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Sword Shatter/Confusion Build?

18 September 2012 - 04:38 PM

I've been trying to break the norm of boring "stack power and crit" or "stack condition and use staff" builds, and have come up with somewhat of a "hybrid" Confusion stacking shatter build, as I see it. Let's see if you think it's at all viable...


I like the mainhand sword. Bottom line. I know Scepter would be a more suitable option for a confusion stacking, but I feel like then I lose that front end damage. I'm mostly (for now) wearing Power/Vitality/Condition Damage (Carrion) armor, so the idea is to gear as a Power build, with a ton of HP, and lots of ways to apply confusion via shatters.

Sound feasible?

I'm still a bit skeptical of the offhand Torch. Prestige is nice, but I don't really think the iMage helps at all in terms of confusion, since I am shattering basically anytime Mind Wrack or Cry of Frustration is up (so every 10-20 seconds). Phantasm damage is not important really, more just the utility the offhand gives me, since the phantasm will be shattered quickly most of the time.

Any thoughts? Tweaks? Things that will destroy me? Haven't had much time to test it since my server is getting wrecked in WvW but, in PvE it fairs pretty decently. I still feel a bit squishy, but I think it's mostly just my mentality of not having strong phantasms, thus making myself feel more vulnerable.

Edit: Ignore the runes/items in that link, didn't change em from last one. Would focus Power/Vit/Condition Damage.

Hybrid Crit+Condition Survivability PvE/PvP Build

04 September 2012 - 09:22 AM

So I've been trying to find a way I can play my Mesmer with Sword/Torch + Staff, which I don't think is a very un-common weapon combination. I have a specific sort of playstyle I'm looking for though... I basically want a Mesmersin, as some people are calling them. I want huge crit, with a focus on condition damage + Illusions. The survivability kind of comes naturally from being a Mesmer, but it also thrown into the build in spades. I think I've achieved it, and it's here for you to critique!

Link to build: http://www.gw2builds...20-

Basically the idea is a sort of PvE/PvP Crit/Confusion/Bleed mix build. I'm a big hybrid character guy so I like to be well balanced, have some decent damage although maybe not the BEST DPS EVER, but also have some good survivability, which the mesmer definitely has.

The build has a lot of synergy, with your Illusions having very high crit (along with yourself), thus causing bleeding, and your iMage causing confusion (and bleeds if the crit-bleed applies to him too). You can also shatter for confusion stacks, which works nicely because there are SO many ways to create Illusions with the build. Your Illusions will also cause confusion when they die. So whether they are dying or you are shattering them, confusion is landing. All confusion also will last 33% longer.

Decoy and Mirror Images are the obvious instant Illusions, but you can also dodge to create an Illusion, which is somewhat spammable because everytime you crit you are getting Vigor, which lets you dodge more. 20% reduced CD on Leap is nice too, for both clone regening and in PvP chasing people.

You have a lot of HP regeneration if you do get caught, from either just having an iMage/Warlock out in general, or if you drop below 75% hp you can Invis and let your regen run its course. Decoy + Mirror Images also both break stun for PvP.

I'm not sure if the Damage Output would be too low to really get anything done, but I'd think with the really high crit in conjunction with Confusion/Bleeds, for PvE at least, it would be a pretty fun build to play. Any thoughts on what might go wrong, or what might be the drawbacks of it? It really seems like my playstyle. I know in PvP I'd end up sitting back with my Staff probably, but that's alright.

Side note: I know I didn't mention weapon swapping to Staff really. Frankly because I'm not very good at weapon swapping synergy yet, but once I get a bit better, I think it really opens this build up to a whole new level as well.

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