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#2176859 T1 WvW: Battle For The Iron Throne

Posted Tyrantscreed on 09 March 2013 - 03:29 AM

March 8, 2013 T1 Matchup: JQ vs. BG vs. SoR

Claim what you seek! The glory awaits!

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Good luck to all the servers, may you have Balthazar's blessings!

#2078828 [Video] Sniper Eye - WvW Warrior Sniper in Kaineng

Posted sNiper Eye on 14 November 2012 - 12:01 PM

Highlight video of my time in Kaineng using my Sniper Build.

About Kill Shots and reflects :)


If you are interested in skilled and organized WvW action check us out at


[DiE] is an Oceanic WvW Focused Guild in Blackgate.

"One shot... One kill..."
[DiE] sNiper Eye

#2070187 [Build] Sonic Boon - Shout Greatsword

Posted Brand on 09 November 2012 - 01:42 PM

SehetxtPosted Image


__________With the help of a great Theory Crafter, Sithicus Dias, this build was born. Sithicus is the master on all things __________Shout-Warrior, and so I came to him looking for a build. I wasn't into being a Tank or Control Warrior, __________however, and I yearned for some way to utilize a Greatsword in conjunction with shouts to create a __________high damage support build. After a few lengthy discussions, Sithicus offered me an untested prototype build __________that stacked Might duration in order to increase damage output. This sounded perfect for me, and so I __________began testing it. After many changes, which I will detail in the sections following, a new build was forged. __________However, note that this build isn't for speedrunning or optimal groups. It is for the casual player or "pseudo-__________optimal" groups, refer to another build if speed is your main priority.

Posted Image

__________Weapon Skills:

More often than not, the weapon you choose defines your build, as is the case here. Greatsword is the only weapon in our arsenal that will work with this build. Your Autoattack applies two stacks of Vulnerability every 2.5 seconds that last for eight seconds. This means that you will have between six and eight stacks of Vulnerability constantly. This not only increases your damage, but that of your allies as well and as such should be considered a type of support. Your next skill, and the most powerful one you have, is Hundred Blades. This skill roots you in place for a few seconds while you tear the enemy apart, and using it will generate a lot of Might from the abundant Critical Hits. If you move it will end the cast, however, so it's important that you time this skill well to avoid wasting it or taking heavy damage. Your next three skills are almost completely for mobility. These skills are Whirlwind Attack, Bladetrail, and Rush. Whirlwind Attack will shoot you forward a good distance, damaging any enemies in your path. The important thing about Whirlwind Attack is that you cannot be hit while using it, meaning it acts as a free dodge roll. Bladetrail is a standard Cripple skill with a few perks. Not only is Bladetrail ranged and can be thrown behind you, but it hit's anything in the direction you throw it twice. Rush is a mobility skill that does decent damage, the only thing it is really useful for is getting back to your target quickly after a Whirlwind Attack. Last and most definitely least is our Burst, Arcing Slice. Arcing Slice does pitiful damage and gives us nine seconds of Fury when at full Adrenaline. Since we already have permanent Fury, there is no reason to use this skill at all.

__________Healing Skill:

The skill we choose here is Healing Surge. The amount that this skill heals for is based on your Adrenaline level, and since we won't be using our Burst we will always have max Adrenaline. Healing Surge heals for almost 9k with this build and full Adrenaline.

__________Utility Skills:

I cannot overstress how important Shouts are to this build. They are the "Sonic" in "Sonic Boon", and as such need to be used wisely. "For Great Justice!" is by far your most important Shout. This skill gives you and all nearby allies Fury and Might, and should be used every chance you get. Constant use of this skill will equate to twelve seconds of Fury every 20, and three stacks of Might for 42 seconds every 25. This means that if your allies are getting eight seconds of Fury from another source, you can permanently maintain Fury and six stacks of Might on your whole party."Shake It Off!" is next, removing Conditions from you and all allies is no small feat. This skill should be used whenever needed, and not for Conditions like Cripple or Chill."On My Mark!", though underrated, is also a very useful skill in single target fights. With 10% extra damage on an enemy for twelve seconds every 24 seconds, we're getting a five percent damage boost for the entire party, which is pretty significant. Your traits will make each of these Shouts heal you and four nearby allies.

Elite Skill:
Your Elite will be Signet of Rage. It is important to remember that this Signet is not taking away from team support, as supporting yourself is in fact supporting the team. The cooldown on the Battle Standard is too long, it lacks mobility, and only lasts for one minute every three. The resurrection ability it has is situational at best, and almost always remains useless. Signet of Rage on the other hand allows you to maintain permanent Fury and Might when in conjunction with "For Great Justice!". Not to mention the Swiftness you also get for increased mobility. Taking this Elite does not make you a bad person, a glass cannon, or unintelligent.

__________Strength Traits:

__________Disregarding the minor trait, the only trait we get in Strength is Berserker's Power(S:V). This trait gives us __________twelve percent damage when at maximum Adrenaline, which as mentioned earlier will be always. This is the __________clear choice for your leftover points when combined with the Power and Condition Duration the Strength line __________offers. The minor trait here damages enemies near you when you dodge roll in combat, which is a nice little __________boost albeit somewhat unimportant.


