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In Topic: Koroshi's Guide thread [Updated Regularly]

11 February 2014 - 04:15 AM

Could you please quickly list your runes/sigils... in your video I went to your equipment bookmark but it only shows your runes.

It would be a lot more useful if you put a link to a build-site where we can quickly and easily see your setup. Just check almost any other build thread and you will see people post these as you can see traits, equipment, slot skills in 1 quick glance, then read/watch for the rest of the info.

In Topic: Anet sending out... metronomes to gaming sites?

09 January 2014 - 01:36 PM

She IS annoying but I'll admit we are finally at a spot in the Living Story where it could turn really interesting, if it pans out. Whether the DO NOT TOUCH are there for awakening Destroyers, detecting a flow of magic, etc; why exactly Scarlet needed toxins and such... who knows until the update hits.

At the very least, I think the updates will be a lot more action packed in the future and related to the Elder Dragons in one way or another, not just with Scarlet being insane and having super plot armor (I still think she has something to do with Mordremoth since she's highly related to the Inquest whom we've seen get infected like Kudu for example but either way).

In the end, the Living Story I've loved mostly up until Scarlet became the primary antagonist. Even then, the first update with her wasn't awful as I hadn't realized she would be so important at that point. This is bringing back some of the good times from the original updates like Zephyr Sanctum and Southsun Cove which I loved when they first came out. Even if I would've rathered different stories, I loved the updates back then, when I didn't realize they were setting up aetherblades, molten etc as main foes united under 1 person. I liked having them in the world to have several different conflicts all going on at once. The one point I really disliked was that they decided to have Scarlet somehow in charge of everything.

So I'm pretty happy with however they decide to go, hopefully adding new areas and dungeons.

The only thing I don't want is them destroying nice areas again...

In Topic: A Guide to the Thief Meta

02 January 2014 - 01:05 PM

I ran 10/30/0/0/30 for several months then switched to full DPS and felt like a super noob for a while with 0 survivability. The traits make such a gigantic difference for thief survivability. I decided to switch to the S/P + SB build (0/30/10/15/15) and I'm having fun with it. I liked the 10/30/0/0/30 because it's good in WvW (really good actually) as well but since I've used it for so long I'm switching it around.

Some of the changes I made though is I often switch to D/D for boss fights, and I use Signet of Malice a lot since it can heal you to max pretty fast with Pistol Whip. I know you don't get the vigor from using it that way but honestly I don't really feel I need it when I can heal + evade already. No other real good traits to pick up for that slot either way. The dodge roll heal is decent but a little harder to use, especially in a few spots where you can't just back up to a wall and roll in place. I feel the signet allows me to maintain DPS better either way.

I also use the stealth + blind trait on >10% damage taken instead of the stealth on rez... seems more overall useful to me since a lot of big hits come with a condition, and this removes one with the shadow trait.

It did gimp my DPS a little bit vs the full DPS builds or even the 10/30/0/0/30 but since I'm still running full zerker gear I'd say it's a good trade off. I'm still doing decent DPS, more than I had originally expected. I do miss my backstab numbers though lol.

I'd say it's slightly not as good as the 10/30/0/0/30 build but offers some variety in playstyle for me.

In Topic: Kicking Thieves in PvE

31 December 2013 - 03:46 PM

Honestly I'll be the first to admit I am 300% better on my warrior than my thief.

I have 12k AP and 2000 hours played. Thief is my favorite character and I have like 800 hours on it.

But honestly I just stick to my warrior. I run dungeon trains pretty much everyday with PUGs and yes, I do cringe when I see a thief (or a ranger). There's a reason they have a bad reputation, the people playing them don't usually do well. I won't auto-kick them but honestly if the only groups I see in the LFG tool have rangers or thieves I just make my own groups and put experienced only in the title; I rarely get either of those classes joining.

The biggest issue is how squishy they are. Both my warrior and thief are full zerkers, but honestly I'm really considering modifying my thief so I can be more useful. I die to pretty much any condition damage, 1 or 2 hit max, etc. On my warrior I only get downed if the rest of the party gets downed usually, even as a full zerker. I mean I screw up sometimes maybe once or twice a day when I do 8-9 dungeons, but it's just a lot easier.

I WANT to play my thief but ANet keeps nerfing my builds, and I'm stuck either going with the zerker meta and having issues surviving or being useless in terms of damage (just by changing my traits I can use a build that allows me to survive with good ease but my damage is like 30% lower vs warriors who don't need to sacrifice any damage or at worst change 1 skill for endure pain)... Thieves in unorganized groups are just not as good in my opinion. You need those reflect walls or condition removal from teammates, and you need to have groups that melt everything fast as any screw up means death. That's why I hate them in PUGs and why I don't make other people suffer from me playing Thief instead of Warrior (or any of the other 6; none as nearly as squishy).

Don't get me wrong, I can still do well with my Thief in dungeons; I just don't feel I can carry a group easily like I can with my warrior.

And then I see players with 1k AP playing full zerker thieves and they have no idea how to dodge... well let's say that when you're pugging and not in organized groups this is a daily occurence.

I've relegated my thief to WvW and gathering runs + dailies.

In Topic: Jute/linen farm exploit and bans.

30 December 2013 - 07:44 PM

Wow reading this kind of pisses me off.

How dare they ban players for such a terrible reason? Fix it and take it in stride. This is not a bannable offense. The karma abuse from lauch may have been, but even there it shouldn't have been perms, much less this.

I'm not one of the hardcore farmers that will take advantage of these things, but it is pretty frightening to think I may be perma-banned at any time for accidentally finding what I think is just a good farming spot. To be honest more power to the players for finding an obscure spot in a map barely anyone goes to, to make a good profit. Why should they be punished for it? This is less game breaking than say Arah wall jumping to skip half the paths of each path.

Honestly if they come out with proof that only people with bots got banned then fine, no problem. Until then I am very disappointed to read this news.