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Marsh Drake

14 October 2012 - 04:28 PM

In beta the tameable marsh drake pets for rangers looked like crocodiles, even the ranger skill icon for the marsh drake pet is still to this day the crocodilian looking creature. Now however, the only tameable marsh drakes are a lame cut/paste copy of the salamander drakes only with green skin instead of red. Why they changed this is a mystery, as the crocodilian looking drakes are obviously still in the game all over the place, just no longer tameable. River, salamander and ice drakes all have unique models, only the marsh drake no longer does. I'd love if Anet would revert them back to their former crocodile-ish selves, but if not at least change the icon to the new ugly, lazy model so you don't confuse people or give them hope for a pet they cannot obtain.