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Elite Skills

01 February 2013 - 05:24 AM

A few days ago I was starting to get a bit bored of the build I was running on my warrior, so I decided to change things up a bit. As I went looking through my skills, it occurred to me... I only ever use one elite skill. Signet of Rage. As a human warrior, there simply isn't anything else worth running in the elite slot; all other options are inferior in what they offer, especially for their cooldowns.

Part of my idea for a solution is that, instead of having racial elites at all, each profession would have five elites to choose from (three of them costing 10 skill points, the other two costing 30), each tied to one of the utility lines. I.e., warriors would have an elite shout, banner, stance, signet, and physical; same for other professions and their respective utilities. I'm not sure how this would work with mesmer and clones/phantasms, as I'm not very familiar with the mesmer.

I started brainstorming on ideas for some cool elite skills, skills that would actually feel "elite" and as powerful as they should be. I'm only decently familiar with warrior and guardian, so those are the only professions I brainstormed on, but here are some of my ideas:

Elite Banner: Battle Standard. Revives downed and defeated allies within range. Applies 3s of stability, 6s of swiftness and fury, and 6s of 3 stacks of might on use and every 6 seconds thereafter. Blast finisher. 2s cast time. Duration: 60s, cooldown: 180 or 240s.

Elite Physical: Giant's Stomp. Foes within range are stunned for 3s and suffer 15-20s of weakness and cripple. Not affected by defiant. 500-1000 damage (I'm not sure on the number, as I don't know how damage is calculated for non-weapon skills, but this effer should hit decently hard). Blast finisher. 3/4s cast time. 600 range. Cooldown: 75 or 90s.

Elite Shout: "Make Haste!" Applies 30s of swiftness, vigor, and fury, and 4-6s of quickness to yourself and allies. Cooldown: 75s.

Elite Meditation: Divine Intervention. Restore yourself to full health, remove all conditions from yourself, and recharge all of your virtues. 3/4s cast time. Cooldown: 180s.

Elite Consecration: Ring of Life. Create an area around you that heals allies and removes a condition every second. (Amount of healing is questionable, I'd say around 500 + .5*hp) Foes and projectiles can not enter. (Also pushes back foes, a la Shield of Absorption.) 1s cast time. Duration: 10s, cooldown: 150s.

Elite Shout: "It's Just a Flesh Wound!" Remove all conditions from yourself and allies, while granting aegis (10s), and protection, regeneration, and retaliation (20s) to yourself and allies. Cooldown: 75 or 90s.


The numbers could be tweaked and balanced, especially for PvP. But I'm not making a suggestion specifically for the skills, rather a suggestion for the idea I propose: more effective (and useful!) elite skills. I realize most of the examples I've given are very powerful compared to what we have right now, but that's the point. As elite skills stand at the moment, most of them are simply too weak or provide less desirable effects. This results in several skills simply never seeing use (Reaper of Grenth, anyone?), and skills that don't feel worth the investment.

However, I will note that (as I said above) I'm only really familiar with the warrior and guardian, so the other professions may not need this. Regardless, I still stand by my idea of not having racial elites, and instead having 5 elites for every profession, each tied to one of the utility lines. These elite skills should provide a definite and powerful effect that could change the tide of battle.

Mixing offense and defense

06 October 2012 - 05:32 AM

I've been toying around with the idea of a hybrid build recently, going with 0/30/0/30/0 (haven't decided where to spend the other 10 points), using a longbow and focusing on precision for crits and using Furious in the Arms line with the auto attack to fuel the burst, with equipment focusing on precision and condition damage, with a bit of healing power from accessories. The 30 points in Tactics is for either banner regen or healing shouts, but I'm not sure which would be better.

I feel shouts may be better since they're more reliable, plus FGJ is going to be on my bar pretty much at all times. However, I use dodging and kiting as my main form of defense and I think the regen would suit that style of play better than spike healing. Not to mention, if I'm using banners as my form of healing, then I only need one (probably going to be Banner of Tactics or Discipline, depending on what is more necessary given the situation), which frees up a slot for Signet of Stamina.