__________Arms Traits:

We will also put 20 points in Arms to pick up Rending Strikes(A:V), and Forceful Greatsword(A:X). The traits and stat gains here are very important and crucial to the build. Rending Strikes(A:V) gives you a 33% chance on a Critical Hit to apply Vulnerability. This trait synergizes well with the Greatsword Autoattack, "On My Mark!", and the Rifle skill Brutal Shot. This can be viewed as a support mechanism in and of itself, since Vulnerability just ensures the whole team kills enemies faster and easier. Forceful Greatsword(A:X) is the most important trait this build has. While using this trait, any Critical Hits you get will grant you a stack of Might for 5 seconds. Due to this trait, we can attain 25 stacks of Might simply by having high Precision. The first minor trait here is fairly useful as well. With it you gain a 33% chance on Critical Strikes to cause Bleeding for three seconds. With our high Malice, it's not a bad boost.

Tactics Traits:

__________We need to allot maximum points in Tactics for Vigorous Shouts(T:XII), Lung Capacity(T:VIII), and __________Empowered(T:VI). The main reason for putting points in Tactics is to get the 30 percent Boon __________duration. The Boon duration is essential to the build, but everything else is just an added bonus. Vigorous __________Shouts(T:XII) will cause your shouts to heal for 1192 plus 80% of your Compassion. Our Compassion is __________114, which equates to three 1,323 heals every ~21 seconds. Lung Capacity(T:VIII) reduces Shout __________cooldowns by 20%. This means "For Great Justice!" and "Shake It Off!" now have a 20 second cooldown, __________and "On My Mark!" has a 24 second cooldown. Lastly, Empowered(T:VI) grants you about 1.5% damage __________for every Boon on you. We maintain three Boons by ourselves (Fury, Might, and Swiftness) which means we __________have about 4.5% increased damage constantly. Any Boons we receive from allies will increase this __________percentage as well. The basis behind these choices is to build stacks of Might for significantly increased __________damage, and still maintain proactive healing and Boon/Condition support. None of the minor traits here are __________really worth mentioning, the bonuses they give are nice but not important.

__________Discipline Traits:

__________Here we also grab some huge benefits. Heightened Focus(D:V) gives us a huge boost of 9% Critical __________Strike Rating while we are at full Adrenaline. This trait is very similar to Berserker's Power(S:V). We also __________get a bonus 10% to Prowess, which is another great asset to the build.

Posted Image

Greatsword is your primary weapon here due to it's extreme power and synergy with the build. Greatsword is the "Boon" in "Sonic Boon" due to Forceful Greatsword(A:X) granting you a ton of Might stacks. Forceful Greatsword(A:X) works with this build like... something that works really well with something else. Seriously though, the combination is obscenely powerful. Your secondary weapon is fairly negotiable, but you are most likely going to want Rifle. It's an easy swap to change Forceful Greatsword(A:X) to Crack Shot(A:VII) during a ranged fight, it's Burst is too slow to be of use to you, and it provides synergy with Vulnerability and Bleeding.

The Sigil on the Greatsword in this build can be Superior Sigil of Strength or Superior Sigil of Fire. The prior ensures that you are going to have 25 stacks of Might constantly and the latter is better for experienced users of the build. With the Superior Sigil of Fire, your damage will go up and you will still remain at about 25 Might stacks. On your Rifle, however, Sigil of Superior Bloodlust works very well to increase your Power, and therefore increase your damage when you swap back to Greatsword.

You are going to want to balance Knight's Armor and Berserker's Armor in this build. What this means is that you are going to have Berserker's Gauntlets, Shoulders, and Boots. The rest of your armor will be Knight's. This choice gives you enough Toughness to remain standing, enough Power to hit hard, and enough Precision to get your Might stacks up. There is also the added bonus of some extra Prowess. No negotiating here, it is the most useful.

The Runes you choose should always be augmenting some core facet of your build, and for us that is Might stacks. As we are now, we get all the Might stacks we need, but most of them only last a few seconds. The solution is to use Runes that give you Might duration and Boon duration. We will use two Superior Runes of the Fire, two Superior Runes of the Monk, and two Superior Runes of Water. These will give us 20% Might duration, and 30% Boon duration. The reason we don't use Might duration on all our Runes is fairly simple. With full Might duration Runes we end up with ~57 seconds of Might on Signet of Rage, when we change that to this set up, we have ~54 seconds of might. Three little seconds is not enough to sacrifice the extra Boon duration Superior Rune of the Monk applies to all Boons, not just Might. Not to mention that your Boon duration will apply itself to Boons you cast on allies, meaning "For Great Justice!" is doing a lot for supporting your team.


Due to damage being a focus of this build, we run Berserker's Accessories for anything that isn't Ascended. These increase our damage by giving us enough Critical Damage to get respectable returns on our Critical Hits. One exception is that of the Ancient Karka Shells, which we use for the Celestial stats. For Ascended gear, pick up all Berserker's stats, with the exception of one Ring and the Amulet, which should be Celestial and Cavalier, respectively.


