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In Topic: Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

Yesterday, 06:13 AM

View PostMCBiohazard, on 18 September 2014 - 02:40 AM, said:

Highly inflated opinion of oneself is not a good attribute for a serious debate either, y'know. Just because forum goers are visible does not mean they are the only voice by a longshot.

View Posttypographie, on 18 September 2014 - 05:28 AM, said:

We're a slim minority, and we're a sample more likely to have obscure, fringe concerns. Like this topic, for instance.

Regular forum readers are arguably the most dedicated of an MMO's playerbase, but they are also the loudest and always a minority.   This has been known for years in the MMO genre. We do not represent the larger playerbase.   We read articles, wikis and forums on the game while most people simply just want to play the game, not do the research and have the in-depth knowledge that we tend to gather.   Our concerns only reflect a part of the playerbase.  

If we were a majority then there would not be GW2 players not learning how to dodge or use other basic mechanics.   Mechanics that any forum goer knows very well.

There must have been significant numbers of player who aren't learning the basic mechanics or else ArenaNet would not have wasted time and resources developing the new player experience.   How well they implemented this is clearly be a matter of debate, but the reason for it was based on the internal metrics ArenaNet has of their game. ArenaNet is an effectively run business, they wouldn't have been around this long if they weren't and effective businesses don't waste money unless they have evidence it is needed.  

And frankly it's little wonder if the devs do not appear to be responding to the posts seen on forums.  Having read gaming forums for years, one learns the posts can often be contradictory, short-sighted, inflammatory, over-reactive or frankly certifiably insane. For example, few forum foes would see any need for a new player experience.   They already know the game mechanics and thus most never understood any need for it.   But not understanding a need does not make the need go way. I do not envy any developer's task of trying to sift through the crazed, although highly entertaining, babble on gaming forums to find out the kernels of truth.

In Topic: Is GW2 dead now or is it just the forums?

17 September 2014 - 08:55 PM

View Postdraxynnic, on 17 September 2014 - 10:20 AM, said:

The official forums seem to have slowed down a bit as well, although it's hard to specify a cause.
Well, once the game came out the spare time I used to spend posting on GW2Guru with discussions (or comics) went into, well, playing the game :)  

I still regularly log into the game, though I don't play as much.   And yet somehow I still have less spare time.  I guess that's how things go sometimes lol

As far as overall players, from what I've seen there are still large crowds gathered at times in WvW and those zones are not subject to the mega-server mergers. And my server is only in the silver, not the gold league, I wonder how WvW feels for people in the bronze league?

In Topic: Entanglement Update Notes

15 July 2014 - 08:11 PM

Taimi is in danger!   Heh, rescuing her should be nice subplot for Episode 2.  Particularly since they've established that Taimi's enthusiasm could be as much of a danger to herself as any monster or enemy.

I'm continuing to be hopeful for the progression of the storyline. I'm interested to see where it leads which is the goal of any good story.  
[quote name='davadude' timestamp='1405452643' post='2332202']
You need to do the story.  The new areas are HUGE.
[/quote]Cool to hear the new areas are big.   [size=4]I thought they might slowly reveal small parts of new areas a bit at a time, but it sounds like they've not focusing on teasing players for extended periods anymore, which is a good thing.[/size]
[quote name='Miragee' timestamp='1405453086' post='2332208']
Heared that in map chat, too. Saddening. I want to play the whole story together and don't get spoiled here and there. I hate episodes, really. Why did Anet even bother to make a persistent world MMO when they gate stuff like that anyways? Should have stayed with pure instances then. The hell. Anet presses more and more on the freedom of choice.
[/quote]Just to clarify, are you saying you want to have the entire storyline released at once, like an expansion?  

GW2's business model is based on getting people to log into their game.   Heck, every MMO is based on that, even sub-based ones. Rather than selling an expansion, ArenaNet has decided to release episodes every two weeks to get people to log in.

I personally like the episodes.   They give a pacing to the content and the Journal lets you catch up if you fall behind.   But then I'm not a binge player who sits down and burns through a whole expansion in a week long marathon.   Some people like that, but GW2 not the game for it.   Though one could log in every two weeks and wait until for the conclusion, but of course, that's not the same as full expansion release.

In Topic: Entanglement Begins July 15!

09 July 2014 - 07:49 PM

View PostArchaes, on 09 July 2014 - 03:22 AM, said:

I love that there's more mystery and suspense this time around. We seem to be literally delving into Tyria again. :)
Heh, it's funny you say that because as I was playing through the recent story update, I was thinking it was good that ArenaNet seemed to be explaining the story this time, rather that keeping important details hidden from players.  

But I see what you mean about building a sense suspense. The thing is, a good story can keep its suspense without dragging out its secrets.  Look at the writing in Wildstar - you find out the mysterious purpose of the planet Nexus by level 40 or so, right? That doesn't end the mystery of the plot because in a good story, every secret that is answered can spawn even more questions. I hope ArenaNet is figuring that out for Season 2.

It would be a nice change.  All of Season 1 consisted of ArenaNet keeping secrets to the point where they became tedious. How many months was it before we knew who was behind the Molten Alliance, and even after Scarlet was revealed we knew nothing about her motivations or the purpose of her plans.   Even at the ending of Season 1, we were *still* not clearly told what was the point to the plot of Season 1.  Sure there's a little glimpse of a dragon's eyeball in a video, that's just another example of an indirect hint rather than a clear declaration.   ArenaNet has overused hints in their stories so much they have really started to lose their appeal.

I am hopeful Season 2 will finally fix that.   ArenaNet may finally be learning that keeping secrets all the time doesn't make a story cool, it makes it tedious. Revelations are what make a story memorable, but not when they have be held back for so long the interest in them has faded.  

Case and point, how did humans get to Tyria? There is an incredible wealth of potential stories and plotlines in the answer to that single question but ArenaNet has been smugly sitting on that since GW1.

In Topic: The Gates of Maguuma

01 July 2014 - 06:45 PM

And a Mini-Frostbite pet in the Gem Store.   I'm not a mini-collector but I'm going to be getting that.