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In Topic: Elementalist or Mesmer?

19 November 2012 - 12:29 PM

View PostSerris, on 19 November 2012 - 12:12 PM, said:

are we talking about the same class? i agree with the sustained dps, but the burst... really no Oo mesmer has never had any burst comparable to elementalist.

mesmers also don't have much AoE capability, if you really enjoy AoE you should keep that in mind.

Standard shatter build and a hybrid sword-offhand/greatsword build both provide considerable burst. In fact, a properly built shatter mesmer can dish out well over 20k damage in a matter of mere seconds. On top of this, both builds also have decent AoE capability (thanks to both Shatter and most attacks hitting at least in cone if not in AoE), though nowhere near what an elementalist can throw out.

To OP: It's hard to compare them up-front, especially without specific builds. Generally, Elementalist is squishier (even compared to glass cannon mesmer) and has more AoE (by more AoE I mean they're completely unmatched when it comes to attacking structures and one of the best overall AoE professions in game, period), while Mesmer has a ton of different utility tools and abilities of dual nature (both attacking the enemy and supporting himself/his allies at the same time).

Which is better? None. Both. Depends on the situation.

In Topic: Elementalist changes in the 11/15 patch

16 November 2012 - 03:37 PM

View PostFenice_86, on 16 November 2012 - 10:27 AM, said:

Evasive Arcana triggered one INSTANT blast finisher EVERY DODGE

Which was clearly and undeniably unintended, broken and was bound to be fixed. Therefore the only relevant dodges are the ones every 10 seconds. My comment stands.


Eruption? Come on who ever used Eruption to heal seriously

I do all the time when I'm rolling with a staff. Works great, you just have to account for the longer build-up time.


I agree with you that if someone wants to run around with an hammer can do it, i disagree when u dont want to see they are pushing us doing ONLY it, when it shouldn't be.

Really? How's that? My D/D is only slightly affected, the staff builds I use are unaffected, the S/D is same as it was. Yup, end of the world. :P


The 20/10/10/10/20 Auramentalist build relied on gimmicky signet aura application, was far inferior to x/x/x/x/30 with boon duration and lacked utility due to signet use.

Please point out where exactly I stated it was a signet build. On the contrary, it's a cantrip/aura build that has nothing at all to do with signets (and as much as I know, the signets don't trigger aura boons anymore anyway), because a signet build is gimped in defense, imo.


I'm going to assume you are on a whole, extremely unknowing of what a "might stacking" build is. Might stacking relies on 30 in arcana for the boon duration, attunement switch CD reduction, and evasive arcana for blast finishers to *create* that might. And being in water with evasive arcana was extra healing.

You assume incorrectly. Personally, I believe an S/D is far more effective at might stacking than Staff will ever be and with it, you don't need full arcane to get to 25. However, as Aetou above stated, getting that much is overkill, the 15 or so you get as D/D or the 12 you run as fire staff are more than enough for most purposes.

Regarding the damage: no comment. I've tested a whole pile of builds, possible, impossible and god knows what else - the 20/10/10/10/20 always came on top, except when fighting structures (such as burrows in AC or doors in WvW), where full fire staff with frost bow has no challenger at all. Not just that - thanks to a whole bunch of cantrips and aura defenses, that D/D is surprisingly sturdy - the only thing passing it would be a full bunker build, but that's no match in damage.

In Topic: Elementalist changes in the 11/15 patch

16 November 2012 - 10:10 AM

View PostFenice_86, on 16 November 2012 - 08:23 AM, said:

"explore other options" ?! Like what? Rushing around with a lightning hammer or a flaming axe? is that what a MAGE is supposed to be/do?

1. There is no MAGE class in this game. If you want those, there's WoW, Dragon Age and others.
2. If the Elementalist wants to wield Lightning Hammer / Flame Axe and he has those at his disposal, I don't see why those should be shunned. Just as there are Mantra builds for the Mesmer or ranged builds for the Guardian, so too should there be a Lightning Hammer build for the Elementalist. Let me point out that this isn't a new thing - there are forms of melee casters in other games and the concept goes back all the way to earliest days of high fantasy (and beyond, even a number of nordic gods clearly fit the criteria, as do other religious and mythical figures).
3. At no point did I suggest that an elementalist should pick another weapon. I simply stated that 30 arcana was a crazed mass rush without even looking at other options, something that I hope will change now. Even Staff can be played with a number of good builds (fire-centric, earth-centric, full support, burning-based, etc.), but they were all ignored for the cookie-cutter EA. It's the same as Scepter/Dagger, a good weapon combination that for some silly reason seems to be played with one specific combo only. That combo fails and 9 out of 10 S/D elementalists don't have a clue what to do anymore.

My point is, elementalist is an incredibly powerful profession, but most people have some preconception based on their experiences from previous games (even GW1) and expect them all to come true. Take elementalist for what it is, build around its strengths and weaknesses and you'll do great.


I hardly see how you could substitute something like being able to cast a geyser near a team mate in danger and dodge roll inside healing AoE him for 5-6k + removing condition + giving rigen for 10+secs
Or double dodge inside a healing rain.... or inside, wtf inside everything!
We had so many fields + blast finishers, now we have none...

Evasive Arcana triggered one blast finisher every 10 seconds. You still have Arcane Wave and Eruption, one of which has a 6s cooldown and the other a 30s one. Basically: stop whining and adapt.

