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Do you get loot bags in WvW for healing/Support?

07 February 2013 - 02:29 AM

So Im leveling my Guardian and doing some WvW to pass the time when I get bored of hearts  Since Im not 80 Im not running into a zerg filled with people who will just one shot me so I usually just break out my Staff and support my team mates.  I have noticed that I dont see any loot bags like when I play my Warrior and just mindlessly run into zergs and start Cleaving.  Will I still get loot bags off killed players or do I get screwed over for trying to heal and buff my team?  I swear it seems to be that way in every MMO.  Played Rift as a healer finish dead last in rewards.  Played WoW as a healer or defending something again dead last in rewards.  SWToR again dead last for healing.  Why are people punished for doing something other than DPSing and being the main reason people stay alive?  If you do indeed still get loot bags for healing/supporting then sorry for my ranting.

What class has the best self healing?

04 February 2013 - 07:50 PM

What class can stay up the longest facetanking mobs, cause kiting is for weaklings, and just moving from mob to mob the fastest cause they never lose health?  Also who makes the best use of heal on crit food?

Are engineers really that bad off?

04 February 2013 - 06:09 AM

I cant figure out where I see more forum QQ, on the ranger forums or the engineer forums.  Usually QQ posts are just bad players that need to L2play so is that just the case?  Been trying to find a new alt and Engineer is the only thing I havent tried yet.  I did briefly try one but only used him for sPvP and did enjoy him but never played one outside of that.  How easy are they to level compared to the other professions?  Are they late bloomers like Mesmers or will they be fun even in early levels or do I have to wait until like level 60 to see if I love or hate it?  Also once I hit 80 are they good event farmers for Karma and drops/gold?

Where is everyone?

31 January 2013 - 01:50 AM

I just returned and I see no people in any city and WvW queues are instant.  When I left because I had to relocate for a new job there were tons of people in capital cities, especially around the tradeskill areas and banks and WvW queues were hours long.  Im not saying instant queues are bad its just that only leads me to believe theres a lot less people around.  Also I see maybe 4-5 other people in town even during prime time and I also never get sent to overflow zones anymore either.

So where is everyone?

Easiest cloth profession to play?

31 January 2013 - 01:46 AM

Still cant figure out a class I like and have tried Engineer, Ranger, Warrior, and Guardian.  I have kinda stayed away from the cloth casters as these have been deemed the hardest to play by most people, especially mesmers and elementalists.  But just returned after a break to get moved into a new house and settled into a new job and thinking about starting up again.  This time I want to try a cloth caster.  In other MMOs those have always been my main classes so I figure I might enjoy them here as well.  

Which one of the three is the easiest to play?  I dont care if they are late bloomers and dont get really powerful until 30-40 I just find classes that are more relaxing the most fun to play.  One reason I didnt like PvP in WoW with some classes was you were forced to use 40-50 keybinds if you wanted to be good, like my Warlock.  Seriously playing with that many abilities isnt fun.  Thats work, take that shit elsewhere.  Also for farming at 80 which would be the best at and for groups which of the 3 do people usually like having around?