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#2092541 3 months in and now hate paying for armor repair/travel.

Posted Dasryn on 22 November 2012 - 03:23 PM

View PostFluent Fox, on 22 November 2012 - 03:02 PM, said:

Money sinks also help counter inflation. They're needed or gold loses value and prices become ridiculous.

Are waypoint and repair costs a good implementation of this idea? That's the question...

Got a solution?

haha, who ever can find the solution to this should be elected a government official!

#2088522 Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

Posted Feathermoore on 19 November 2012 - 11:51 PM

Stop arguing or dismissing other people's post because it is an opinion. Everything on this board is an opinion (98% fine) and everyone knows that the opinions are opinions. People do not need to say "in my opinion" in front of everything they say, it is understood as we are discussing things on an internet forum and not a court of law.

Posts that dismiss other posts as an opinion without bringing anything else to the table fail to contribute to a discussion (something that is against these forum's rules). If you disagree with an opinion, state why or prove it wrong. If you cant (seriously some opinions can not be refuted) and you disagree, then ignore it. It makes everyone happier and it keeps discussions going.

Edit: Oh, stop putting words in other poster's mouths.

#2092480 3 months in and now hate paying for armor repair/travel.

Posted Dasryn on 22 November 2012 - 02:18 PM

View Postthelast, on 22 November 2012 - 02:01 PM, said:

WP cost and repairs are real pain at 80. No wonder why people don't play together.
As some posters above me said it's counter productive to help low level guildies, first you have to port to their zone and second they use WPs all the time, because it's cheap.
If there were no WP cost, people could just pop around on different maps and check on events, help random players with their quests.

Armour repair is another stupid gold sink and pisses me off. It is especially bad idea in WvW. Every battle there could be death, thats why so many people flee and leave their comrades. It's not cause they are cowards, but cause of repairs. If I die there 5 times, I have to capture five towers and more to get my money back. Another reason why so many people prefer to zerg, it's safer there, no death, no repairs.

this is called a valid argument.

the "argument" that you dont ride in a cab for free so why should you be able to travel for free in GW2, is not an argument.  this is a game, a game that you want to keep social.  two totally different objectives.

being a taxi driver is a business.  its your lively hood for many.

traveling with a waypoint is to connect a fantasy world.

do you see now?  taxi drivers dont diive cabs to be social.  traveling around in GW2 is to stay connect and social.  just like the poster i quoted said, if WP travel was free, then youd see a lot more movement in the GW2 world.

#2092179 Where can you get exotic drops?

Posted Wordsworth on 22 November 2012 - 08:20 AM

Yes. No.
Lvl 80 map completion and dungeons.

#1880670 The Perfect MMO and the Ignorant

Posted Slashiroth on 04 September 2012 - 09:29 PM

Easy topic of discussion;

Describe THE perfect MMO which means game-play, mechanics, socialism, lore, access, fun etc.

Guild Wars 2 in its launch has incredibly strong positives that outweighs the negatives that the melting pot of crybaby gamers insinuate on right now as we speak. I'm just curious to know what people expect a company to give people in the first accommodation of an MMO?

Take WoW for example. If you compare WoW to GW2 (which is perfectly okay) you need to compare it to only vanilla WoW (even if it was 8 years ago), you can't include BC, WotLK, Cat, and MOP. That's just stupid thinking. WoW vanilla had similar problems in 'endgame' (because it was brand new) and the other crackpot problems the young naive gamers are complaining about today. Also compare it to SWTOR (which was fairly okay), I enjoyed my time on it - but GW2 is "light-years" past swtors functionality as well. Anet created an incredibly polished game, its not 100% (which is perfectly okay) and people are nitpicking small things and complaining about it, this is the definition of ignorance.

Also, endgame should not be a topic of discussion one week into the game (don't take D3 as an example, completely different genre + the game was truly flawed and easy to get to endgame a week in). GW2 is not D3. Endgame is also not fully dependent on 'raids' and dungeons either.

Don't expect to find a perfect game anywhere, by anyone, at anytime, ever in your life. Its impossible because people are different they won't agree on one thing. Someone name me a perfect MMO launch? Anyone? This is @ the fps players, arpg players, and other genre players that tried to dabble in GW2 and aren't finding what they are looking for.

I rest my case, gamers today are spoiled and can't comprehend what is good or bad anymore. Everything is just a bad game even if it has a single flaw, it doesn't matter. Truth be told, this is how ignorant people think - and I'm glad I'm not one of those people.

So now, just share some examples of components of a perfect MMO - just to get the impression of the different minds on Guru (the smart and the dumb) and we will compare each others opinions. Keep it civil.

#1857674 Which of the following PC's you recommend?

Posted mitzi76 on 31 August 2012 - 08:48 PM

View Postrabidelfman, on 31 August 2012 - 06:39 PM, said:

Ok err... seems some misinformation flying around here right now.

The video card listed in a lot of those is the GTX 660 (Non Ti).  This card is released currently for OEMs only (Dell, CyberPower, etc.) and won't be available to consumers for a while yet (Here's the link to the OEM specs: http://www.tomshardw...pler,17066.html).  Judging by the specs, it's a severely castrated GTX 660 Ti, and will have trouble keeping up with a 7870 on stock settings, nevermind the overclock.  The issue is further compounded by the 192bit memory bus, however, at 1.5GB, it might fair better at eye candy like AA and SSAO and the like a bit better as it doesn't have the extra 512MB to worry about.

That said, the best bang-for-buck mid-range GPU at the $300 price point is the 7950, which simply demolishes the 660 Ti when it's overclocked (which is incredibly easy to do, and incredibly easy to get a 40-50% overclock on), and will match a GTX 670 pretty handily.  For sub-$200, the 7870 is an absolute no-brainer as you can pick it up for less than $250, overclock it and it'll be on par or better than the 660 Ti, of which the 660 OEM will have no hope of catching it.

So, in short:

If you plan on playing with anything like AA and other eye candy, skip the GTX 660 Ti (and the OEM 660) and get a 7870 or 7950 for £230-250.  If you don't care about jagged edges and don't care about eye candy, get the GTX 660 Ti at £250.  Though, once you overclock either 7870 or 7950, the GTX 660 Ti quickly loses any of its value when compared.

first part might be accurate but 660 ti is the no brainer bang for your buck card out atm. msi "oc" version being a very good option.

and remember if u are talking about overclocking a 7870...the 660 ti  overclocks as well so that makes your arguement on this score null and void. and not sure what u mean about not being able to use aa with a 660ti...ofc it can.



(comes with borderlands 2...:)