But it occurred to me that this build, with little in the way of active defense or condition removal, if cornered by several enemies or one that's particularly tough, is only an immobilize or two away from dying. So perhaps I should go with shouts to use "SIO!", or maybe put my last 10 points in Defense for the Turtle's Defense trait? Or maybe even use Restorative Strength? The problem with that would be the long cd on whichever healing skill I use (currently Healing Signet; I love passive regen). Or I could use Mending?

The longbow 4 and 5 skills are great for assisting in my kiting and defense, but it sometimes just isn't enough, especially on tougher champions and the like. So if I find myself up against a champion that's unshakable and has immobilize, that's probably gg.

I would put 15 points into the Strength line for the first two minor traits plus either Powerful Banners or Restorative Strength, but that means losing either Furious or whichever healing trait I take.

Right now, with all the theory-crafting I've been doing over the past few days, the build I have so far is:


Arms: Furious Speed, Opportunist/Deep Cuts, Furious
Defense: Turtle's Defense
Tactics: Inspiring Banners, Shrug it Off/Stronger Bowstrings, Inspiring Battle Standard
Slot skills: Healing Signet, "FGJ!", Banner of Tactics/Discipline, Signet of Stamina, Signet of Rage

In terms of gear, I plan on using the Rampager's draconic armor, all six with Runes of the Undead. My longbow will be either Rampager's or Cleric's, depending on which turns out to be more necessary. The sigil on that though... I'm not sure, there are a lot of good choices. I'm between on-kill effects and on-crit effects. For my accessories, I plan on using all sapphire/orichalcum pieces for the healing power and toughness bonuses.

I have several questions regarding this build and certain traits and their synergies with skills, and some equipment.

1) How viable will this build be for general PvE? I don't intend on doing many dungeon runs until I can afford a separate suit of armor for a more support oriented build. Mainly what I'm wondering here is, is this build wasting points on the healing that would be better spent elsewhere? And will I be able to do enough damage for most PvE situations?
2) Will this build have a high enough crit chance to keep rolling in the on-crit effects and adrenaline? I don't exactly want to spend ~10g+ on equipment only to find the crit chance to be significantly lower than desired and have to go back to the drawing board.
3) Does the "SIO!" from Shrug it Off count as a shout for the healing shouts trait? If so, that could make a nice (though somewhat unpredictable) heal. Also, just to check, this trait won't force "SIO!" into cooldown if it's on my bar, will it?
4) Similarly, do "Fear Me!" and "OMM!" count for healing allies, considering they don't affect them?
5) Concerning Mending and Restorative Strength, which comes first in condition removal? Will RS remove all of its listed conditions, and then Mending remove the next two? Or will Mending remove two, and then RS take off whatever is left out of its respective conditions?
6) How does the Empowered trait handle a stack of might? Will I get bonus damage for each individual might, or just the whole stack?
7) Is my equipment an optimum split between precision, condition damage, and healing power? I fear I may be going with mathematically inefficient equipment bonuses that won't serve this build well enough.
8) Which sigil would be the most useful for this build? Too many of them seem extremely powerful: Corruption, Perception, Stamina, Restoration, Blood, Earth, Ice, Purity.
9) On that note, for the Sigils of Stamina and Restoration what constitutes "kill a foe?" Do I need to deal the killing blow to trigger the sigil, or just do enough damage to be considered as having contributed to a kill? I ask because, if I'm participating in a large event, I will likely not be able to get the killing blow often, so those sigils would prove useless in that case. But if I only need to do enough damage to "tag" an enemy or what have you, then that should prove quite easy with Combustive + Arcing! Nigh-infinite endurance anyone?
10) Concerning the Sigil of Purity: will it be enough condition removal to keep me in decent shape? I figure I'll easily be critting often enough to trigger the sigil quickly after it's recharged.
11) How much health does the Sigil of Blood steal?

Sorry for the crazy long post! This is almost a week's worth of ideas, theories, and ponderings, and I don't intend to overload anyone with a bombardment of information and questions. >.< I'd greatly appreciate any criticism and advice y'all can offer!