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Offensive Guardian

07 September 2012 - 03:20 PM

Hello! I have a guardian that I want to build offensive so I took Armorsmith and got myself some Berserker's armor(got 3 already) and the rest are greenies I got with karma when I hit 80(so full 80 armor). Traits are 30/20/10/10/0 using mainly a greatsword(scepter/focus when I need some range, but I play very little with them).
My problem is that I have only close to 13k hp. I know it's really low and I want to know what to get to make 20k hp or so; I want to get full Berserker's armor and can change anything else(runes included). What do you guys suggest?

My stats now:
power: 1986
precision: 1625
toughness: 1059
vitality: 1115

Also, in my back slot I have an very early piece of armor that I've got from personal story I think, where can I get something better? And secondly, what should I take as utility skills?

I know I asked for lots of things but my main problem is that with my armor so at least try to answer that :) Thank you!