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Busy adult looking for fun mature guild

01 September 2012 - 03:07 PM

Hey guys, looking for some help finding a guild

First off i'm currently on blackgate, but dont mind transfering for the right group

I work alot during the week but I like to really game on the weekends, so an ideal guild would have friday and saturday evening events/plans (tons and tons of guilds only want to do things on tuesday and thursday nights at like midnight to 4am for whatever reason and then abandon ship on the weekends.  "supposedly" to go out and party lol)  However i'm a grownup with a family and i work and sleep during those hours and play on the weekends.

I really dislike drama, but even worse are the kneejerk offended by everything that isnt sterilized people who names themselves PC dictator.  I'd like some normal lighthearted people to joke and hang out with while crafting or exploring, but can nail down and get serious while running a dungeon or WvWvW

If this is your guild and you want another member, toss me a msg.  Currently, I'm playing a Guardian and trying to decide on an alt