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In Topic: Krakatoa- The Eruption Elementalist (PvE Dungeon Build)

03 June 2013 - 02:37 PM

I use a similar build right now, which I haven't heard anyone else bothering with.

Carrion armor with Runes of the Elementalist, Rampager staff with Sigil of Doom (Energy would likely be better), Celestial or Carrion Jewelry.

Traits are 20/0/20/0/30

The traits are:

Burning Fire - Conjure Axe and Conjure Sword do extra Burning
Conjurer - Conjured weapons have 10 more charges

Earth's Embrace - Armor of Earth at 50% health
Serrated Stones - 20% Bleed Duration

Arcane Mastery - 20% reduced Arcane cooldown
Blasting Staff - Bigger staff AoE
Elemental Surge - Arcane skills add conditions based on attunement

Utilities are:

Ether Feast
Arcane Power
Arcane Blast (often swapped for Wave)
Conjure Fiery Axe (often swapped for Frost Bow)
Conjure Fiery Greatsword

So, the basics of playing the build are as follows.  Elemental Surge works with Arcane Power.  That means that you can have 5 attacks that add either Burning, Blind, Chill, or Immobilize.  That means you can cast Eruption, swap to Fire and flip Arcane Power and have it proc 5 seconds of Burn (+ Condi Duration) on top of the normal Bleeds.  It also works with conjured weapon skills, so you can conjure a greatsword and swap to Water to have attacks that proc Chill and Burn at the same time (for example).  Arcane Blast is a great, short-cooldown, instant cast for getting condis on stuff quickly.  My favorite use of it is dropping a Fire or Ice field on something and firing the blast into it for a very long duration Burn or Chill (depending on what you need).

Finally, and probably the coolest combo with this is summoning fiery greatsword, swapping to Air, popping Arcane Power and blinding something 5 times in a row with the basic auto attack.  That's over 5 seconds of near immunity, and you still haven't used any of your other mobility skills.  This can be a bit buggy, since greatsword is technically an AoE and if you hit more than one thing with the attack it consumes multiple charges of Arcane Power.

I started out with the Eruption spam build, but I changed over to this because I found I needed far more versatility and mobility in all game modes (especially WvW).  Elemental Surge gives me that, and the damage isn't bad either.  Burn stacking isn't nearly as high damage as Bleed, but it's still very good and with this build you can do both.  The downside is that the OP's build has far higher Bleed stacking ability, and probably higher overall damage as well.  Still, I found it too one-dimensional for my taste after trying it.

Lastly, the biggest downside of my build is that Arcane Power is an incredibly buggy skill.  Some things consume all the charges at once.  Some things don't consume enough.  The skill has been fixed multiple times and is far more usable than it was at release (because it was nearly unusable at release).  That said, using it as a primary, "On Cooldown" sort of skill is certainly a learning experience.

In Topic: Perception of "Grind"

03 June 2013 - 01:47 PM

Am I even playing the same game as the posters here?

I've got 3 80s, and none of them were a "grind."  I play my main and do basically whatever I feel like doing.  I don't farm mobs.  I don't play the TP for profit.  I don't chain-run CoF.  I don't play 12 hours a day.  I don't even skimp on waypointing around the map to different places, even though it's expensive.  When I get bored on my main I switch to an alt, and run the zones I enjoyed most on my first character.  Lately I've been doing tons of WvW, and I even make decent gold there despite the siege and repair costs.

So, where's the grind?  Legendary?  I guess...maybe.  It'd probably going to take me a year or two to get a legendary, but I don't really care.  Those are for people that want to grind for something, and I don't.  I just save my gold up until I get 30-50g, and then I spend it on something I find interesting.  Most recently it was getting a decent set of armor skins on my main, buying top-tier bags, and an extra bag slot.  Before that it was crafting 20 levels on an alt so they'd be better in WvW.  Before that it was a second set of exotic armor on my main, so I could swap builds easier.

So what's so grindy about logging on, playing how I want, and logging off?  Are people actually finding ways to grind in GW2 and then complaining about how grindy it is?

In Topic: Does someone know a good support build?

18 April 2013 - 12:07 PM

In Topic: How much does this resonate with you?

01 December 2012 - 12:55 PM

ANet's goal was to make an MMO that was so approachable and innovative that it would draw in non-MMO players.  While they have made a great product that I thoroughly enjoy, I don't think they've really succeeded in breaking into any new markets.  PvE is not involved enough to really draw in customers from other, more developed, PvE centric games (i.e. WoW).  sPvP and tPvP is not fleshed out enough to draw in people from established titles (i.e. LoL).  WvW is a success only because there's no other title really competing for this that can be taken seriously, but it's growing stale.

I disagree with most of the OP's linked review.  It doesn't really resonate with me at all.  However, I think ANet is missing the mark in a lot of markets.  I don't think it's too late, but it's getting there.

In Topic: After playing GW2, I decided I'd prefer a sub fee over any cash shop

29 November 2012 - 07:22 PM

I agree, though...you could just voluntarily pay them $15/month for gems and convert them to gold.

I currently just give them $10/month because farming stuff is boring.  I don't play these games to grind gold, and since my job involves market/pricing work I really don't feel like coming home to do more of it in a game.  I sell my gems, take my 6-10g (depending on the day), and enjoy all the extra time I just bought to WvW or whatever.

I figure in 3-6 months I'll have my legendary, if I decide to craft it, without having to grind my face off for all the T6 mats.  Now, I'll have PAID A-Net about $60 bucks for this convenience.  In my opinion, it's worth it.

Edit: I don't mind this arrangement because it's a $5/mo savings over my other favorite MMO, and it's completely under my control when and if it happens.  I don't expect a good product to be free, but I enjoy the fact that I can skip as many months as I want without any loss of features or function.