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Heart of The Zerg | WvW Warrior

11 July 2013 - 03:55 AM


Hello everyone. I've been using a variation of a regular shout healing warrior in WvW with great success in organised groups recently since the patch so I thought I would post it. The build is aimed towards making the user a thorn in the enemy zerg's side while giving benefits to your own via the shout buffs while providing reliable hp recovery to push your group forward. This doesn't mean you will be on the sidelines however, you will likely be in the thick of it being one of the driving forces pushing the enemy back by using the damage and control given to you from the hammer which sometimes ends you up the middle of the enemy zerg still pushing through with your group. Good stuff!

The build can of course be interchanged however you like to suit you and your gear but first I will post what i am currently using.

Here is what I have so far : http://gw2skills.net...qSJV5SQ2bQZFA-w

Why Shouts Over Banners?

The build is designed around WvW zerg primarily and how to support it, to keep it pushing forward. Banners are really good for pitched battles where there isn't a lot of movement going on but this build however focuses on crushing into the enemy and forcing them to run by diving right into them. Because of this the banner would likely be left behind which would then make it useless to us. As a result I went ahead with shouts for this build as they do not need to be placed, you just pop the skill and it works.


First Set: Sword/Warhorn (Can use whatever Sigils you like here. Blood is good for getting more damage out of the build but isn't necessary.)

Second Set: Hammer (Sigil of Impact +10% damage to stunned or knock downed foes.)

The first set is designed simply for moving around the field quickly, the sword has much better chase potential after the patch so if you need to catch someone quickly then this will be your go to until you get in close. Due to Leg Specialist your cripples will now be 1 second immobilises which also helps out for chasing purposes. "Savage leap" also allows you to close gaps very easily. By combining "Call to Arms" within combo field lightning will grant you and your group a good amount of swiftness so you can all get around much faster. Doing this just before a class with an enemy group will provide you and your allies to Vigor while making your foes Weakened. "Charge" can also be used when a combo field lightning isn't available for area swiftness.

The second set will be your bread and butter, especially when you make contact with another zerg. The hammer has great control via it's knockdown, knockback and stun abilities. Shouts will naturally fill your adrenaline bar as well as being hit, allowing you to use Earthshaker as much as possible. Earthshaker can be easy to dodge, especially when you're on your own but it's increasingly difficult for the enemy to see when you are surrounded by your allies which now makes the skill a lot more useful since it's much more reliable to land. "Hammer Shock" allows you to immobilise the first wave of an enemy zerg before contact or to prevent the stragglers from getting away without needing to switch to the first set. Combining the skills of the hammer together we have a solid disruption tool which isn't weak on the damage side when coupled with a superior sigil of impact and Unsuspecting Foe which, when used with "For Great justice" your critical hit rate will now be over 100%. Creating a solid chunk of damage for you to dish out as a result. It's important to note than even if the target stunned wasn't hitting you, they could have been hitting a nearby ally instead. Disabling the enemy also allows your allies to get in hits of their own with almost no consequence. Be sure to get your target weakened with "Fierce Blow" for increased damage output if you're using "Cull the Weak."

Damage buffs pre blood or might stacks on a disabled, weakened target is around 30%. Add the crits due to over 100% crit rate and we're doing some damage.


Armour: Knight's Or Cleric's
Trinkets: Berserker's
Weapons: Berserker's
Runes: Soldier's

(I have a crap Backpiece so having a Exquisite Ruby Jewel in it helps a lot.)

Since we're going to be at the front we need toughness, a lot of it. We also need to hit like a truck to shove the enemy backwards so I've gone with the classic Knight's armour, Berserker everything else set up that i guess many would have expected here. Cleric's can be used instead if you would like stronger shout heals. Either set up works in my experience. Combine our gear set up with our trait choices we should be pretty beefy to take on most threats so don't be afraid to get aggressive. Just remember that you shouldn't go too far ahead of the zerg because you will likely be focused down by the other side.

Note: If you're using Clerics armour your base critical hit rate will be roughly 31% (With Exotic Berserker Trinkets) so you can still reach over 100% critical hit rate with "Unsuspecting Foe" and "For Great Justice" if you wish to opt for slightly higher heals at the cost of a lower critical hit rate unbuffed. This shouldn't be too much of a issue however.  

