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In Topic: Update Notes - 7/29/2014

Today, 02:10 AM

So there were a couple more events attached afterwards with the scavenger hunt, luckily none of those bugged for me (I was real worried about Bria, she was bugged for ages in the past). I have to say I found the last fight fairly fun though the big moment afterwards was kind of silly. I hope it leads some place interesting in part 2 or we at least get a hint that we'll be doing something crazy with that plot thread after the anniversary (I am guessing this is more likely, as they still need to wrap up Woodstock 2014 live at the Grove).

In Topic: Update Notes - 7/29/2014

Yesterday, 02:58 PM

I got the double whammy, held up in Iron Marches on release day at the flamethrower event, finished it early morning after before work, then held up again in Frostgorge Sound at the Svanir gate, finished it this early morning before work. Got the two cheevos for it at least but man, I hope there isn't more open world story progression left for this chapter. I don't mind it when it works but it bugs out like this, it really breaks the mood.

In Topic: ArenaNet to "address [...] the dominance of Berserker/DPS"

Yesterday, 02:29 PM

So wait, you spend a page and a half of this thread being belligerent about this game not requiring skill and then you completely dismiss the notion that people should care about games requiring skill at all? So is there or is there not a problem with GW2 not being up to some standard of skill requirement that you don't actually care about?

In Topic: Back to the necro...

30 July 2014 - 08:17 PM

For what it's worth, I still like both my necros despite all the haters and play them in just about everything except fractals, which I'm not into in general. I did a long rambling reply in Phenn's intro post a short while ago about where to go to get the essential (and trivial) traits one would like to have for necros in the new trait unlock system. The main takeaway I got from that experience is that death shroud necro is probably the best leveling build to go for and Harathi Hinterlands has almost everything you need for that spec. But as Phenn says, until they drop big news for necros, the class forum will be quiet as what we had still works (or doesn't) and we're playing what we got.

In Topic: Is anyone else sick of Sylvari?

29 July 2014 - 02:21 AM

View PostEphraimGlass, on 28 July 2014 - 12:24 PM, said:

In the original personal story, after the mentor's heroic sacrifice at Claw Island, I was rather surprised that we didn't end up having to fight the character as a minion of Zhaitan later.  I guess that one of the mentors was a Sylvari and that wouldn't have worked out with their vaunted immunity to corruption.  That's too bad.  They could have made that character Asura or Human and made it play.

They even hinted at it during the fight with the sovereign Eye of Zhaitan but didn't pull the trigger. Oh well.