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In Topic: Mantra Builds

21 September 2012 - 04:58 AM

Random update:

Been rocking this build - http://gw2skills.net...uxej7G5NLRGFMLA

I'm mostly doing random PvE/WvW stuff, no real sPvP attempts yet, but wanted to let everyone know that the build is pretty solid. My iSwordsmen still does great damage! Just doesn't survive as long as a regular buffed phantasm build.

I've geared myself with 6x Superior Runes of Dwayna for the Mantra Regen/Prot synergy, which is incredible. I really like MoRecovery a lot better than Ether Feast now in general, but that extra kick is great.

I swap out MoPain sometimes with the random boon signet when I'm just not using it, most often in WvW when you are in combat for long periods of time.

I'm equipped with full Berserker's (Power/Precision/Crit Dmg) gear for my main 6 armor slots and weapons, and then Valkyrie's (Power/Vit/Crit Dmg) for my accessories. It works out pretty well.

Base stats at 80:
2.8k Power
20%~ Crit (with 2x 5% Crit runes on weapons)
+48% Crit Dmg
20k Health
1.9k~ Armor

I'm really liking it. I hit pretty darn hard, crit occasionally for really big, and have awesome survivability. You learn to time your MoRecovery channel (4 seconds) between certain things, or after certain things, and it no longer really becomes a problem.

Edit -- As an interesting side note as well, When I use Decoy and then start to channel my Mantra of Recovery right away, I don't break stealth. So if I'm in a big slum with no MoR up, but off CD, I can stealth, channel it for a heal + Regen/prot, and then lose stealth with barely 1 second left on the channel. And then have 3 heals again. Interesting note.

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19 September 2012 - 11:54 AM

Only 69 Right now - but really liking the look of this armor still. Might keep it around and Transmute to it until something cooler comes along.

Edit: Winged Armor Set.

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In Topic: Mantra Builds

19 September 2012 - 05:01 AM

Awesome Skyro, thanks a lot for the lengthy and detailed post.

I've been pretty meh about my Mesmer lately and wondered what I was going to do to make it more exciting, and I *really* like the idea of being a tanky melee mesmer with some nice utility, while still doing decent damage (phantasms + gearing), so think I am going to give this a shot.

I'm also a huge Sword/Sword nut and couldn't really find a niche for it to fit well into. Perhaps this is it. :)

Cheers and thanks again. Maybe I'll report back in a few hours/days on how things went!

Edit: I think I'll keep Blink as one of my utilities, and then MoPain and MoDistraction when in PvP, and probably just Signet of Inspiration of something in PvE. I like boons :)

In Topic: Mantra Builds

19 September 2012 - 04:52 AM

Sorry for double post,

But could I not just only take Mantra of Pain and Mantra of Recovery, with the 6 rune synergy regen, and then use the other 2 utility slots for whatever else I wanted? Say Blink + a Signet?

I just would rather break stuns with Blink, tbh..

I'm still worried about the damage output of the build though, and what you do with illusions.

Shatter or let iSwordsmen beat on stuff?

In Topic: Mantra Builds

19 September 2012 - 03:35 AM

So there's obviously a lot of healing/survivability with this mantra build linked above...

But where does all the damage come from? Are you shattering illusions, or focusing on getting phantasms out? The 15 sec CD on iSwordsmen is nice for that I suppose, just doesn't seem like you have a lot of Illusion generating with only iSwordsmen and Leap (not counting block).

Are you mostly sitting in GS ranged attacks, or upfront melee with sword/sword? Seems silly to have so much survivability if you're going to be sitting ranged GS.

Also, is this mainly for PvP, or viable in PvE as well?

I'm looking for a new "exciting" build, after playing mostly buffed phantasms, and now testing out shattering builds. This has caught my attention though.