Soldier runes should go without saying. Toughness and Vitality are going to serve us well in the thick of the action but the draw here is that shouts remove a condition from you and any friendly nearby, turning you into a very valuable asset. As such many of our core skills will be shouts.

Feel free to use any food you like.


Healing Surge: Fantastic heal for this build since we have shouts for condition removal. The ability to instantly regain all adrenaline when shouts are on cooldown is also very valuable to the build.

Shake It Off: Instead of removing one condition to you and your allies, it now removes two and it breaks stun. Enough said here.

For Great Justice: Instant Might and Fury to you and your allies. There isn't much to say about this skill other than it being amazing for what we're doing.

On My Mark: Good skill for specific targets who need to be bursted down very quickly. 10% increased damage doesn't seem like much but it really helps out.

Signet of Rage: Fury, Might and Swiftness with a 60 second cooldown. Works very well anywhere but it can be swapped out with "Battle Standard" if you think it is better suited.

Note: Shouts without Cleric's armour or healing power related food should heal for 1500 each. That's 4500 health recovery every 25 seconds with the buffs that go along with it.


Power: 0
Arms: 10
Defence: 20
Tactics: 30
Discipline: 10


10 Points: Unsuspecting Foe - 50% critical hit chance to stunned foes.


10 Points: Cull the Weak - 5% damage to weakened foes.

20 Points: Merciless Hammer - Hammer damage is increased by 25% on disabled foes (Daze, Stun, Knock down.) Reduces cooldown of hammer skills by 20%.


10 Points: Leg Specialist - Apply a 1 second immobilise when you cripple a target.

20 Points: Lung Capacity - Shouts recharge 20% faster.

30 Points: Vigorous Shouts - Shouts heal.


10 points: Inspiring Shouts - Gain adrenaline when using a shout.


I've been having a lot of fun with this build as I've said earlier because it thrusts you into being a driving force of your group simply from you being there. Y'know, actually making you feel like a warrior. The synergy in this build is high due to the traits and skills working in unison. For example by using shouts we are buffing our allies in addition to ourselves as well as providing some healing but by doing so we then fuel our own adrenaline bar to dish out more punishment to the enemy when we're equipped with a hammer. This cycle of being a boon to your allies and a condition to your opponents propels your group forward through almost anything thrown at you.

Hopefully you WvW zergers out there go ahead and try it out for yourself and see if it works for you as much as it works for me.

Have fun turning people into paste!

The New Traits/Skills

25 June 2013 - 07:37 PM

What do you think of the changes so far? I need to think of a new build for sure as a result but i like how they seem to be heading towards making the warrior a bit more niche in terms of it's traits then before e.g. You can't just put 10 points in Disc or 10 in Power for a damage increasing trait anymore, you have to invest in the tree now. Some big changes for me below.

Heightened Focus is now unlocked at 30 Disc instead of 10. (5% crit chance = 1 bar of adrenaline, 10% for 2 and 15% for 3)

Warrior's Sprint at 10 Disc. (25% movement speed with melee weapons)

Destruction of the empowered is now available at 20 Disc from 30. (3% damage boost for every boon on terget)

Mighty Defences, 10 Disc. (Gain Might on Block)

Cleansing Ire is available at 20 Defence, was 10 for gaining adrenaline when hit alone. (Gain adrenaline when hit. Remove a condition for every bar of adrenaline spent)

Furious, 30 Precision. (Gain triple adrenaline on critical hits)

Distracting Strikes, 20 power. (Apply confusion on intterupt)

Berserker's Power, 30 power from 10. (5% Damage boost = 1 bar of adrenaline, 10% for 2 and 15% for 3)

They're also some weapon changes but i do like how they incorporated the cripple into the Savage Leap skill for the sword. The last auto attack also inflicts a cripple. (Much more chase potiential with the sword despite it being high to begin with, especially with Leg Specialist)

That's not everything but it's what i noticed at first so what are your thoughts? In wvw i play a shout healing support with a hammer so i don't need to change much. The no gain adrenaline on hit at 10 Defence though is going to hurt me however.

