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#1879145 We're a Week Into Official Release and...

Posted Dove on 04 September 2012 - 05:35 PM

I'm a little surprised by the popular topics on this forum.

Not surprising: being upset over functionality bugs, like guilds, story quests, trading post, etc. These are understandable.
Not surprising: the game not being 100% godsend savior of the world like some people apparently expected it to be. No game is perfect, but some of us built it up to be that way. Anticipation glosses over a lot of things, and now that we're experiencing all the mechanics, I'm sure there are those we like and dislike. This is natural.

But some things I'm finding really surprising, and are a failure from us as a community.

Surprising: complaining about not being able to buy things. The game is one friggin' week old. How long did it take you to collect enough for Obsidian Armor in GW1? How long did it take you to max your characters in other MMOs, regarding stats, gear, items, etc.? How much money did you have at a week? How much did you freaking expect to have?!

Look, we purchased an MMO. MMOs are supposed to take a long time to finish and obtain everything. The game is not grindy. The leveling curve is refreshingly flat. Playing the game normally, I've never found myself at a loss for cash or equipment, because I don't have this ridiculous misconception that I need the coolest stuff in the game at 7 days in. Honestly. I get the feeling these same people would be complaining about "Where's the content?" if it had only taken a week to get everything.

Surprising: the need to whine incessantly about the game overall. "This game is a failure." "RIP GW2." "Worst ______ I've ever seen." Really? That's how you feel? Okay, catch ya later. I know the tendency is for people to voice their complaints and not their praises, so the gripers are going to be making forum posts and the majority of people who are enjoying the game will be playing the game. I also understand this is the internet and somehow common sense and reasonable expectations vacate the premises as soon as the browser window opens up. But seriously. There have been some issues, yes. Some of them have been bad, yes. But we're a week into the game, and it's absolutely great. It's not perfect. It's not the savior of mankind or of the MMO genre or whatever, but it never was intended to be. It's a whole lot of fun, and it's got a lot of things that are refreshing in a game of its type.


So, while obviously I took a bit of a look at the GW2 community and our (seemingly misguided) expectations at a week post-launch, feel free to voice your opinion on the game as a whole at this particular time in its life cycle.