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#2176276 Warrior WWW -> balance build

Posted Avliss on 07 March 2013 - 08:04 PM

Why I am using that build with berserker gear? Because many ppl just run as bunker (hard to kill in normal build, your dmg will be way too low for them) You need high burst with nice survi if you wanna win 1 vs 1 (its fun to see 9k crits:) ).

Soldier gear with rune of soldier -> nice when you play with a team as support.  If you wanna use my build just change rune of soldier with ruby orbs. Additionally buy berserker masterwork amulet,2x ring,back,2x Accessory + ruby orbs (cheap items). Difference will be huge (you will do way more dmg + survi will be still very nice)

#2027503 I fail at pvp

Posted BumblebeeViper on 18 October 2012 - 02:40 PM

What Pysgasm said is sooth. You really have to learn to play the class. I have tried almost the full gamut of gear, loadout, and spec and though each combination alters play style a bit, it really comes down to knowing how mesmer.  I've run with precision/toughness/condition kit, with power/precision/critdmg kit, and with power/precision/condition kit, and though you change your loadout a little for each case, I found all three just as good as each other.

I've played confusion/condition, crit/critdmg, phantasm focus, clone shatter burst focus, and some other styles.  The first two I like and play equally.

I've tried each gear/spec kit with a GS/Staff combo, a Staff/S+P combo, and Staff/Scepter+Torch combo.  I can do equally as well with all combinations.  I don't really like the Scepter+Torch as I feel a bit gimped with it over the others, and killing is much slower for me with it.

The thing is what it all comes down to is your inherent class abilities and how to play them against your opponents.  At least from my experience with mesmer and other classes I have played, the mesmer is less gear and loadout dependent and more class skill and personal skill dependent.

Honestly, I wouldn't worry so much about gear and spec, read up and pick one, even the one you already have is likely sufficient, and focus more on learning to mesmer and finding your most comfortable and enjoyable play style.  I woudn't focus on vitality or toughness either.  Yes it makes you "glass cannon", but mesmer is by far the one class that vitality and toughness really don't matter once you know how to play the class.  Played well, you are the ultimate damage avoiding class.  Better to beef up your damage output.

I've found that what it really comes down to is keeping VERY mobile, popping clones out as often as you can while placing them strategically, using shatter often and strategically, and using phantasms well.  I keep the opponent constantly guessing, constantly looking to find me in the midst of all the confusing images, always trying to catch me while I am wearing him down.  This is for good opponents.  For bad opponents, you can just shatter burst them down and be done with them.

That all said, I have settled on GS/Staff mostly, but sometimes use Staff/S+P.  I "feel" better with GS/Staff though, I just have to be more on my toes than I do with S+P, but I like high pace frenzy.  Depending on my mood I use power/precision/critdmg gear, when I feel like bursty "panic the opponent" with big damage, or power/precision/condition gear when I feel like going confusion/condition, being more mobile and playing against overconfident opponents. With the former I feel more powerful, and with the latter I get greater satisfaction.

I usually carry the same PvP spec, loadout, and gearing (as much as possible because PvP gear differs from PvE gear a bit) for PvE and WvW.

My weapons are always berserker weapons (for PvE/WvW), regardless of my armor focus, and I put Earth sigils in them for the bleeds.  GS #1 + Earth yields constant massive bleed stacks. With my high crit chance, and proper loadout for my clones to cause bleeds on crits, I always have massive bleeds on my opponents, hardly ever falling below 10 stack at all times.  Bleed damage is a bit meh even with condition focused gear, but there is a good psychological aspect to it when the opponent has a high bleed stack on him at all times, and its essentially free constant DoT damage for you that will turn the battle if you and your opponent are solidly matched because as a mesmer you are in constant motion making him catch you while he bleeds to death.

Clone generation on dodge is critical. Dodging constantly is critical. Circle strafing when your opponent has closed on you is critical.  Dodging forward through them and turning 180 to face them from behind during a circle strafe I've found messes with even some of the good opponents, especially when they go to pull a high damage ability or stun on you.  Get some damage on them while they recover and turn to you, then if you have GS active push them back, or if staff, phase retreat. Strategic weapon swapping is critical.  Shattering strategically is critical, and especially knowing what shatter (F1-F4) to use when, as well as getting a good feel for when to sacrifice your phantasms in a shatter vs keeping them.  For me, and my play style if the fight is a frenzy, the phantasms last long enough to do their first damage, and then they go boom, because I'm constantly generating clones in the frenzy.  If the pace is more relaxed, I keep them around for their big damage bursts.

Use dodge constantly,  Use decoy as necessary and when you decoy, while you are stealthed perform a dodge, which pops out a clone.  This can fool your opponent into thinking you've come out of stealth and he goes for that clone, but you are actually still in stealth and gaining distance.  Once you pop out of stealth, make more clones either with another dodge, mirror images, or weapon skill.  You opponent has to waste precious time locating the real you.  For good opponents they will find you quickly, but you still gained that extra time to put more damage onto them, plus you now have distance that they have to close again.

Lastly, if you don't want to suffer the pain of learning by getting your butt kicked by real players until you are competitive, try honing your style in PvE, by tagging multiple mobs at the same time, start with 2 and as you get better move up to 4 or 5.  When you can juggle 5 comfortably with all your illusions, and wipe the floor with them, you should have learned how to mesmer sufficiently to go against good PvP opponents.  You'll have 1v1 in the bag, and win most of your 1v2.

I change my spec around, but this is what I currently favor for PvP:


For the utility skill loadout, mirror images and decoy are essential.  The third utility and the elite are up for grabs really.  Moa has its place and so does mass invis, but I think time warp is great 1v1 and really shines in team skirmishes.  I like feedback, but if you know you're going against necros, heavy condition opponents, or a condition/confusion mesmer, then Null Field is essential.  It is also a better "team player" skill.

For the Illusions trait line, I waver on the second changeable slot between VII.Illusionary Elasticity and X.Phantasmal Haste, but I also swap just about every choice in and out as I deem necessary for this slot, every single one of them for this slot has its place depending on your play style.