge and turn dodging into succeeding in QTEs..

In Topic: The difference between grinding and farming?

13 March 2014 - 06:24 PM

As people mentioned before, to me, grinding means forcing you to do certain repetitive tasks and usually locks away the rest of the game until you complete the tasks, usually in order to artificially extend the play time. Say in an (MMO)RPG you need 1000 XP to level up to LVL2 and enter the next zone but all there's to do is to kill boars, which reward you 1 XP per kill. That's grinding.

On the other hand, farming would be something you want to do, usually in order to gain an advantage in the next portion of the game. Going with the same example, you've leveled up but you keep killing the boars until you're LVL4, so that you'll have an easier time in the next zone and much more resources than the typical player who gets there.

Especially in MMOs, it's hard to define the line between the "acceptable time sink" and grind.

As for GW2, stuff like CoF p1 runs I'd call farming. You do it because you want to, because you want the gold advantage over others. Running Fractals over and over to gain AR in order to be able to survive in higher levels I'd say is grinding. With Acc bound fractal level, you WANT to go lvl 50, but you have no AR, so you NEED TO grind your character up to high enough AR to survive that level.

In Topic: Backpack - Yes or No?

08 March 2014 - 07:14 PM

Made my thief so here are the looks without any edits. (Face, hairstyle and skin color are pretty much a placeholder right now, gonna go Total Makeover once I get the armor & dyes)