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The 20/25/0/0/0 Ranger - An Index of PvE Builds

05 November 2013 - 08:11 AM

tl;dr Stop it with the Longbow/Bear thing. It's the GW2 equivalent of GW1's W/Mo.


I see a bunch of different PvE builds for Rangers all over the net, from Brazil's 30/25/0/15/0 build to the 20/25/25/0/0 build on Reddit to a bunch others as posted by Guanglai. Thus, this thread aims to pool together all the functional builds and their purposes for you to select based on your needs and skill level.

The Foundation

All of these builds have the same thing in common: a 20/25/0/0/0 trait allocation. From there, you choose where the final 25 points go, based on what you aim to accomplish.

Armor: All Berserker with Scholar Runes. Avoid getting anything else, as you'd only be gimping yourself.
Weapon: Sword. All other weapons are based on the build.
Trinkets: All Berserker, preferably Ascended.
Pets: Usually a feline and a moa or drake. Pets will change per build.
Utilities: Healing Spring, Quickening Zephyr, and Rampage As One. Other slots vary by the build.

Marksmanship: I, VII
Skirmishing: I, V

As a general rule, always carry all weapons in your inventory, as each weapon has a purpose.

The Builds

Each build will have a link to a visual build, along with a brief explanation of the build's functions.

The Bachelor


Brazil's current build in his guide. Like to wander around and explore, hoping to attract some people over to the party? If you like single adventuring, this build's for you. It runs 30/25/0/15/0, taking Remorseless to recharge Opening Strike as you down all those trash mobs that you find in the open world. Since you're always on an adventure, those stationary spirits won't do you much good, so a little Protection can save your bum in case you accidentally piss off that champion over there. If you feel like you can take the punishment, swap Nature Magic V for a small boost to Power. An offhand dagger will grant you an extra evade as well as a medium-ranged attack if you need to pull something. Bachelors love Greatswords because it makes you FLY. Bachelors also love pool parties, and this build works just as well underwater.

The Harlot


So you're property of a dominant Elementalist? Does your Elementalist master make your horn feel obsolete? Prove your worth with this firey build, complete with lots of fire fields and its own blast finisher. This 20/30/5/15 build grabs Trap Potency to lower the cooldown of Flame Trap so that the Elementalist has more uptime for spreading Fury and Might. A Torch ensures maximum fire field time, while an axe provides the reflection necessary to keep your master alive. And of course, we now slot a spirit to bolster your master's burst damage. Not with an Elementalist and want to spread boons on your own? Swap out the Axe for a Warhorn, and swap Flame Trap out for Sic 'Em for your pet, then you can combo it yourself with Bonfire followed by a swap and Call of the Wild. In this case, take Skirmishing VII instead of XI, as this also applies should you decide to skinny dip with your master.

The Pugilist


A modified version of a Reddit build. So you like getting in their face, eh? You seek a brawl because you hate ranged foes? Do you let your fists do the talking? If you punch first, then ask questions while punching, run this 20/25/25/0/0 build. Dumping all remaining points into Wilderness Survival grants a good sum of Toughness, allowing you to take a few extra hits before you hit the mat. Trait VI allows more usage of Quickening Zephyr and Lightning Reflexes, which you may need to escape unfavorable melee conditions. Most importantly, we take trait VII to not only increase the width of our Axe's reflection, but to lower its cooldown too. This also allows you to maintain Fury 100% of the time in conjunction with the Red Moa. When punching underwater, swap Wilderness Survival VII out for VIII if you're shooting harpoons, or X if you're stabbing things. So, did you give that Elementalist a nice left hook yet?

The Butcher


Fresh meat! Blood! Gore! Slicing things! If the announced change to Two-Handed Training goes live, this may become the new meta. Why wait for an answer when you can slice it up? This build goes 20/25/0/25/0, dumping all points into Nature Magic. This allows the butcher to maintain a strong spirit presence, while also strengthening the cleaver and its sharpness. More importantly, Bountiful Hunter also affects your pet, one of the few damage-boosting traits to do so. Now your pet can also help you slice up the bad guys to serve on your favorite set of platters! Just remember to always have a boon active, which should not be a problem between your Warhorn and Red Moa. Have a need to slice fresh seafood? Go fishing with this build, as it works just fine with your fishing spear.

Combat Tips

* Swap weapons often! That Sigil of Battle isn't there just for looks. Also, you receive Fury and Swiftness, which will copy to your pet if you're traited into Nature Magic.
* Always maneuver yourself to the side or back of your target to proc the 10% flanking damage boost. This will also keep you out of harm's way to maintain your health over 90%.
* Spam Greatsword #2. Its cooldown is very low, and does crazy damage.

Power vs Precision - Berserker's vs Assassin's

11 September 2013 - 02:46 PM

Original link:

I found a table that shows breakeven points between Power and Precision. This will help decide how much Assassin's gear to obtain to replace some Berserker's gear. For the top axis, remember to add 50 to your in-game number to know your actual crit damage.

I take no credit in this table - I am simply reposting it here. All credit goes to those who contributed to this.

Posted Image

Gearing for Fractals: Knight or Soldier?

23 August 2013 - 06:25 PM

Nearly every guide I have read say to go full Berserker gear. However, I did that on my Warrior and still die way too often. As such, I want to supplement the Berserker armor I plan to obtain once my Guardian reaches level 80. Specifically, I will likely get Helm/Chest/Legs with either Knight's or Soldier's stats. I will primarily use my Guardian for Fractals runs daily, so I want to ensure I am geared properly.

* Should I do what the guides say and go full Berserker's anyways, or am I good to get some mixed gear?
* Which will benefit me as a Guardian in Fractals more: Knight's or Soldier's?

Where is the Fortune Scraps NPC now?

07 August 2013 - 07:24 AM

As the title says, where is the Fortune Scrap NPC now following the update?

What should I do with my Experience Scroll

27 July 2013 - 07:33 AM

I got the Experience Scroll from a recent achievement tier. I currently have 6 character slots for all professions but Engineer and Elementalist. My lowest character is a level 15 Guardian.

What should I do with my Experience Scroll? Reroll the Guardian? Buy a new slot and make either an Eng or Ele? Just dump it on my Guardian and gain only 5 levels out of it? Something else?