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I miss the GW1 armors

21 November 2013 - 10:47 PM

I recently logged into guildwarsguru.com for the first time in a really long time and looked through my post history there. The only part I was really active was posting pictures of my armors, and wow some of those armor sets still look amazing today.

Here's my old photobucket account which is mostly just guild wars pictures
(it's not my real name, shock!)

What I really miss are :
-Good heavy armors! So many choices. In GW2, I hate pretty much all of them.
-Good medium/assassin armors. There are a couple of decent ones in GW2.
-Armors made PER PROFESSION and not PER SET OF PROFESSIONS. What a difference it makes to have an armor suited to your character! I know some people like going outside of the box and getting something different, but there was also that ability in GW1 (mesmer pirate armor for example). Looking back though, wow it makes a huge difference when an assassin looks like one, or at least an agile fighter / ninja!
-HOW EASY IT WAS TO GET NEW ARMOR SETS!! Can't stress this enough.

If you look, I literally went through dozens of armor and weapon sets for my warrior, mesmer, dervish and assassin and had a few armor sets even for my lesser characters and those are only the ones I posted. I had tons more. That's because so many of them were interesting! From simple to fascinating, colorful to gritty, it just had it right. In GW2, so many people have flashing armor that I can barely recognize past the glow of their fractal backpiece or ridiculous helms.

In GW1, I took thousands of screenshots of not just my armors, but people in towns when I thought they were wearing something cool. I barely do this in GW2, it's rare that I see someone and think "awesome mix!". Mixing and matching was a lot easier in GW1, in GW2 you need fine transmutation stones because of the stats on the equipment which might put people off of doing it I suppose.

THIS is what's missing for me in Guild Wars 2. Nevermind the Living Story -- I made a post about how I dislike it before --, nevermind the lore which I miss enormously, nevermind the teamwork based gameplay which I also miss... what I really miss is the ability to customize my character with tons of great looking armors and weapons, each of them uniquely made for that character class --- and the ability to do so EASILY.

That's not to say I hate GW2's armor system completely. I love a few of the armors. The dye system in GW2 is great. The variety in armors and weapons however, wow... I remember when I first started GW2 I was shocked by it but kind of forgot about it after playing non stop like a Zombie for a year, I kind of just accepted it. But looking back at old GW1 pictures... WHAT HAPPENED!? These GW1 armors overall still look vastly superior to GW2 armors, in my opinion, and they were easy to acquire.

Not being able to dye weapons means there's usually only a couple of choices to match your armor.

In GW2, you are stuck with limited choices (most of them look pretty generic pre-level 80 armors; the crafted armors are also all pretty bad) and the fact that equipment with good stats is way harder to acquire makes a huge difference (ascended, especially with armor coming soon).

I definitely feel more attached to my armor sets in GW2 (because getting 9k AP or full arah for some armor pieces is a lot of work) but I really do miss the variety. In GW1, I had 4-5 bank pages completely filled with different armors.

I'm not sure if I'm alone in this or not, but man I really miss it. I know it's probably a weird complaint for a lot of you because Guild Wars 2 looks good and there's a lot of variety and options, but it just doesn't compare to Guild Wars 1 in my opinon.

Guild Wars 1 as far as armor variety and such, 9/10. Guild Wars 2 is more a 7/10 or so. Still decent, but outclassed by it's predecessor. I know expansions make a difference, but think about it this way : every new item in Guild Wars 2 is either RNG, Gem Store, or Living Story. It's a pain or expensive to get a lot of these new things. You didn't have that problem in GW1... they just added items and you could have a blast getting what you wanted without playing for a month just to get 1 piece because it's so expensive.

Even dyes... yeah I love the system, but they are so freakishly expensive, even when in comparison to 10k for black or white dyes. Especially considering it's character and not account wide unlocks... hope you like paying 100g for a dye if you want that particular color (not surprisingly, a lot of the VIBRANT colors are all gem-store dyes! In comparison, a lot of the regular dyes are very dull). And then paying it again for your next character!


