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In Topic: Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Today, 06:12 PM

The ennui is justified. I honestly think the best solution for anybody who is feeling it strongly is to put GW2 down for a while and play something else in the meantime. If you have a guild or at least a core group of players that you want to keep together, branch out into something else that you all enjoy and play that for a while as you wait for A-Net to get their arse in gear. The emotional attachments to your personal communities and relationships are more important than the game itself. When it becomes something that you feel you can enjoy again, by all means pick it right back up where you left off. It will still be here. MMOs tend to die very hard, especially ones that get a large following from launch, which GW2 incontrovertibly had.

Then again, NCSoft is sadly notorious for having that slight cocaine high jagged edge unpredictability to their who lives or die policies. They axed City of Heroes after 8 years of profitable tenure (something I am still fairly unhappy about even after almost two years), and previously killed Auto Assault and Tabula Rasa before they had a chance to grow into anything. A-Net is their flagship western studio though, I will be very surprised if such an announcement comes any time in the near future no matter what the issues are now or develop later on with the game.

In Topic: Thoughts on the September Feature Pack?

Yesterday, 09:13 PM

Unfortunately, your only recourse is to step away until the things you want start to happen, which you have sensibly decided to do as stated in your last post on the engi forum. Whether or not your guild remains intact until then is up in the air and I sincerely hope you can take your loyal rank and manage to move or expand to somewhere where you feel comfortable in the meanwhile.

But I have to say, part of the buy once play free appeal is the ability to play the long game without sinking any additional resources of time or money into it if it isn't delivering what you want. I took several breaks during LS1 precisely because I had no interest in Tequatl or Marionette or Wurm. But I picked it back up again when there was content that was more accessible to my tastes. Granted I was not trying to hold together a 500 man guild, that kind of dedication and focus is not what I'm looking for when I play. I can afford to be patient because this game doesn't have to consume large parts of my free time due to social obligations. And since you had to, your reasons for being disappointed are perfectly valid. But I'm sure that A-Net isn't blind to the needs of larger guilds. It may be that the development pipeline that we're not privy to has those things further down the line than the low hanging fruit but immediate gains of streamlining (and aligning with GW2 China) the new player experience and cleaning up some of the issues that the April feature patch introduced. They even capitulated on the WvW commander tag feature being color changeable after the initial negative feedback.

Good luck in Archage, hopefully it gives you what you're looking for.

In Topic: A Fresh Start: The New Player Experience in Guild Wars 2

Yesterday, 05:10 PM

Hmm, the proposed changes sound decent. If they stagger the stat progression later on with the trait point unlocks, it might help alleviate the feeling that players have about not getting anything substantial with certain levels after the trait rework in April.

A lot of new player QoL features, not too relevant to veterans who might want to level another alt but still important for the first impression experience.

I haven't actually finished world completion yet so that UI feature might very well be useful to me if I ever want to work towards a legendary. Right now I've explored most all of the world but the completion is spread over several alts in large chunks. This will help me consolidate and focus if I want to get the achievement.

The personal story coming in full chapters helps alleviate the stated start/stop feel of not being leveled enough for the next instance.

Overall, a fairly decent progression refinement though I hope they continue to build on the trait unlock feature foundation in the near future so to further encourage new alt creation. Right now, the key trait unlocks for most classes are concentrated in a few areas of the game so that players who want to unlock them efficiently are effectively locked into a fixed exploration path. They should open up multiple options for each trait unlock and expand the focus to lands other than the oversaturated human/norn/charr mid level areas. There are no unlocks in Sylvari or Asura starting areas for example while even Kessex Hills has at least one in addition to Gendarren Fields and Harathi Hinterlands, which has the most usable traits of any area for any class. After there are options for the existing traits, then new traits can be gradually added as more regions and landscape features are opened up over the course of time.

Of course, the 800 pound gorilla in the room is that having more viable build options will do the most to encourage new alts but as far as touching up existing systems go, this will smooth things out somewhat.

In Topic: Crafting Backpacks, New Leveling Items, and More!

27 August 2014 - 08:56 PM

View Postrusticgamer, on 27 August 2014 - 08:22 PM, said:

Okay I'm peeing myself laughing. Who designs these skins and what goes on in their brain???

"Let's fight the Elder Dragons! But just wait for me to get my ANVIL backpack...you know... for combat and stuff..."

You obviously don't realize the glorious military tradition of Anvilania.

In Topic: (How) Would you recommend GW2?

27 August 2014 - 07:54 PM

But GW1 was the same with non max stat leveling gear. They all looked like butt, you really only got to start customizing your look once you the BiS options were equippable. I still don't feel entirely convinced that leveling in GW2 is that much worse than leveling was in GW1. Both have shortcuts if you are really impatient and both get you to max level well before the full campaign is finished just by dabbling in all available activities. GW1 was quests and missions only. GW2 is all the things I previously mentioned you can do to level up. It does not take significantly more time to do them.

Crafting to 400 on the default two crafting profession slots you have gets you 20 whole levels. You can cheese it and spend a lot of gold to level up faster by switching professions but filling out the crafting gradually on just 2 professions is a reasonable goal to assume for most players who aren't trying to game it. Daily achievements can add 1-2 levels per day in a short time window so even a casual player with less than an hour to play each day can make significant progress. Map completion gives large chunks of XP at a time, for doing hearts and for every POI and new area you find.

The curve is not 1 hour per level, more like around 30 mins even if you're playing for casual amounts of time per day. So it's more like 40-ish hours for 1-80 playing normally, which is not that bad for an open world PvE experience. JRPGs used to take that long. Skyrim takes about that long to hit max as well if you don't cheese. I leveled the necro I mentioned in my earlier post from 1-80 in about 30 hours total time and that's with taking the time to hump around and unlock every single trait manually, which includes WvW things like capturing camps and eotm locations, jumping puzzles, minidungeons and chain group events.