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Not really my character, at all?

28 December 2012 - 09:09 AM

Hello there, gurus! It's been a long time since I posted anything serious.

It's been almost five months since the game's release yet I'm unable to feel "good" with any of the characters I create. It's like playing them until level 30 or so and then: BANG! Bored. I have a feeling that I'm having problems to feel attached to them.

I think I've pointed down the source of the issue, though: as a player I find difficult to emphatize with my character since he/she doesn't have a fleshed personality and also, I can't give him/her a personality of their own because later they react as they want in the Personal Story (scripted, of course).

They are neither a blank state (Shepard in the Mass Effect series) nor full fledged characters (Dante in Devil May Cry, Sora in Kingdom Hearts, etc.) and this thing in-between feels awkward to me.

The only thing WE CAN BE is some kind of... god? that decides what's going to happen, but not HOW THEY REACT. I guess I was wrong, because that way I can hardly feel it's MY STORY. Perhaps somewhere down the road I misunderstood the core philosophy of the Personal Story, but I would rather have more personal "answers" (since Ferocity/Dignity/Charming is completely useless right now, they're just an icon) at exchange for "less" story. Maybe that's just me, though.

Edit: Also, abut the personal story itself... how can I feel attached to ANY of the characters that appear there? It was difficult enough for me to help Quinn, because our "supposed friendship" was hardly fleshed. And it happens a lot, for what I've seen. It's like there's only black and white here...

I'm the only one that feels this way? I mean, I like to roleplay but ignoring a third of the game (the personal story) seems like throwing away an important chunk of it. I didn't pay the money to act like if didn't existed.

Someone knows how can I solve my... doubts? Yeah I know, I can just walk away, but first I need to know if there's something else it could be done.

Thanks for everything, dudes/dudettes!

Someone knows where this shortbow can be found?

01 November 2012 - 11:53 PM

Hello there, fellas!


This Shortbow was present during the Thief preview -back when they revealed the profession- but it's not present in the PvP locker. Considering our actual options, it's definitely awesome. I guess one can dream...

Someone knows whether it can be crafted, found as loot or whatever?

Suggestion for my main profession?

10 August 2012 - 02:42 PM

Well, I don't even know where to start, sorry if it's not the correct spot to place my question...

I've participated in all the BWEs, Stress Tests and whatever comes after (I even have the 3-day headstart!). I've tried almost every profession I was interested in, yet I haven't found that "sweet spot" that I thought I would easily find. I just played content like from levels 1 to 10, so my experience isn't very deep; my apologies if any of my statements seems wrong or biased.

I'm very interested to roleplay as a Human, that's settled in stone, but alas the profession seems to be more elusive. I don't like magic characters, so Guardian and the three scholars are ruled out.

From the pool I have, here are their pros and cons from within my head:

- Warrior was very fun to play with, yet I haven't found many attractive armors and they use to revolve around the Me-Smash! theme. Too easy maybe?

- Thief; I love medium armor, but the whole Assasinesque and Thievery isn't for me. I loved their Shortbow and Sword/Dagger, though.

- Engineer; I loved the concept of Steampunk Alchemist and their armor, but at the beginning of the game they seem very boring, yet I know that in the future they have so many options that they kind of overwhelm me. Also, they don't seem very mobile, don't they?

- Ranger; again I love the armor and the Strider/Forest Guardian theme and the versatility of their weapons. I'm not specially fond of pets, but they don't bother me either. The problem with this one is that I'm going to travel with a Ranger already. Wouldn't it be a tad repetitive?

I know that I don't give too much information, but I feel a bit dizzy whenever I think too much about this. I take this very seriously, as I plan to roleplay as much as I can. Any opinions or suggestions?

I thank everyone who is kind enough to lend me a hand (:

Xbox 360 controller or MMO mouse?

24 June 2012 - 02:47 PM

Hello fellow gurus!

Sorry if this isn't the right section for asking such a question (I wondered if Technical Support was better suited for this...) but anyway here I go:

Some days ago a user from GW2Guru showed me a possible layout for playing Guild Wars 2 using a Xbox 360 controller (still the keyboard will be needed for typing!). I'm curious and I wanted to know if anyone around here had used such system before, or in other MMO games.

The thing is, that I don't know whether to buy a Xbox 360 controller or an MMO mouse like the Logitech G600, because I think my gaming experience would be improved. Having to use so many keys in the keyboard is a little messy for me (people who don't need these things are so lucky!).

So... I want to read your opinions. Controller or MMO mouse? Thank you in advance!

Feature [Name Box] – By the community!

11 April 2012 - 02:33 PM

Hello, fellow Role-players and other folks!

I’ve been spending some of my free time designing the most effective way for everyone to learn the basics about naming our characters, following GW2’s rich lore. Sadly, I failed. Since we have a thread that already covers most of the naming conventions, another idea surfaced from my mind.

As you finish creating your ideal character’s looks, it asks for a name along with an abstract of your Personal Story. There I saw something terrifying:

THERE’S NO RANDOM NAME GENERATOR!!1!!1! *Cough* I know I overdramatized here...

There’s another thread on the matter, but let me explain myself first :D

I know a lot of people that doesn’t want to follow conventions and I respect their decision. But lately I’ve been reading that some people do want some help with names. And the Roleplayers of the Guru have always been there to give a hand. So, instead of overflowing the final game with tips on how to name your character –that no one was gonna read it anyway– ; why don’t we –Roleplayers and writers– try to come up with names for every race? We already know all the conventions! Using those names, we can fill a database which would become a badass random name generator.

Think of it, all of us using our creativity together to give Tyria a more immersive-friendly feel. Wouldn't it be awesome? Of course, this random name generator would be adjusted when you select a race, so it would only show names belonging to that race. It’s up to the player whether to use it or not, but at least it may be useful! If ArenaNet can’t handle it –whatever the reasons– and it’s important for us, why couldn’t we take care of it? It may be a fun and enriching experience after all.

In a nutshell:

- What would you think about creating a big box, full of original names for the races in Guild Wars 2?
- And then creating a random name generator for ArenaNet to use in the final game?

Opinions and suggestions are always welcomed.