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Over enthusiastic banning?

20 November 2012 - 12:18 PM

Two of my guild-mates bumped into each other in-game, and one made a jokey comment in guild chat about the others boobs, and they started to do the /dance emote. Next thing we know she finds herself with a permaban! I wouldn't even see 'boob' as a swear word, let alone one that warranted a permanent ban. Nobody would have reported this guild chat so I have no idea why this extreme action has been taken!
What do you think? Is 'boob' that offensive - especially in gchat! -  to warrant a perma-ban without the player ever having been given any kind of warnings for any kind of misbehaviour in the past?
Has anybody else experienced this kind of over-enthusiastic banning for 'swearing' recently?
Anet allows botters to run 10 toons on the same spot day-in-day-out, despite them being reported by multiple players, yet perma-bans someone for a word that's questionably even offensive in guild chat!? This seems hugely flawed to me and I'm really disappointed.
I'm all for bans for people who are repeatedly abusive and offensive, especially in /map, but it should start with a warning and move on to increasing length bans (unless it's majorly extreme obviously.)
I'd be interested to hear if anybody has had a similar experience recently? I know that Anet was reportedly very heavy with the bans straight after launch, but now...?
Thanks. :)

"Just for Kicks" ~ Desolation.

07 September 2012 - 01:50 PM

The tl;dr bit:
'Just For Kicks'
based in Desolation
forum: justforkicks.agoodsitebetter.com/forum
[JFK] is a guild for the over-18's and those who are 18 at heart!
... Casual ... PvX ... 18+ ... levelling ... WvW ... Social ... ;)
Contact for invite: Mumm.5274 or Ced.7039

Want to know more? Read on...

We live in a drama free bubble! Respect the Bubble!!

About you?
As there can be some adult humour and language at times, we ask that prospective members be over 18! :)  We have no upper age limit :D
We don't mind if you're a necro or a thief. Or both on the same day. (But not irl please. That would just be weird even by our standards!) We believe in the 'recruit the player, not the class' rule. Erm, is that a 'rule' or an ideal? Anyway, we believe in it...
On the subject of rules, we don't have many. Maybe not any. We have common sense. And we have 'guidelines' or 'suggestions' for things which can be unclear, like gbank policy. (ie- we don't think people should take something from the gbank to sell on TP, but if you can use it, take it!)
We don't care if you've never played an MMO before! In fact, we're happy to help you learn the ropes.
We don't care how fast or slow you level.
It's fine if you don't have much game-time, or if you're irregular (tried a higher fibre diet?)!
You will need a middling-to-high sense of humour.
And Guild Wars 2.
I might even make that our first Membership Requirement Rule.

It's a conspiracy!
Our plan is simply to have fun playing the game with a bunch of friends!
We don't get neurotic about skill, or tweaking to get an extra 0.05% damage! It's a game! If we're all enjoying ourselves, then everything is A.O.K!
We intend to cover all aspects of the game while having a laugh in gchat and Mumble.

A bit about us:
The founder members of the guild are a bunch of friends who came to GW2 together! We range in age from 18 to 40+, but we're mostly just big kids! We've since found some great new friends in GW2 and are always happy to find more!!
We believe in quality over quantity! We want to end up with a guild of mates. We don't want a guild with 300 members, 250 who are inactive, and the rest who never even say hello, who are drama llamas or who have personality clashes with other members etc!!

How to join:
You can throw a post in here or in our forum (recruitment thread: http://justforkicks....x.php/topic,14 ), or catch up with me in-game for an invitation or just to chat  Posted Image
We don't do 'interviews' - this is a game, not a job!
If you have any questions you'd like to ask to help you make up your mind, feel free to ask! The best way to find out if JFK is for you is to hop aboard and see if we all get along!
Hope to chat to you soon!

~ Mumm.5274

Posted Image

Join us awhile and see if Just for Kicks is your Home!