What Sigils are you Using?

06 December 2012 - 01:54 PM

I'm putting this in the warrior forum because the question is more directly linked to warriors rather than any other profession.

I am genuinely curious as to what sigils people are using with your builds. If you could let me know that would be great. Would it possible to tell me what weapons they are on as well? Be awesome thanks.

I'm currently debating whether or not a sigil of strength (30% chance on crit to gain might) would be better for me that the sigil of force (flat 5% damage increase). It would make sense to pick the strength one since i crit 100% of the time buffed but i am unsure if the improvement is significant. I use a sword/mace by the way. What do you think about this?

[Build] - Blood Fury

05 December 2012 - 02:43 AM

Hello there everyone, considering they're multiple builds flying around at the moment i thought i would throw in mine for general PvE. I was asked to post the build to make it easier for other people to find so here you go.

Now before i go into this i will tell you what the build focuses on.

Criting 100% of the time when fully buffed.
Reliable sustain damage output.
Life Steal.
Decent Survivability.

Now what it doesn't do specifically.

You will not be a supportive healer in anyway shape or form. No Healing Shouts or Banners here.
Use a GS.
Use a Hammer.
Top the warrior damage charts.

Here is the general Build


Main: Sword/Mace (General)
Main: Sword/Sword (Block for Bosses)
Second: Longbow

The sword allows me to move very quickly to where i wish to go, it is required for the extra 10% crit chance as well. Very fast hitting weapon makes for better damage aswell. The mace is good for that bit of control, it comes with a knockdown and a vulnerability since i am not carrying "On My Mark".

The Longbow is for general support if you know you cannot kill something, i.e. world boss, dungeon boss when unbuffed etc. I also switch out to the weapon on a regular basis to fire off it's F1 ability if i am going agaisnt 4-5 enemies at a time solo. Fire shield is great and the burn damage is nice too.

Type A is the original, Type B was from suggestions from Brand. Both sets seem to work well from what i have tested. Type A is more orientated for condition removal if you need it, Type B if you do not require that. As i said both work very well. B gives you slightly more damage overall but you need to get the appropiate 25 stacks from Sigil of Bloodlust. If you're limited and don't know which to pick then Type A is more damage orientated with buffs to crit more, Type B is more crit orientated with buffs to hit stronger. Both give 100% crit. Type B requires food to get 100% crit, use Omnomberry Pies for that.

Gear: Knight's Armour, Berserker Weapons and Berserker Accessories.

Sigils - Type A

Sword - Superior Sigil of Force - 5% damage increase
Mace - Superior Sigil of Blood - 30% chance to steal life on crit (2 second cooldown)

Longbow - Superior Sigil of Perception - 10 precision each time you kill a foe. (max 25 stacks and ends on down)

Sigils - Type B

Sword - Superior Sigil of Accuracy - 5% crit chance increase
Mace - Superior Sigil of Blood - 30% chance to steal life on crit (2 second cooldown)

Longbow - Superior Sigil of Bloodlust - 10 power each time you kill a foe. (max 25 stacks and ends on down)

Spec - 10, 25, 15, 0, 20


Mending Type A or Healing Signet Type B - Cure conditions and heal or Heal overtime, gain health on use.

Shake it off or Signet of Stamina - Cure a condition from yourself and allies, breaks stun. Gain endurance faster as a passive. On activiation it cures all conditions.

For Great Justice - Grant fury (8 seconds) and Might (25 seconds) to you and nearby allies. Radius = 1200

Endure Pain - Take no damage from attacks for 5 seconds.

Signet of Rage - Passive: Grants adrenaline Active: Gain Fury, Might and Swiftness for 30 seconds.


Mending is great, i love it. It can be changed with Healing Surge if you wish but i generally prefer the removal of conditions over pure healing. (I get healed on 30% of my attacks anyway so it's not really required). Healing Signet can be used for general slaying, the health regain makes it so you won't be reaching your crucial health limit.