I realize this sounds a lot like a rant without a point (it is I suppose), so here are some small suggestions for improvements ANet could do :

-Add a few profession specific armor sets (2-3) gradually
-Add 1 profession + race specific armor set. I know this would be a lot of work but these could be really iconic in the long term.
-Ability to dye weapons, this would fix a lot of issues with matching weapons + armors and could really make certain weapons no one really uses shine with cool dye jobs.
-Dyes unlocked account wide
-Lower the gem cost of Fine Transmutation Crystals OR go back to how it used to be and have them be more easily acquired through regular PvE play.
-Don't add armors and weapons through RNG only or Living Story only... once in a while just add a set acquired through regular long term gameplay. That way it's not just this week's new item but something players can enjoy at any time!
-Add cloaks to the game as back items. Also guild ones of course, but a bunch of them!
-Add 15K Canthan warrior armor back in the game. Please?

I can't keep up

02 October 2013 - 05:23 AM

Posted Image

First of all, I love Guild Wars 2. I've been with the series since the beta of Guild Wars 1, which I also played way too much. It has some flaws, but overall I love it.

What I don't like is something outside of the gameplay : there's just too much coming out all of the time. Before I even have time to really get into the new content they release, it's gone and something else is there. I'm mostly just rushing to get achievements whenever new ones come out and trying to keep on top of things, although I've missed a few achievements already that I can never do again (some of the more annoying ones like Crabtacular, Southsun Survivor 2500 points, Liadri 8 orbs and World 2 tribulation mode because I didn't have time for it).

Now, content itself isn't a bad thing. It keeps the game interesting. They add new items to collect, it's fun overall.

But at some point you just have to be able to take a step back and actually enjoy the game. I'm at a point where I'm not enjoying the game or content anymore because I'm not given the opportunity to do so. I'm just rushing through it.

Since they started the 2 week schedule in June, I haven't done any progress on mapping on my characters. One of my goals is to get 8 characters with 100% map completion, all story dungeons done and the story done. I'm at 4/8 and was proceeding along smoothly, doing mapping and such in between events when I was done the new content in the past. These days, if I don't put every single second into new content I miss it permanently.

Not all of the new content is easy to access either. I'm only 3/10 on Teq achievements, since I always get thrown into disorganized overflow because I don't want to spend 3 hours waiting for a boss (where are our districts so we can at least organize guild groups?!). At least it's permanent this time...

I've given up on collecting event minis because spending not only 500 gems, but 1000 gems so I can put minis into the damn mystic forge to get even more mnis every 2 weeks is more gold than I make playing (and as you can see, I play a ton). I'll never forget Wintersday, where I only got 2 of the 4 BLChest minis despite buying over 50 chests. Awesome stuff, especially when they are account bound.

Ascended crafting? Haven't even been able to touch it, and likely won't for years to come.

I want to be able to gear my characters as well, make them interesting (I personally can't enjoy a character if it doesn't look just right for me, one of the biggest factors in RPGs in my opinion and something that's great in Guild Wars 2 when I can actually pay attention to it). I want to play old content with friends that aren't up to date on everything. I don't just want to rush through new content every 2 weeks in the hope that I'll get everything done before next update. Some weeks I'm busier than others and just can't afford to spend 5 hours a day playing Guild Wars 2.

I had even planned my next goal of focusing on WvW and sPvP a lot when I was done every PvE achievement, because progress was going great in the past. I felt I could probably get everything done in another year or two of playing at my rate and then just be left with legendary collector which I could get through WvW eventually anyway. Then they added 10,000 ranks to WvW and so much PvE content that I don't even bother touching WvW or sPvP anymore because I don't want to fall too far behind on that side at least. So much for that.

