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#1704497 All the armors on an Asura!

Posted Awbie on 10 August 2012 - 05:36 AM

I've made screenshots of all the armors from the PVP locker, worn by an Asura female. The armor should be exactly the same for a male Asura, though.

I've added the names of all the sets to the description, too, and tried to pick colors that would make it easy to see the differences in texture. :)

Light Armor: http://imgur.com/a/lQp19#0

Medium Armor: http://imgur.com/a/zSfGi#0

Heavy Armor: http://imgur.com/a/cIWW4#0

Modelled by my Asura elementalist and rogue :P

Enjoy, and tell me your favorites!

#22331 Guild Wars 2 based font v1.0

Posted KiyaKoreena on 26 August 2009 - 02:43 AM

>>> FAQ <<<

QUESTION:  Did you make this font by yourself?
ANSWER: The letters A D G I L R S U and W are from the Guild Wars logo, the other letters are ones I based of characteristics of those.

QUESTION: Can I use this for for (insert project name here)?
ANSWER: I made my work available for the community to use, but technically it is a derivative work which Anet would be able to claim the rights to. It would be use at your own risk, they can tell you to stop.

QUESTION:  I am using it in (insert project name here), can/should I pay you a royalty or something?

UPDATED SEPT 7th 2009:  Version 1.1.  Changes include: using the first choice for E F replacement and the third M choice. Assorted tweaks to several other letters to smooth out bumps.

Download Version 1.1

Please note the file name is different than the first version, so if replacing v1.0 you will need to go delete the old one. I'm partial to the old E so have both loaded. :P Once again: This will not overwrite the old font file. Also, I noticed in Photoshop the font seems to look best when set to Strong instead of Normal.

Posted Image


Guild Wars 2 based font v1.0

I only did the letters so you will have to use a different font for numbers and special characters but its a start!

Sample Image:
Posted Image