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#2126096 Senseless Boring

Posted Beast Master Archer on 22 December 2012 - 07:36 PM

"A couple of levels per month across the board for all players and eliminate XP - a selection of criticisms by a bored player."

I'm bored beyond belief too.

The main reasons are monster variation, or lack of it. There's little imagination that has gone into designing them, although some I do like. Why can't we have more things like Jade Sea creatures? Weird big things? Unique monsters? I got sick of Devourers and Wind Riders in GW1 and seeing them in zone after zone drew an early outline for me as to the short-lived spell I would end up having in GW2. It shattered my expectations and the years of hype.

Another reason is NO FISHING. That's like having a birthday cake with no candles! I want to be able to find that ideal quiet location and spend a few hours each evening listening to music and catching fish. I cannot do that! This is probably my biggest gripe, besides cheaters and botters.

Crafting professions are practically useless. The only viable use is a way to purchase XP through levelling it. After that, it's just a void of obsolete items that take a complicated and costly amount (if only in time) of materials to make... and for what? To add beside the 000's of other items in the TP!

I was looking forward to getting at least one legendary, but after seeing that you need hundreds of PvP tokens which drop at a pitiful rate... NO THANKS! I do not want to be forced to PvP for an insanely expensive item that gives no advantage whatsoever. The expense I could have handled, but taking on players in a lame PvP gankfest on terribly designed maps is not my idea of fun at all.

I do not complete the monthly achievements for the same reason. I mean, why have a PvP and PvE category in monthly achievements if the PvE category has PvP aspects? That's like having a menu with meat dishes and vegetarian dishes, but the vegetarian dishes have meat in them too!

GW2 is trying miserably to be an MMO, but they've retained the item/stat caps from GW1. We've been sold a jaguar with a pushbike for an engine. It's a golden eagle with clipped wings. A brilliant painting with toilet paper for canvas.

Cheaters and botters. So Anet take them seriously and that's good. However, they're still there because Anet have got no idea, like most MMO companies, on how to stop them in the first place. Christmas is supposed to be fun, so I thought I'd give it a try. As if the "rewards" weren't bad enough, there's now people speedhacking with presents in the arena. Oh yeah, rewards... no, I do not want to run around the world I've explored and left behind to click on "magic snow" that gives me absolutely nothing to progress my character.

And finally, although I can think of a dozen more "problems" that Guild Wars 2 has, is what I just mentioned - character progression. You hit 80 and it's game over. It really is. Why run dungeons when you can just click on the TP for gear of the same power?

I wish I could get a refund for the sixty pounds I spent in the gem store. I didn't realise at the time how boring endgame would be. If only it was more interesting and progressive, I would have spent many hundreds of pounds more. Perhaps if levelling was much much slower (a couple of levels per month across the board for all players and eliminate XP). Wouldn't that be an update worth waiting for? The XP update, where we all level up and progress together as a community!
Though I'm sure for every one like me, there's another who thinks GW2 is "perfect." Well, that's their choice to wear rose-tinted goggles.

My playtime has been diminishing daily and I am now at that point where I am due to not even bother logging in. "Thank God for that" some of you may say. "He sounds like a boring guy!"
No, I'm not. I'm just sad that GW2 hasn't lived up to the expectations I had since day one.

If Anet were to take my advice - abolish level cap. Provide 1HP per level from level 80 onwards. People will retain progression with negligible consequences for balance. Cap any HP gains after level 80 for PvP situations.
Have far better loot - stop capping weapon and armour stats. Fair enough, have a limit for PvP... but PvE? Come on!! Oh, and the gems are too costly for lots of people.

I wish you all a happy christmas and new year.

#2123483 With an eye toward the end game, are toughness, vitality and healing the most...

Posted RaoulDukeHST on 19 December 2012 - 09:01 PM

View PostJason Seven, on 19 December 2012 - 07:48 PM, said:

There is zero need for anybody to focus on anything but Power, Precision and +Critical Damage. More Vitality and Toughness just means that you need a larger health pool and more defense because you're getting hit too often. The same can be said about Healing Power. A skilledd player doesn't need any of these stats as they've learned when to dodge and how to position themselves. If you rely only on defense it means that you should learn how to play properly.
my,my what a pro player we have here,so you're the noob pug i pick up from time to time who spends all his time on the floor?

#2088175 Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

Posted FiachSidhe on 19 November 2012 - 07:47 PM

View PostDuskWolf, on 18 November 2012 - 08:14 PM, said:

GW2 fans, you depress me. I've never known a more spineless lot.

Fanboys. Fans realize things are wrong when they see them. They say something, because they care about the game.
GW2 fanboys trolled so much of the internet prior to GW2 launch, that it is soul crushing for them, to realize that the game is so mediocre (Fun, but mediocre with very little long term goals), and the developers are so apathetic and out of touch, that they have to defend it. Regardless of how justified complaints are.

Fanboys only care about themselves. They take criticism personally, and thus attempt to stifle it. They work against their own best interests.

As for depressing. I agree, they are. But after watching Bioware turn into an arrogant, greedy mess, and watching the Biodrones enable it for two years, I have virtually no hope for the gaming community.

#2084524 Forget about Ascended gear, Has Anet been honest about anything?

Posted Thyya on 17 November 2012 - 06:13 AM

If you clap your hands for a bad bull fight, guess what you'll get.

More Bad Bull Fights!

#1864258 The real effects of Anet's strict banning

Posted Shiren on 02 September 2012 - 01:54 AM

View PostNikorasu, on 01 September 2012 - 09:25 AM, said:

Congratulations, you just proved my point!

That fear you're expressing is exactly what Anet wants. Those questions you are asking must be reported and sent to Anet's support, and they'll be able to look into the issue before you, and hundreds like you, have taken advantage of it.

Thanks to this atmosphere of fear, their mistakes as you rightly call them are going to be less damaging to the game, at the cost of some disgruntled players early on. Worth it, in my books.

That feeling of uncertainty you report is exactly what Anet needs to protect the game's economy, and be sure it's going to last for a while until the game is stable enough. So if something looks sketchy, don't touch it until you have reported it and received confirmation.

I can't believe someone is expressing an atmosphere of fear as a good thing. What has this game done to people? It's a bloody game!!! You're supposed to be enjoying it, not freaking out and afraid for your account. Some of us invested over seven years into our accounts and getting bans are a big deal. Second guessing whether or not ArenaNet did something right in the game and fearing a ban is a *ing terrible disasterous atmosphere to create.