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In Topic: Sell laurels in the gem store

12 February 2013 - 02:42 PM


Sorry but the whole ascended gear bit changed all of that.  Anet has said that new content is going to have an 'agony' gear check so if you are not chasing ascended gear, most of Anet's new content is going to be gated to keep you out.

You also need to learn what "gated" actually means. No content in this game is currently gated by much of anything at all, especially  not fractals.  Gating means you cant run or see the content at all with out attaining certain criteria. Every different instance of the fractal dungeon can be experienced and played through with out any agony at all. In addition you can "repeat" this content (meaning you have seen and done it all with no gating mechanics at all) up to level 10 before some agony is required to repeat what you have already done, seen and experienced more than you already have..

besides the point of this thread is selling laurels in the shop which in my opinion is ridiculous  Why have levels? the OP who supports this move probably wants a completely different style of game where you just log in at max level and play.. but that's not a MMO nor is it what Anet designed this game to do so he should probably just concentrate of finding his happiness in another game.

In Topic: Major WvWvW update has been postponed

07 February 2013 - 08:16 PM

Look no  one likes delays but you cant have it all. You want content released when its ready and as bug free as possible? Well this is what you get. If their saying we need more time to do what we want to do then there ya go. Its going to come out most likely next month so enough with the self entitled bitching already.

People act like they dont want this content out the door...  OF COURSE THEY DO but obviously it needs more work. Big, small, not enough, to much what ever your opinion is, the fact of the matter is your getting regular content updates and game tweaks each month for.. FREE.

In Topic: Sell laurels in the gem store

07 February 2013 - 03:21 PM

The whole concept is the essence of pay to win and the slippery slope a lot of people dont want Anet to go anywhere near. Your time is to precious to actually play the game? Well dont play MMO's then.  How dare they encourage people to actually log on to their game and play it!

For the record the game UBER casual. The most casual MMO ive every played. No content in game require anything at all out of that laurel shop to complete but its there for those who want to work for it. so yeah cry over something that makes sense.

In Topic: Daily achievements change

06 February 2013 - 01:56 PM

The only place you need to go to finish the daily is the reactor in NW Metrica province.  Seriously it has all the mob variety you need. 4 of 5 events just from completing the DE chain that leads to the huge flame elemental and loads of Asura techs that need resing all over the place.

How anyone has any trouble doing this is beyond me. grab all you need from there and port back to LA and craft some ingots (assuming thats part of the daily that day) and done.

In Topic: Where is everyone?

05 February 2013 - 12:46 PM

But, but every game is dying if its the one the OP is playing and he says so right?  I honestly dont know what folks are talking about when I see this. Our server is busting at the seems so maybe you just need to transfer to a more active server? Oh.. and there is guesting too now so if your really so bored and having no one to play with.. you can always visit other servers to find one you like? So yeah game is doing just fine. There is no reason to believe otherwise. Of course there is never enough people doing WVW or SPVP to satisfy those folks so they will always say the game is dying :)