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Posted Jairyn on 13 November 2012 - 11:07 PM

I felt this quote from the appropriately named "Wiser with Age" from the official forums too good to allow to go unremarked. For your reading pleasure:


1) It was the end gamers who were in Mad Group #1. They wanted a grinding / raiding system of gear progression, which was clearly not part of ArenaNet’s manifesto. Thus massive complaining ensued while the rest of the players rolled their eyes.

2) Now people who got into GW2 to escape the eternal gear progression treadmill are angry and have formed Mad Group #2. These were people who understood that Exotic gear pieces would be the cap for the near future (or longer) and only gear graphics would be ground for.

The issue is that Mad Group #1 is mostly comprised of the usual crowd that floats from MMO to MMO looking for the next big thing. They are often ex-WoW players and they throw their weight around to get MMO developers to change parts of their MMO’s core design to make the game closer to WoW. Inevitably these people in Mad Group #1 are still not satisfied with the MMO that they helped to warp, so they abandon it for the next big thing.

At the same time, Mad Group #2 is filled with people who were interested in that specific MMO due to the specific features that it was going to offer. In front of their very eyes, these players watch the devs disregard many of their MMO’s specific ideas and innovations as they attempt to appease Mad Group #1. This angers the loyal customers and helps to turn them into Mad Group #2.

MMO developers have been constantly repeating these mistakes over the past decade. Each MMO bends over backwards to try to cater to the fickle Mad Group #1 of floating players. To date, each MMO has failed to substancially woo them into staying. Then the developers have only their original “fanboy” players left, who no longer want anything to do with the MMO since it’s not what they initially paid for and also because they no longer trust the developers. This causes much of the Mad Group #2 to leave the MMO, which helps to finish the job of making that MMO implode. Wash, rinse, and repeat for infinity.