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In Topic: Ranged class best suited for PvE/Dung/Events?

04 December 2012 - 10:03 PM

Engineer, multi ranged options.....rifle,pistol,flamethrower,elixir gun,grenades....and you can trait for longer range in those weps/kits and on top of that have a turret or too to help with agg and add range also

In Topic: Current State of the Game. Fun? Population? Will you continue to play?

29 September 2012 - 12:19 AM

I agree with some of the other posters....those who have burned through the game and have one if not multiple 80s which to be boggles the mind, of course are not having as much fun.....they gorged themselves and burned themselves out, if you get level 80 in any game in a month or less it wont be as much fun.....people cant just enjoy the ride these days, always in a hurry to get to the "end" instead of just seeing the sights......no way any of the 80s have truly explored this vast world and the plethora of hidden areas,dungeons,puzzles,mini-games, hidden bosses, etc................too much gluttony these days

In Topic: How many games AREN'T repetitive after 200 hours?

22 September 2012 - 11:16 PM

all the posts and comments Ive seen about being bored are the people who are the grinders, the "i winners", the raiders,etc.........

I havent seen and dont believe any of the true role players, explorers, social players, crafters will have that problem for a good amount of time.......theres so much to do in the game if you want to experience it, just a lot of gamers today only care about winning and getting to the end of the game and getting the highest level.......

In Topic: The mistake behind Guild Wars 2 concept!

21 September 2012 - 03:14 PM

no matter how many times people say I dont want to hear it, the truth is its the gamers, not the game........gamers these days are all about "i win", "i pwned u" and "i have all the phat loot" and have no idea what it means to play a true mmorpg....most gamers play all games these days like a fps, trying to beat the boss and kill everything as fast as possible with no idea what it is to immerse yourself in a game and a story...........

In Topic: Lion's Arch Statue

20 September 2012 - 12:21 AM

great thread and find OP....things like this are exactly what the "Im bored" and "Im 80" people wil never understand or experience or appreciate about a quality mmoRPG like gw2 , the experience and lore and story , the immersion that is so much more rewarding than "I win" , cant wait to log in tonight and look at the staue again........