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In Topic: Do you get loot bags in WvW for healing/Support?

08 February 2013 - 07:44 AM

This is what makes PvP suck in most games.  They only reward people for zerging and not actually trying to win.  The only game that I think rewarded healers was DAoC as even playing a support/healing class like a Bard or a Shaman or a Cleric you still got realm points even if you didnt do a single point of damage.  As long as you healed people who did get kills you got credit.  In Rift healing got you last place for favor earned.  In SWToR Healing got you last place.  Hell tanks could just AFK with Guard on someone while defending and get more rewards than a healer actually helping your team try to win.  But at least they got something right and rewarded you for defending.  In WoW defending gets you ...last place.  Even if no one attacks what you are defending the reason they probably never attacked is because they saw someone there and maybe also assumed there were people stealthed as well.  If you heal or buff someone that gets killing blows you should be awarded the same because they probably wouldnt have gotten those kills without buffs and heals in the first place.

In Topic: Can you play w/o Shattering?

08 February 2013 - 05:50 AM

Im till low level with her as Im not sure if I wanna invest the gold in PLing her up via crafting yet.   But been doing a lot of sPvP to get the hang of shattering. I figure thats the best place to learn as it teaches you how to use all the different shatters.  Plus humans are smarter than mobs.  Having fun with S/P but trying to get off sword 2 on someone in sPvP is a bitch which sucks cause isnt that some pretty good damage if you can land it?  Also am I supposed to be swapping weapons to get all my clones up?  Just having so much fun with S/P I forget to.  Im using Decoy and Mirror Image for 2 of my utilities as well and its funny watching people have no clue where I am especially when I use Sword 3 to swap place with my clone.  It does take some getting used to and I dont know If Im ready to give up my Guardian yet.  But its definitely the most fun I have had on a cloth class.  Necro is boring as hell and Ele is too much work.

In Topic: [Answered] How do you use guild perks?

08 February 2013 - 04:47 AM

OK just found out you cant get guild perks if you are guesting.  Guess no one decided to mention that lol.

In Topic: How is Warrior self healing at 80?

08 February 2013 - 04:34 AM

View PostSmoothHussler, on 08 February 2013 - 02:45 AM, said:

Easier to make a Guardian have more DPS than it is to make a viable self healing Warrior.

Yea warrior just has to give up too much.  You have to trait 30 into tactics just to get shouts heal.  Honestly the one thing warriors dont need is more health, especially if you are talking about just running around doing events and solo farming, and tactics is more Vit.  Then you have to take all 3 shouts for your utilities.  The only one thats really worth it is "For Great Justice".   Not to mention 10 points into Arms gives you chance to inflict Vulnerability on crits without having to waste a utility on it.  10 stacks might be good for Champs and Dungeons to get it on them right away but for normal grinding and events having it proc on crits is just as good.  Also doing events you are probably 100% guaranteed to have a well necro in the crowd somewhere so theres your vulnerability and its AoE. Also you are going to use "For Great Justice" and "On My Mark" at the start of fights when you are going to be full health.  What good is a heal when your health is 100%?  Healing Shouts is more For Grouping and WvW and even then a AH Guardian is going to be far better.  Better off putting points elsewhere and using heal signet and omnomberry pies for your healing

In Topic: Boring professions

07 February 2013 - 04:54 PM

You played Warrior and Ranger thats probably why you feel bored and burned out.  Those are the two most faceroll classes to the point of insanity when it comes to leveling.  Warrior just mash GS 2 and Ranger just spam 1 with shortbow.  

I agree with Guardian.  Can DPS, go Bunker, and Support/Heal.  I have been using an AH Hammer build in sPvP cause my Guardian isnt that high yet to try it in PvE and I hardly ever die and neither does anyone around me.  I also tried full toughness/vit/healing with a mace/focus and just ran around laughing as half their team tried to kill me.

But honestly in every single MMO you will find the same thing.  In Rift everyone pretty much used 2-3 button macros that spam their whole rotations.  In WoW you will never use more than 3-4 abilities while solo questing.  Solo PvE leveling is going to be boring no matter what game you play.  Because usually only a single build is the best for plowing through content and its not until you hit max level and start doing FoTMs or organized WvW that people will start using different builds for different roles.  But for leveling using anything but a all out DPS build is just going to slow you down.