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Mixing Berserker and Other Gear. How to do it right.

07 October 2012 - 09:11 AM

Hello! Preface time!! ^.^ I'm mixing stats in my Ranger's gear, and want to use some Berserker pieces. I've noticed some inconsistencies in the Crit Damage % allocation and decided to do some number crunching to get some hard facts on which pieces are better than others. Here are my results, for your reference.

Berserker gear has Power as its top prioritized stat. It has two secondary stats, precision and crit damage %. I went through and compared the relative value of each piece for total stat distribution. After adding up this gear set; Berserker's armor x6 with 6x ruby. (for simplicity, and to include them in the comparison). 2x ring, 2x accessory, 1x neck, and 6x jewels. Using a 2h weapon. All gear is exotic (except gems, rare), and 80, and berserker/ruby...total stats this provides...

Power 1100
Precision 766
Crit % 72

This gives use a correlation that the average value for crit % = ~ 10.5 of another stat in gear allocation. This is fairly consistent with traits at 10 = 1% there too. If we use that as a baseline for which piece of gear is average and consult each individual item, we can see a VERY clear indication that some items are simply better than other ones. The following is a comparison of how much the stat is valued per item. The higher the bolded number at the end, the worse that item is relative to other berserker/ruby pieces. Big number = bad.

Chest   72/5   14.4
Leg   48/3   16
Head   32/2   16
S/G/B   24/2   12

Amulet   64/5   12.8
Acces.   40/3   13.3
Ring   48/3   16

Jewel   15/3   5
Gem 14/2   7

1hW   64/5   12.8
2hW   128/9   14.2

Average value   10.5

In conclusion, Jewels are stat gold if you want to add a dash of berserker to your gear setup. Gems are great too if you don't have a rune set in mind. Options that are less bad are Shoulder, Glove, and Boots since they are just a little worse than average. And if you want to add even more, Amulet and 1 hand weapon aren't terrible. Personally, I don't think I'll ever use any of the other berserker pieces, as they are just not getting enough of a stat allocation for it to be efficient.

I'm sure it's been covered elsewhere, but I couldn't find it... hope this helps someone out there!


Stop being ignorant of Combos! Read to improve your game.

14 September 2012 - 08:59 AM

OK, so after reading many, many threads here, I've come to the conclusion that a good working knowledge of combos, both how to do them, and what they can do, is largely missing from the posters 'round here.

So I wanted to lay down some basics, but first I want to take a moment to tell you why you should even care.

Combos add effects to skills you are using. Plain and simple, they increase both your versitility and effectiveness. Some combos have amazing utility, such as AOE group stealth, or granting Might x3 in an AOE...other combos will up your damage, such as by adding poison, burning, or vulnerability to your attack. Long story short, performing a combo is like tossing in a free skill you didn't need to have on your bar. Sometimes doing things your proffesion couldn't even do any other way!

Now, lets look at how we do it. To perform a combo, we need a "Combo Field" skill first. These skills will almost always (always, once they fix em) say in the tooltip that it is a Combo Field skill, and it will also say what type of combo field it is.

There are 9 types of fields in total.
  • Dark

  • Ethereal

  • Fire

  • Ice

  • Light

  • Lightning

  • Poison

  • Smoke

  • Water
Alright, you say, but now what? Well, to execute the combo, we need to use a "Combo Finisher" skill. But you see, here's the catch, our finisher needs to be used while in the Combo Field area, or pass through it, to work. Just like the fields, there are multiple types of finishers, and they each work a little differently, and cause different effects.

There are 4 types of Combo Finishers in total.
  • Blast

  • Leap

  • Projectile

  • Whirl
Hmm... I know, I know, it's begining to get boring, you're distracted, this is getting too complicated right? Well, it kinda is at first, and it's going to be. I mean, 9 types, 4 finishers, all of them unique... that's 36 different combos we're talking about! Well, let's just look at some of the things the Thief can do on his own.

Thieves can potentially use all of the Finisher types. But a Thief can only use the following Combo Field Types. No worries, it's not too long a list!
  • Dark

  • Ethereal

  • Poison

  • Smoke

This means we Thieves can only pull off 16 different combos on our own. Simple huh? Well, no. But powerful and awesome? Yes. Let's look a little closer and see if we can break it down, blow by blow, and take a close look at what we need to do to combo it up.

So, we'll start with the Dark Field. We can lay this Field down by using Shadow Refuge. Which is a decent utility skill in it's own right. But what does the Field allow us to add on?
  • If we use a Blast Finisher, we get a free AOE Blindness tossed in.

  • If we use a Leap Finisher, we get to add Blindness to that Leap attack.

  • If we're shooting our target, and use a Projectile Finisher, the shot gets Lifestealing added on.

  • And finally, if we use a Whirl Finisher, it adds an AOE lifesteal to our attack.

Ok. We've covered the basics. Now, I should get to the point where I tell you why we should really care, finally...

Unlike every other proffesion, our weapon skills have no cooldowns. This means, amoung other things, that we can chain the same skill several times in a row. If this skill we decide to chain just so happens to be a Finisher, and we just so happen to conveniently chain this finisher within or through a Combo field, well... we can perform an uncanny number of combo attacks this way. Again, more than any other proffesion. This is one of the Thief's greatest strengths, being able to tactically change up our attacks to take maximum advantage of each and/or every Field that gets dropped into combat.

To really play to our fullest, we should learn to recognize fields and learn what effects they can create, and which of our attacks to use in the situation to fully squeeze out every last bit of amazing combo goodness.

Before I sign off, I'll leave you with a link to GW2 Wiki on combos if you managed to get through all this and want to learn more. http://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Combo

Just remember, use combos, they're your best friends. And know that as a Thief, you can use all 4 types of Finishers, and you can use them at your own whim/discretion...and that this is very, very powerful.

Good luck, and happy hunting!


TLDR; Combos make stuff happen, and you should be using them more.