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In Topic: Why a linear leveling curve is actually worse than an exponential one

28 November 2012 - 12:41 AM

I don't think the leveling choice in GW2 has as much to do with character progression as it does with content gating. While playing I found that the leveling curve felt right for what the game has to offer. It's not just about having areas to go to at higher levels, but also the way they spread the personal story missions across the entire length of the game. If we were to have an exponential leveling curve it would mean unlocking personal story missions slower and slower as you progress in the game. Unfortunately this would make the latter levels feel like much more of a chore, requiring more grinding just to make a little more game progress.

In Topic: Any list or videos with exotic weapon effects?

05 October 2012 - 02:45 AM

Steam mace has spinning spikes. Orrian/Krait weapons are constantly dripping water. Inquest greatsword has red electricity running along it.

In Topic: Combating The Lonelyness.

30 September 2012 - 09:45 PM

One thing that I've found that works to break the ice is if you stick around someone for a min or two as they battle. Then if you whisper to ask if they want to stick together a while in a party they generally will.

Players aren't anti-social, it's just weird breaking the ice because partying outside of dungeons isn't a necessity at all. Once you do though, most players are great, may even join your guild.

P.S. I'm on Darkhaven.

In Topic: Ranger don't feel unique

30 September 2012 - 06:20 AM

Thieves can only use shortbows, not longbows. Also, if your pet is weak, you're doing it wrong.

In Topic: The trailer creators were on some serious shrooms...............

12 September 2012 - 11:12 PM

View PostRed_Falcon, on 12 September 2012 - 09:44 PM, said:

The trailer is unique as it's a whole metaphor.

It shows a person who is paralized in stone, powerless, aka the gamer who was dead tired of traditional MMOs and is sitting ducks waiting for something.
Then GW2 is launched and shows a person walking on carbons and smiling, as in "finally, not the usual boring wow clone"
Shows then a player "swimming" into another world, GW2 (this one is clear please no explanations!).

Yes, it's not your cookie cutter gameplay trailers showing the usual camera games and fireballs.
But that's not necessarily a flaw that for once someone decides to sail away from the classic.
I actually appreciate smart trailers a lot more than "DA EPIK HAZ COME" *players casting animations* "A BRAND NEW GRINDFEST" *players killing rats, then big rat, then huge rat* "U'S NEVAH SEEN DIS RLY" *camera panning on boring, poorly textured landscapes*
Etc etc.

After 10 years of seeing copy and paste trailer for once I didn't fall asleep while watching.

The could've avoided the hotties tho, makes it look like a jewelry commercial.

Ya... here's the thing about your analysis. It's wrong.

If trailers were meant to be art pieces, you'd be entirely correct. However they're not. The ENTIRE purpose of a trailer, especially a release trailer is to sell the game. It's an advertisement not an artistic expression piece. The moment it doesn't do that, it has failed.

This trailer is a great metaphor, however its makers completely forgot why they were making it in the first place. Anet never should have handed it over to a movie director, certainly not one as steeped in the artistic aspects of film making and storytelling as James McTeigue. They took the job of a marketer and gave it to an artist (I'm both as a graphic designer so don't think I have biases against either). They completely forgot about reaching their target audience and the end product ended up being something made solely for the creators.

People complain all the time about art being turned into a marketing tool. But the truth is, sometimes the recoil of the trend is just as bad (as evidenced by this and the end of Mass Effect 3). This is not to say that the artistic aspect should be ignored however; it is to say that while games are artistic, they are products. This isn't art for art's sake, this is art with the specific purpose of promoting a product to their target audience. Thus, the way that art is employed should be entirely relevant to achieving this goal.

Take trailers like Assassin's Creed Revelation E3 trailer or even the GW2 Gamescom trailer that blew everyone away. Both highly artistic but both were carefully tailored to their target audience and showcased the essence of the games. This GW2 launch trailer does neither of those things. It alienates itself from everyone, creates a metaphoric barrier between the consumer and the product and expects the audience to figure it out. It doesn't tell you what the game is about; it doesn't give any reason to play it; it doesn't play to any of the game's strengths; and even on a purely artistic level, it completely betrays and and abandons the core artistic theme of the brand that Anet has spent years developing and promoting.

In the end, this trailer might as well have been an entry in a film festival because it's certainly failed as an advertisement for GW2.