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In Topic: Have you paid more for gems than a sub fee in the past year?

10 October 2013 - 08:30 PM

I spend around $20 on gems per month, so slightly more than your average sub fee.  I'll spend more this month, because I gotta have all the Halloween merch.

In Topic: Ascended Weapons.. will you craft one?

30 August 2013 - 11:08 PM

The stat differences between exotic and ascended weapons appears to be very small (9 points on the primary).  You're not going to need a whole set of these things to make your character viable.  You don't even need a single one.

It seems like the only reasons to make one of these is the sense of accomplishment and/or aesthetics.

In Topic: Game dev harassment eroding the industry

20 August 2013 - 09:32 PM

So what I've gathered here is that people who develop games should probably expect death threats aimed at their families and the occasional visit from SWAT.  This is a common thing in all jobs, game developers just whine more because they are babies.  They deserve 0 sympathy and should just stop complaining because the customer is always right, and in fact, they probably share in the blame because nobody acts irrationally without provocation.

Also, white knighting and threatening to commit sexual violence against a person are more-or-less equal offenses.

So carry on, nothing to see here.  Devs are complaining for no reason at all, because having hundreds of people call for your death online is something everyone has to deal with.

In Topic: Game dev harassment eroding the industry

20 August 2013 - 12:27 AM

View PostLeyana, on 19 August 2013 - 11:38 PM, said:

What they can do is either cherry pick their audiences or just not let anyone but the PR people speak to the public.

Yup, that's what most of us do.  The side effect of this is that a marketing person who works in a different office will be the point of communication with our customers, while we in the design department will never directly interact with any users.  It's pretty lame that gamer culture has gotten to the point where it would be irresponsible for me, a content designer, to discuss my work with people who actually play the game I worked on for years.

It hasn't always been like this.  It's now socially acceptable to freak out and hurl insults at people because you disagree with their design aesthetic.  Everything short of actual death threats is just the normal state of communication, and according to some people, is an acceptable way to express your enthusiasm.


I do deeply appreciate the false equivalence of "writing vile and threatening feedback" and the horror of "white-knighting".  As far as I can tell, "white-knighting" is the disgusting act of thinking something is of value when the loudest voices on the internet have already informed you that it is actually garbage.  It's a term almost exclusively used by people who are justifying cruel behavior, and no conversation about bullying would be complete without it.

In Topic: State of the Game- PvP

20 May 2013 - 02:19 AM

Forumgoers complain about everything, and that goes double for MMO forumgoers, so I wouldn't take that to heart.

There is a PvP community and you can always find a game.  If you like what you saw, I would recommend picking the game up and giving it a try.  You'll get at least $60 of fun.