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#2165899 Should the cap have been level 20?

Posted Sandpit on 18 February 2013 - 12:26 PM

I have wondered if the game should have levels at all. It never takes that long to get to level 80 and once you are there there is just the game. So what if we did away with this altogether. You could still have some levels harder than others, and you can still have skill unlocks and equipment progression (quality). The whole map as end-game content, by design.

BTW Getting to l;evel 20 was easy and fast in factions/nightfall, but level 20 in prophesies was a good game progression of it's own. An alternative to having no levels it to have a really really long progression, one that takes years. The level 80 in GW2 is a bit pointless as it is so easy to get.

#1949095 Should "Vanquishing" be reintroduced into the game?

Posted Bear Storm on 19 September 2012 - 07:29 PM

With the current state of the game, the moment you 100% a map, you rarely ever revisit it. People only do when they're partying up with a lower level friend, and even then most are reluctant to go back to a zone that's already been fully completed.

What would be nice is if the idea of being able to re-complete a zone for some kind of a daily reward. With how level scaling works, I don't notice myself being completely overpowered when going back to a 1-15 Zone. This will also allow higher level people to mingle with lowered level ones much better, and also give you an alternative of only doing level 80 zones because you want Karma and silver.