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I'm trying really hard to like this game

24 February 2013 - 02:13 AM

I'm a big fan of Guild Wars, I have been playing the first one for 6+ years, and I got GW2 release day and I played for a good 2-3 months. It was really fun, got my character to 80 I did tons of dungeons deck my character out in exotic armor. Then it stop, I just lost interest in playing the game, I stopped for a few months.

Now I'm trying to get back, but I can't find myself to enjoy the game, and I'm really trying to spark an interest for the game again. How do you guys keep yourself playing?

Just to clarify things, GW2 is a great game, I stop enjoying it not because its not fun, I just grew tired of it, and I'm trying to get back into playing it.

(spoiler) lvl 72 PQ Temple of the Forgotten gods bugged?

26 September 2012 - 06:43 AM

Im stuck 2 mins into the quest and I cleared out the undead, and I click on the shrine of abaddon, and it gives me no options but "leave". I restarted the quest a few time, but its the same thing. plz help

GW1 and GW2

22 September 2012 - 04:52 AM

Hey guys, first of all, overall this is a great game, I enjoy it and I don't regret buying it. I went into this game knowing full well, that this would not be anything like GW1.

I have played guild wars 1 a few months after release. I loved it, from the moment I played it. I also enjoy playing GW2, but it never really captured me like the first one did. GW1 kept me playing for years, and for GW2, I just don't see myself playing for years to come. I'm level 70 and what keeps me playing is the lore and trying to see what the game have to offer at level 80, and from what i have heard, it doesn't look promising. I have done almost everything this game have to offer, except beating my personal story, I have done explorations, dungeons story/exp, DEs, and I'm not a pvper and not interested in WvW, and don't get me wrong, I enjoy exploration, DE, except dungeon(its time consuming more than rewarding).

Whats were your first impression of GW2 and how different is it compare to gw1.

Crafting suggestions

03 September 2012 - 04:26 AM

Hey guys, I have a warrior and i know we can choose two types of smithing, and i chose armor and weapon smithing. But i primarily wanna focus on one, and which one would you guys suggest, i would like opinions on this, thanks and much appreciated.