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[EVENT] A Festival of Tyria

06 June 2013 - 12:15 AM

Event postponed due to scheduling conflicts

Sea of Sorrows - The Comeback Kid [Recruitment]

19 April 2013 - 04:55 AM

Sea of Sorrows - The Comeback Kid

Sea of Sorrows has traveled a long road up to this point. We've had multiple matches with close calls as we climbed the WvW ladder to the very top rung. And then we fell right back down again. To no less than precisely where we began.

Six months has changed a lot. New tactics, new experiences and new faces - not least from now being able to see who you are actually fighting half the time. Through it all, Sea of Sorrows has found new resolve, stronger and bolder than ever before. You may have struck us down, but because of that we have become more powerful than you could have ever imagined.

Posted Image

We will not bore you to tears with the minutia - instead, we shall show you our resolve and focus. Here is a picture of our battle-hardened leaders plotting the downfall of our enemies:

Posted Image

Here too is a picture of our crack troops waging war and laying waste to our foes:

Posted Image

Yes, that is correct. We have embraced the idea that WvW is actually supposed to be enjoyable, not just a second occupation. Long gone are the days of needing to stay on for another two hours because you're behind on ppt and you have that coverage gap. Roll on the days when you spend another four hours in there anyway just because it was actually good fun and the "I'll go to bed after we flip this next tower" strategy just didn't work.

Sea of Sorrows has even embraced those which other "communinty-focused" worlds pushed to the side: Those who are inclined to PvE, those indecisive PvX folk, and even the rare and endanged PvP species. They are ALL welcome into our community. We do not believe in "All calls" or "gear checks" anymore. We have created a community that is accepting to any and all players.

It is because of this community foundation, that we are doing quite well in T4. So whats the problem then? Well, we're doing a little bit too well. Realistically, we're facing a situation where, at best, we are going to bounce between T3 and T4 - being too strong for one, but not strong enough for the other. At worst, we just end up with rather lengthy stays in T3. We don't really mind winning or not, but if we're going to be thrust up a tier, we'd at least like to be competitive to ensure an enjoyable fight between the worlds.

We would like to field more active WvWers across all prime-times (NA, SEA and EU); ideally bringing in guilds who enjoy all aspects of GW2 and are happy to support the server community. We may be underestimating here, but we consider underestimating how many are required to create a competitive match more favorable than bringing in too many. In our eyes a competitive match isn't being able to win in every timezone, it's each world having their own strength(s) and being able to avoid being completely dominated outside of that. We are not necessarily aiming to win.

We are in no particular rush. We would prefer that interested players and guilds take the time to get to know our community and be sure that we're the right world for them to call a new home.

For some specifics, here is what we have to offer
  • Community Teamspeak
  • Community website (gw2sos.com) with an active event calendar. All guilds are welcome to post events!
  • Weekly WvW meetings to discuss strategy
  • General Community Meetings held every other week
  • Strong Oceanic base (we truly still do have the best Oceanics out there!)
  • Lack of Laggy Zergs! (And Queues)!
  • Active cooperation between guilds!
  • Small Ops are highly valued. We want to see guilds of all sizes shine
  • Strong PvE community (both NA & SEA) - Working on Legendary? Come grind with us! Need a temple open? Our PvE Commanders open temples on a regular basis to help people get their karma gear.
  • Multiple guilds on SoS work together weekly to do t3 bounties - meaning guilds who are smaller, or more WvW focused can still get in on the action without needing to do much organizing themselves!
  • Most of all - a family type community where people help each other and reach across the boundaries of guilds to all players in SoS.
If you are interested in learning more please feel free to contact Errawen (NA) at [email protected], Arakeem (EU) at [email protected], or Rooster (SEA) at [email protected]

I will leave you with a video featuring some of the sexy ladies of SoS being mischievous!

T6 Material Farm Locations Guide

13 April 2013 - 08:37 PM

T6 Mat Farm Guide

(hopefully, this is in the right place!)

I keep seeing this thread linked to places like reddit. It's extremely outdated and I have updated it here. Thanks!

Tyrian Continuum [TC] - Fun, Friendly, At-your-own-pace, casual Guild - Sea of Sorrows

24 March 2013 - 07:22 PM

Recruitment current closed