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Quickness Shortbow Bleed Ranger

08 September 2012 - 06:28 PM

Hello all, since I'm approaching 60, which will be when I'm buying my last manual... I want to run down my build with anyone who has more experience on condition rangers, since most of my build is theorycrafted with the help of some people's opinions and stuff. Just note that my current build I use isn't like this... at all ATM. I don't know how it'll go. Neither have I really tested many of the skills, I don't know the duration of boons from the skills, sadly.



Okay, this build really needs an explanation. I'm not a veteran at this class or anything, I don't know if this is viable and how it pairs against a trap build.

I'll explain the traits first, cause that's the one I made a mess of the most. The greyed out skills are just ones that I get for the sake of getting further in the trait tree.

10 Marksmanship:
- Opening Strike
- Beastmaster's Bond

15 Skirmishing
- Tail Wind
- Sharpened Edges
- Furious Grip

30 Wilderness Survival
- Natural Vigor
- Wilderness Knowledge
- Companion's Defense
- Off-hand Training
- Peak Strength
- Bark Skin

10 Beastmastery
- Zephyr's Speed
- Mighty Swap
- Loud Whistle

The premise of this whole build is to Bleed the foe mainly using the Shortbow's normal shot and with Sharpened Edges + Superior Sigils of Earth (I also want to know if they stack or not) on weapons, while the pet tanks. I know how people say that Sharpened Edges is useless cause of its 1 second duration, I won't dispute the claim because I really don't have anything to compare with, but it seems highly abusable. I'm focusing on Precision and Condition damage, and I have things that give me Fury for the flat 20% crit increase. Of course, I have my two Utility skills, Sharpening Stone and Quickening Zephyr to help me induce more bleeding. I have omitted Quick Draw cause I just didn't have enough points for it, I would have liked it, but I'm full of points, sorta. It's not that large of a loss for my build, I hope.

My pet will be used for tanking, mainly. Although, if my pet dies, then the whole plan falls apart. I need to continously swap out my pets, which will activate Zephyr's Speed (for like 2 seconds >w<) and activate Mighty Swap for the next pet for 10 seconds. Loud Whistle reduces the pet changing time when they're still alive from 20 seconds to 16 seconds. WHEN, I want to change the pet is after they're below 25% HP, which will trigger Beastmaster's Bond (which I have no idea of the duration) and Bark Skin for defense so I have time to swap it out hopefully. Also, that 30% defense would be appreciated for me as well.

My off-hand weapon is the Axe and Torch. I'd say the Axe is self-explanatory. I'd probably use Quickening Zephyr for the normal attack for mobbing and trying to get bleeds around. I just presume that Sharpening Stone counts for the attack, so one riccohetting axe will bleed 3 targets for the next 5 times it is used. Also, some Crit-Sharpened Edges/Superior Sigils of Earth hits and blah. I've been using both the Horn and the Torch from time to time. Originally, I wanted to use the Horn for 16 hits, which will most likely crit and bleed a lot, as well as the 15 seconds of Fury (and Might). However, there'll be some overlap with those boons, and I guess the Torch will fill some of the time when my survival skills are in cooldown. It is kind of a burst-bleed build, I think. The Torch will be boosted with Off-hand training and that's about it to say about my weapons.

For skills, I need Sharpening Stone and Quickening Zephyr for speed, Entangle is the choice for condition builds and I kinda had Muddy Terrain as a filler. I didn't even know that all of them were Survival skills, but hey, I'm making efficient use with Wilderness Knowledge. It's probably just personal preference. I could use it right before I swap out my pet to have it aggro again or something, but I just use it whenever I see fit. However, if anyone thinks of anything that might be better for the build, please do suggest so. I don't really know if I'm missing out on a lot of DPS without a trap (though it lacks the trait skills) or something.

The pet choices are not finalised yet. I haven't tested them all, and I only thought of using this build a few hours ago or so. Well, the point of my pet is to tank, but not die in the process. I considered using a Brown Bear (which I probably will), but I just wanted to play with statuses to reduce damage or incapitate foes. But yeah, I'd most likely keep the Black Bear for the 10.75 second Weakness AoE that can be used in conjuction with Winter's Bite's weakness. I'll go play around with difference wolves cause they have decent bulk and howls that might help. Or I could try a Pink/Black or Blue Moa and see how that goes. No clue yet.

Anyway, that pretty much sums up what my build is about ~__~ I would really really appreciate any comments or changes or criticisms or complaints or anything of the sort about this build, as long as it isn't stupid. I'd use this build, as long as it is somewhat viable.

Thank you very much in advance o__o;