This whole thing leads to one huge mess and steals the most important thing from me, the feeling of completion / achievement. It's great to know that you've done everything you can for a bit and just relax and enjoy the game in an easy going fashion once in a while. Guild Wars 1 succeeded greatly at this, first with each expansion in it's own right (Prophecies didn't have titles so it did lack a little bit there I'll admit), where you could finish the campaign then bring your alts through. By that time, the next expansion was on the way or out. Then, when Eye of the North was the last one, you would reach a point with your character where you have every character-bound title, all the quests done, every skill, etc. Done all that stuff and still want more? Alts or account-wide titles were enough to keep you busy for eternity, yet the game never needed to resort to cheap content every 2 weeks to achieve that. It's an awesome feeling you get after putting a ton of time into something and reaching the end.I don't care for a meta reward besides maybe a title (GWAMM is the only title I wear in Guild Wars 2, because nothing else comes close to showing the level of dedication needed to reach it, maybe eventually the AP titles), I just want to get that feeling that Guild Wars 2 seems so keen on not letting me reach.

Unfortunately, Guild Wars 2 is built in a way that I will never be able to keep up with it, at least not on that level. This is in huge contrast to the system in Guild Wars 1 that allowed me to get that feeling of completion multiple times over the years before it added new content (expansions, bonus mission pack, guild wars beyond).

I'm sorry for such a long rant, but it's just frustrating to see such a great game be ruined by such a stupid decision as adding too much content too quickly. Never thought I would see the day, but I'm thinking about just quitting Guild Wars 2 while I'm ahead because I know eventually I won't be able to play for an extended period of time and I just won't want to keep playing a game where I can't do everything, knowing I permanently missed a bunch of stuff.

I felt infinitely more rewarded putting in ~3500 hours into Guild Wars 1 over 8 years than I did putting 1700 hours in Guild Wars 2 so far.

Minor things that you feel need to be modified/added in Guild Wars 2

05 September 2012 - 07:35 PM

After about 50 hours of playtime so far, and being a Guild Wars 1 player since beta of that game, I've noticed a few minor things that have been bugging me since the start. I'm not talking about bugs or issues such as the WvW window not updating properly or the dailies, etc. I mean minor features or key binds. Feel free to add your own and post constructive criticism if you disagree!

1) Something that clearly shows enemies are invulnerable at the moment

In Guild Wars 1, you simply couldn't attack them (green name = ally) before the fight started. In Guild Wars 2, I frequently unleash on an enemy that is suddenly invulnerable (story reason, running back, etc). A clear indicator would be very useful.

2) A Keybind to move between chat channels

Self explanatory. I like the idea of having multiple windows for different things, but allowing me to move between them forward or backwards in a cycling fashion with a keybind would be great!

3) A keybind to target self

More of a personal one here, but I didn't realize how often I targetted myself in GW1 before playing GW2 and constantly pressing f after a fight (and not to search enemies)! Not really an important one, but there's no real reason to take off this option in my mind.

4) Ability to permanently arrange guild list like in Guild Wars 1 (doesn't save right now)

This one is pretty annoying. The guild list in Guild Wars 2 is a huge mess right now for me, with everyone jumbled around wether they be officers or not and not showing who logged off in an organized manner. It's a bit of a pain with a guild of 120 members so far, especially when you can't really tell who's inactive. I know you can move people around with the arrows but it's far from perfect and it doesn't save. Another thing is that the history tab is all mixed together (upgrades, influence gain, etc). A way to divide those would be great as well.

5) Something in skill description to clearly indicate when you will and won't transform.

For example Reaper of Grenth elite skill for Thieves says "Become a Reaper of Grenth...". You would think that implicated a transformation but it doesn't. Other skills with a similar description do, however, transform you. Something like "Transformation Skill." would make this issue non-existant.

6) The ability to see someone's title by hovering over their name while holding CTRL like in Guild Wars 1

Right now, the only way to see someone's title is to click on their name to target them and honestly there's no way I'm going to target everyone just to see if anyone has a high level PvP title or something. First thing I always did in GW1 when entering a town was holding down CTRL and looking at everyone's titles while I was running to stash; just for fun, even if no title impressed me, it's fun to see who has what. Just a quick glimpse, and it's more fun if you're able to actually show off your title vs no one knowing what you have.

That's the end of my list for now. Like I said, feel free to add your own and post reasonable things only (IE things that developpers can actually do if people agree with it).

*EDIT : There's already a topic for player to player trades so I left that out.