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Casual player taking a break

12 January 2013 - 09:38 PM

I'm a casual player that loved GW1 and started out loving GW2. I've run into enough things that have slowly turned playing this game from enjoyable to frustrating and uninteresting, to the point that I'm taking a break altogether. Here they are:
  • Trading Post - non-refundable listing fees
    I was lucky enough to get a pre-cursor (Storm). Being a casual player I knew that I'd never grind enough to craft the legendary so I listed it on the TP, for less than the only other listing. The listing fee was 3g+, half of all of my savings. Within a week five more Storms have been listed, all for less than mine, and with the looming increased drops of pre-cursors I'll probably not be able to sell this unless I re-list it. See next point.

  • Trading Post - lowering the price of an item requires re-listing and paying another listing fee
    This is ridiculous and the game's most blatant mechanic designed to whittle away our bank accounts that I've seen. If we list an item that drops in price after listing we should be able to lower the price without re-listing and paying new listing fees. At that point we've already paid a higher listing fee than that of a lower priced item; no need to double-dip into our bank accounts Anet.

  • Inflation - Anet has zero incentive to curb the gold to gem exchange rate
    The higher the the gold to gem exchange rate gets, the more likely Anet is to have players buy gems with real-world money. I keep picturing their economist kicking back, watching this exchange rate, and saying "Go baby go!" Many common items are becoming too expensive to buy with gold for the casual player. See next point.

  • Fine transmutation stones - gem store exclusive
    I've run out of fine transmutation stones for my main character, let alone having any available for alts that I'd want to level. To buy 10 fine transmutation stones for 360 gems at a gold to gem exchange rate of 1g 64s 23c per 100 gems it's going to cost you 5g+. I wish I had that much left in my bank account, but I listed a pre-cursor in the Trading Post that isn't selling.

  • Bugs - more than ever
    Since launch the number of bugs that I've run into has increased. This is the only game I've seen this happen in. Stuck animations, loud repeating sounds that ignore my volume settings and sound like a kid with no rhythm playing tablas, fractals disconnects, attacking an enemy being randomly stopped, targeting the closest enemy usually targets an enemy further away, etc. GW1 was super solid in comparison, even at launch, and never felt this shaky.

  • Fractals - all your players are belong to us
    So many pve zones are dead at this point, and this is on a full Jade Quarry server. They may as well be instances like in GW1. The Fractals’ gear grind and payout has moved such a large portion of the player base into them that it's hard to complete dynamic event chains or find a group for a story dungeon run. See next point.

  • Grouping - use gw2lfg.com
    Why are we forced to use an external website to find groups this many months into launch? Anet's dev resources seem stretched thin so they probably breathed a sigh of relief when gw2lfg.com sprang up, but this should be in the game. No excuses.

  • Fractals - ascended items
    The devs keep weighing in on this topic, trying to convince us that they haven't gone back on any pre-launch promises about grind and hours of play required to get the best gear and remain competitive. It isn't working. A casual player getting infused ascended gear is going to take a big time commitment and can only be done in Fractals. Get ready to play the same content over and over again!

  • Playing with casual gamers - good luck
    My friend is an even more casual gamer than I am. We've played enough games together that I know he probably won't get a character to level 80. So forget about WvW, most dungeons, and Fractals. He's not interested in spvp so that's also out. This makes it hard to recommend GW2 to him and for us to play together.
Don't get me wrong, the game’s not all bad and GW2 does have some excellent ideas in it. Unfortunately the impression I've gotten is that management (and not the devs) is calling the shots. Launch felt rushed (the Trading Post is coming, we promise!) and the game hasn't completely recovered from it. The game’s built-in money-sucking mechanics range from understandable (armor repair, waypoints) to ridiculous (re-list fees on the Trading Post), and these “cost” moments occur too frequently.

All-in-all Guild War$ 2 feels like a free-to-play game, except that I bought it. And now we're supposed to buy gems with real-world money so we can afford to re-list items in the Trading Post and buy fine transmutation stones to keep a few skins that we like? Nope. I'm done.

PvP armor repair cost discouraging playing PvP

28 September 2012 - 08:46 PM

I'm a lv. 65 ranger working my way through PvE and while I'm at it also want to learn the PvP side of things so I've popped into WvW a couple of times to try it out. The first time went well, last night not so much. Thieves kept jumping to my location and throwing out a chain of a few skills that near insta-killed me.

I don't want to fan flames about any class being over or under-powered; that's not why I'm posting. Ranger is the only class I've played and I know that I need to learn more about the PvP meta for all classes I'm up against, but after last night's experience of spending 1+ silver every 10 minutes to repair armor I'm not sure I'm going to make the effort.

Paying the same armor repair costs in PvP that we do in PvE seems ridiculous to me. By the nature of PvP you're going to die more often, even if you're simply exploring the map. Am I missing something here (yes I know, don't die)? GW2 is designed to continually suck gold out of our reserves, but frequently paying for PvP armor repair is turning me off of it, and I don't think that's what Anet planned.

Keyboard shortcut: claim all items/materials

26 September 2012 - 06:29 PM

I've been searching for a keyboard shortcut that allows you to accept all items dropped by a foe, all materials from gathering, etc but haven't found one yet. Maybe I'm not using the right search terms, but no luck so far.

So then I thought maybe these items automatically go into your inventory and you don't need to click on them, but that doesn't happen. If I don't click on items to accept them and walk away they aren't in my inventory, and when I go back to the drop they are still there waiting to be claimed. Is there a shortcut to claim all items at once without clicking on them individually?

GMT -8 player LF active PvP and dungeons guild

25 September 2012 - 10:04 PM

0. Active GW1 vet playing 3+ times/wk PST weekday evenings and some weekend play on Dragonbrand (will move if necessary)
1. Lv 60 ranger with necromancer, thief, engineer, and warrior next
2. Enjoy PvP and dungeons, looking for a guild with the same interests

Your guild:
0. Active during PST weekday evenings and on weekends
1. Competent; can organize PvP outings
2. Ditto for clearing dungeons
3. Is fun, helpful, and understands when rl issues come up

If this sounds like a good fit get in touch!