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[Answered] How do you use guild perks?

07 February 2013 - 02:18 AM

Finally joined a guild and after I figured out how to open the guild tab it says I have built up 1,681 guild influence.  However, when I go to the Upgrades tab and then click on the categories it wont let me use any of them.  Whats the point of gaining guild influence if I cant spend it?

Can you play w/o Shattering?

06 February 2013 - 10:22 PM

I have been leveling a Necro and just started a Mesmer as I wanted a cloth class to play. Mobs  always kill my clones and I keep forgetting to shatter them.  Hell most of the time my clones just get 1 shot so I couldnt shatter even if I wanted.  Can I just be lazy and get the traits that make clones cripple and apply a condition when they are killed?  Mesmer is a lot of fun cause I tried one out in sPvP before I rolled one but I cant remember to shatter.  Can I just play and never shatter anything or will that gimp my class kinda like playing an Elementalist and only sitting in the same attunement the entire time?

When do Necros start to get powerful?

06 February 2013 - 10:15 PM

Just started leveling a Necro and Im level 18.  I just feel like my damage is garbage compared to my Warrior and even my Guardian.  I use mostly staff and have well of suffering and corruption for my utilities.  But it feels like I kill at a snail's pace.  Even when I do sPvP again Im usually last in points because I never can get kills.  I drop all my wells and marks but nothing dies.  Then I watch a thief blow someone up in 3 seconds, same with a D/D ele.  I really wish minions actually worked cause I feel that might be better damage for leveling but they die so fast they arent worth using.

I wanted to try out a clothie but Im just not feeling the Necro.  Also from what I have heard Ele and Mesmer arent much better until they get higher.

Does this game favor ranged professions?

06 February 2013 - 09:42 PM

Since this relates to both PvE and PvP I couldnt really post it twice in those forums so sticking it here.  While I love my Warrior and it it my main it feels like this game just favors ranged classes.  I know as a Warrior I have good ranged options in Longbow and Rifle but I rolled a Warrior to play melee so I use Hammer and Axe/Mace.  If I wanted a range class I would have made a clothie or an engineer or ranger

For PvE when I run up to mobs to start attacking them most of the time they will agro before I get to them and then they just run right through me.  So I have to turn around and chase them. They dont go very far t but after a while it starts to piss me off.  Humanoid mobs love doing this. They just run through me then stop and turn around.  I have never played a MMO where this happens.  In other games if you agro a mob he stops in your face.  Sure theres a few mobs designed to kite you a little like archers and casters but that doesnt bother me.  Its melee mobs running through me that does.

For PvP I feel like Im getting carpal tunnel trying to stick to people especially D/D eles, thieves, and rangers plus trying to stay on people dodging.  I played my warrior for 2 hours in sPvP last night and my fingers and wrist on my hand that controls my mouse was killing me to the point I had to ice it as I only move and turn by using my mouse.  Maybe I should just start keyboard turning or something.  Even if that makes me a worse player at least it wont hurt as much.

I also have some ranged classes I only leave at level 2 to mess around doing sPvP.  I have a Necro a Ranger and then a Enginner.  Playing those doesnt even bother me.  No pain at all. This isnt my first MMO and in fact its my 10th.  I have never had a problem in any game whether its PvE or PvP with pain and all I play is mostly melee classes.  I just cant figure out why it bothers me here.

How do you move around quickly in WvW?

04 February 2013 - 08:40 PM

When I played DAoC you could move around from keep to keep using the portals then find someone with perma speed so you could then move around the map pretty quickly.  But every time I see a battle icon on my map most of the the time when I get there its over with and I dont see anyone.  Then the icon will pop up again halfway across the map.  Same thing, when I get there its over with.  How do you move around the map fast enough to get to the action before its over?