Shake it off is fantastic, i mainly use it to break stuns or just to remove a condition to myself or anyone else nearby when mending is on cooldown or when i don't need the heal. SOS is god when you need to ddge more, we alread have endure pain as a stun break so if you need to dodge more (Dungeons) then i would switch to this.

FGJ is a must, Might and Fury for me and everyone within the radius? Can't say no to that.

Endure Pain - In the instances where i cannot out damage what i am hitting or if i get surrounded, Endure Pain is a lifesaver so i can get out of the way or kill what i am hitting before it kills me. Very rarely gets to that case though but it's great to have as insurance.

SoR - Since the build focuses on Fury it would be a bit silly to pass this baby up. If you time FGJ and this well you can have constant Fury.

Runes - Type A

Superior Runes of Rage

The 6 Runes give you +10% crit damage flat out, +15% with fury. +20% Fury duration. 5% chance to gain fury for 30s when hit. (cooldown: 60s)

Runes - Type B

No Runes, grab 6 Ruby orbs and slot them into your gear.

Putting It Together - Type A

With my armour and accessories complied without the buffs i run around with a crit rate of 50% unbuffed. Add the 25 stack of perception, i get to around 61-62%. Add the 10% from the sword i am at 71-72%. Add fury you are now at 91-92% crit. With a full bar of adrenaline your crit is now over 100%. Each crit you have a 30% to drain life too. Fully buffed you will have a bonus of an extra 47% crit damage from the 150% base. Putting you close to 200% damage each time you crit. Pretty much a given when you have a couple stacks of might on you from the signet of rage and for great justice.

This means your crit rate is now absurd, you will almost crit every attack while buffed, every attack fully buffed. With an exotic sword (With sigil of force), a full adrenaline bar and a bit of might your damage will around about be 1500, 1500, 3000 from auto attacks alone. This is 6000 damage within the space of 2 seconds if you include the first autoattack. You hit like a truck essentially while being mobile. Add around 500 damage to that if the life steal works from the sigil of blood.

My armour stands at 2692 as well which will keep you safe. In extreme cases pop endure pain, switch to longbow, fire your F1 ability, swap back to sword (Cooldown from switching is now 5 seconds) leap. Gain fire aura. Destroy everything around you.

The mace is also your damage tool via crushing blow (10 stacks of vulnerability) as well as a control tool, hence the knockdown of tremor.

With the cooldown reduction on the signet of rage and the enhanced length of fury you have 100% fury uptime with for great justice if timed right.

So there you go, you are now a crit monster who steals health and hits like a truck with the mobility of the sword and the support of the bow. This build focuses on you being a berserker but in some instances it can be tweaked on the fly for a couple of situations. e.g. World mobs you switch to the longbow and Battle Standard.

Putting It Together - Type B

Similiar instance as before. The difference is the orbs will give you half the precision that the Sigil of Perception gave you before, but you now add in the other buffs and the food to get you over 100% crit rate. Damage is roughly the same, however if you get the full stack of 25 from the Sigil of Bloodlust you will crit for more damage due to more power. Both work well as i have said. Same rules apply to each, get your 25 stack first and then switch back to your main weapon set. Interchange when needed of course but both builds tend to behave the same.

Give it a go. Hopefully you enjoy it as much as i do. It was what moved me away from the GS. It's done well for me in PvE and Dungeons so feel free to check it out for yourself.

Fractals, Again?

01 December 2012 - 12:36 PM

Anyone else kinda annoyed they put fractals in the monthly requirement again? The WvW stuff i'm ok with, it's 50 kills. You can get that in about 4 hours if you tried hard enough but with the fractals it seems as if i need to spend half that amount just to find a group to get in the dungeon to begin with. I like the dungeon sure, it's different than the rest but could we just have general monthly requirements so thoose who also want the reward but dislike dungeons or WvW don't have to play the parts of the game they didn't want too? Like total events, total enemy kills, distance travelled etc. I understand why they put fractals in for November, it just came out, it was something different.

My experience with the fractals was patchy at best, failed groups, permanent DC, people couldn't get back in, turned into a fail group, try again, lfg with the 50 other people in that little part of Lions Arch etc.

What do you think about it? (The requirement, not fractals themselves)