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CE still available for Dutchies it seems

15 July 2012 - 12:01 AM

Just browsing for some other games at a comparison site when I typed guild wars 2 collectors edition just for fun and this came up and it seems to be in stock!
No shipping to US though and € 19,94 more than usual.

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Link so website: http://www.bestbuy4y...html?id=3416448


Misc Wishing Well

26 October 2011 - 12:49 AM

I would like to see a wishing well in in the game just for fun.
When you click on it you get the option to throw in a fixed amount of cash and after that you can see how much cash is in the well.
The total cash amount can ofcourse never be taken out again, but it will also never reset.
Just for fun to see how much cash people have thrown in over the course of the game.
Imagine having almost nothing and then looking in the well seeing all that gold :D
Throwing cash in gives no buff or anything(like real wishing wells :P ) and the amount has to be low enough so anyone can do it, but high enough so that people don't think too lightly for using it (see it as some sort of personality test or something like that).
ArenaNet can then later decide if reaching sertain tiers in cash will add things to the well:
Placing benches around it, decorate with flowers, upgrade the metals used into more expencive ones and even place messages in the well window like "X amount more of cash will add ... to the wishing well"

That's just one of my late night thinking sessions, thought I'd share it :)