In Topic: Elementalist changes in the 11/15 patch

16 November 2012 - 07:12 AM

This patch can be summed up as "overwhelming whines over nothing at all". Classic MMO forum sentiment, then :P

1. I never understood why so many D/D elementalists rushed into 30 arcana. The 20/10/10/10/20 auramentalist is so much superior it's not even funny and this change drives the point home even more.

2. With Evasive Arcana change, hopefully the crazy mass rush for 30 arcana will end and elementalists (particularly staff elementalists) will explore other options. Grandmaster traits are less weak than people hold them to be.

That said, does anyone have specific numbers for conjures? I'm interested if they can match the exotic gear now.

In Topic: GW2 longevity?

12 November 2012 - 09:18 AM

You know, one thing I find interesting is the whole human factor. I've been talking to a few people now that whine about how Guild Wars 2 has nothing to do. When I point out that they can get different looks, they go "but that's just skins, screw that, I want better gear, a sense of progress!"

In my opinion, we are so used to what MMOs were for a lot of years now that we simply aren't able to just switch to another type of thinking. Many players rush through the game straight up to top level. In WoW, TOR, GW2, it was always just mere hours before first people dinged 80 - and then complained how the game has nothing to offer and how it's boring. In my opinion, this is something EVE got right - by smacking you hard and telling you "sorry, bro, it'll take you YEARS to finish your character", people's mentality changed. The character's progress turned into a strategic investment, an extremely longterm plan. It's common to plan your character months ahead towards one specific ship or a specific type of weapon. In turn, the whole rushing towards something was also averted - instead, the whole game turned into endgame.

I can see why EVE isn't more popular - most modern gamers want "BIGGER, FASTER, NAO!" and when they get it, they turn elsewhere. If that one particular item seems out of reach, they'll whine for hours and hours until they get it. Take for instance GW2's legendaries - when they were introduced, there were whole threads calling anet crazy for introducing such an expensive item that's essentially just a skin. And yet, now, mere months later, tons of people have them.

Want my honest opinion? I'd like games to make people think - kinda like those old adventures like Space Quest II, where we repeatedly died at the same spot over and over again until someone figured that he can put plunger on wall. But I can see how a modern gamer, instead of using his brain, will rush straight to the forums, whine about a bug where he keeps dying even though he's mashing his autoattack into the wall to destroy it, then, when someone points out that's not the solution, would run straight to youtube for step by step instructions. When he'd see the solution, he'd come back to the forums, whining how retarded the devs are for putting such unlogical solution into HIS game and how he was quitting over it or demands compensation for his pain.

If I go back to modern MMOs, both TOR and GW2 have their good and bad side. TOR, for instance, is an awesome game right up to top level. It has fun leveling, good storyline, the maps could be better (mainly smaller, more packed with elements), but overall they do their job. Even the space combat is fairly fun. The problem is, when you reach endgame, it turns from what was essentially Kotor with WoW mechanics into a pure WoW grinding clone. Gone are the storyline missions, gone are the exciting battles against sith lords and imperial intrigues, you are given a mission to kill X NPCs and that's it. What's worse, the three Warzone maps were too few and Ilum was a huge disaster due to obsolete game engine as soon as you had more than 5 people on the screen. In my opinion, Bioware would have had to do two things:

1. they would have to drop the pay to play model and embrace the DLC model or at the very most the PLEX model EVE is using (which is coming now, a year too late)
2. They would have to build on the whole storyline system either through more stories put out faster (about one major line a month at least) or though ingame events, to retain the Kotor feel.

Sadly, obsolete technology did its work and TOR flopped. It's a bit ironic that TOR would be an amazing game, were it a single player Kotor 3 with co-op.

Guild Wars 2 is a different manner of beast - mechanics are fun, classes can be built in many different ways, dynamic events work and it's also free. It's not built around storyline, but it does have somewhat grindy nature. Still, as we see from EVE and WoW, that's not necessarily a bad thing, if you engage the player. The WvW (RvR) is clearly better than anything any themepark MMO ever did, aside from small fixable glitches and sPvP seems fairly popular as well. Still, I can't help but feel that people don't see "different skins" as a sense of achievement. It doesn't help that many low level skins actually look better than the high level rarer ones either. It also doesn't help that all those skins you get in the world or wvw are completely useless when you step into sPvP - no more your cute character, you're stuck with an ugly guild robe until you grind up your sPvP looks - which, again, you can't use out in the world.

One other thing I'm missing is different weapons. Say what? Think about it - you have a level 1 guardian with all unlocked skills and a level 80 guardian with Twilight. Yet, apart from one streak behind the weapon, they have the exact same skill set. I'm aware MMOs never did go beyond this - hell, even as far as GW2 went it's further than the vast majority of games. But what I see when playing my elementalist is that the conjured weapons are extremely popular, because they offer something different from the same old. As it stands, the only reason to ever go for a highly expensive weapon is looks / e-peen. But what would happen if for instance Destroyer weapons had magma effects, while sylvari weapons were trailing leaves? What would happen if a Guardian wielding Twilight would no longer have his regular set of skills, but something similar to elementalist's Flaming Greatsword? Tie the skills to skin, have stats transmutable as now and the players will go leaps and bounds to get something different and rare.

Anyway, to answer the main question - does Guild Wars 2 have a future? I'll say the same as I said with TOR - yes, provided we will see constant and expansive updates. One daily mission area every few months won't do, you have to engage the players - only then will they stick around. That's what TOR got wrong - and where I hope Anet will be smarter. As far as I'm concerned, the game's the best MMO to date - but it's far from perfect.