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In Topic: The Ultimate List of Changes You'd Like to See / Suggestions

06 September 2012 - 12:58 AM

Allow a utility swap key outside of combat

Problem(Example): You're an adventurer and you are running around defending the lands from the murderous hordes of foul and wretched beasts. You finish up your event and all that is left on the field are the remnants of your wrath. You climb the mountain of bodies and scout ahead to the next heart to re-**STOP**CLICK EACH UTILITY ONE AT A TIME CAREFULLY ON THE ITTY-BITTY UP ARROW TO CHANGE TO SPEED UTILITY SKILLS**-peat the... - ahh screw it the flow is dead.

See what's wrong here?

Solution: Allow the ability to swap utility sets, much in the same manner as weapons already do, outside of combat.
  • Bind key to utility swap
  • Tear apart enemies
  • Swap utilities with a swift, effortless stroke of the finger
  • Continue on your adventure uninterrupted
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