I would recommend that for the Gems you use all Exquisite Ruby Jewels for some bonus Precision and Prowess. They are very nice for their damage aspect, and will help you keep up your Might stacks. The amount of Prowess on them is also very high compared to their other stats, making them a great choice for Precision centric builds such as this one. As for Infusions, you should use Mighty Infusions in all but the Back. In the Back you should put a Malign Infusion, which bumps our Critical Strike Rating up a percent.

Posted Image

Q: This is a Shout build, why don't you use Soldier's Runes?
A: It's true that Soldier's Runes are great for Shout support, but this build isn't centered around support. We are still damage centric and we want our damage to be higher. Thankfully, we can bring support and do more damage with Boon duration Runes, which is essentially why we choose them.

Q: Won't our Bleeding hurt other player's Condition builds?
A: Well, yes, but keep in mind that in order to get Forceful Greatsword(A:X) we have to get the minor trait that gives us Bleeding on Critical Hits. This cannot be changed.

Q: What type of Rifle do you recommend?
A: I recommend a Berserker's Rifle, as it will keep your damage fairly high when not using the Greatsword.

Q: Can I use a Longbow instead of a Rifle?

A: You can, but technically Rifle is better for the build.

Q: Is there any specific gear that you recommend?

A: Please check the spreadsheet in the post below, as it contains all of the current gear choices and stat values.

#2069776 Mesmer GS/Staff WvW Help

Posted Featherman on 09 November 2012 - 04:41 AM

Well Riven explicitly asked for a GS build so I assumed the topic was limited to that subject, but if I may add in my two cents I would say that they both have great utility.

GS: As Randolfa mentioned earlier, it's an aggressive long range weapon. The autoattack is simply amazing. It does good damage from medium to long range but the main selling point, in my opinion, is that it's an instant non-projectile. This means that it can't be reflected and the enemy can't see the attack coming. On average the person you're targeting with this attack will take at the very least 80% of the hits. Great for pressuring squishies, and picking off weakened opponents. The 3# skill is also worth mentioning as it strips boons. You can use it on players standing on ledges (since it's an AoE) to strip away their stability qne guarantee pulls with your focus. Additionally you can use it on daggerstorm thieves if you don't feel like wasting your null field and then knock them out of their spin with your Illusionary Wave.

Staff: Your defensive ranged weapon. The autoattack is aruguably better in close range for the vigor buff, but there's also another use-it's built-in anti-thief mechanisms. Once fired, each attack has the ability to bounce off of nearby invisible target. The combination of bouncing and slow projectile speed makes it incredibly hard for thieves to stay hidden around you. This works even better if you choose to pick up the deceptive evasion trait and dodge after being attack by a thief. The clone you generate will actively track the thief that attacked you and its slow projectile will make it hard to time stealths or make him waste dodges. Chaos storm  works great for interrupting foes that are channeling skills or giving allies some defensive buffs, and it servers both functions in close range fights. Best of all, it has a near-instant cast time so its functions better adapt to ever-changing flow of battle.

#2069651 GW1 Names Released: Celebrate Your Steals Here!

Posted kook on 09 November 2012 - 02:06 AM

If anyone was hoping on Brogan Thackery, I'm sorry I made you wait this long

#2056664 Please help me Like PvP on this game

Posted Grimrist on 01 November 2012 - 09:15 PM

View PostAdalbit, on 30 October 2012 - 03:07 AM, said:

I keep hearing this from people that the less abilities you get means there is more skill. That blows my mind on how it make no sense to me.

it's not about the quantity of skills u can use, it's about knowing how, when, and where u use them. it's about knowing where to position yourself where it'll benefit u and hurt ur enemy the most in a given situation. it's about predicting what ur enemy is gonna do and reacting to/preventing it. etc.

anyway, nothing's wrong with not liking certain aspects of a game. u shouldn't need anyone to help u like PvP. u should be able to decide for yourself. i LOVED GW1 PvP, but i just can't get into it here. but that's ok, it's just not for me. maybe it's the same case for you.

#2052602 Warrior, outclassed in every way

Posted Rhanoct Jocosa on 30 October 2012 - 03:21 PM

It is depressing to see people make threads like this, goes to show the quality of the gw2 pvp playerbase. Have you kids even played tpvp? Good teams will have a lot of condition/boon control which lets the warriors rock face just like they did in gw1. Warriors are super strong and mobile, not to mention sporting the highest armour out of all classes. Strong pressure, strong spike, good movement, good armour, stuns, kds, wtf is there not to enjoy?

#2051556 WvW Warrior that excels at WINNING

Posted Voison on 30 October 2012 - 12:30 AM

I know this topic is old, but I LOVE this build.

I did some tweaking with it and its amazing in WvW and PvE. I use to run a Vit/Toughness stacked with Shout heals, but I did super low numbers in dmg.

Right now I'm sitting at:
2088 Power
1,148 Precision
1,481 Toughness
2,058 Vitality

That is 29,792 HP.
I use: Stomp (Never been a fan of charge), Signet of Stamina, On my mark (It helps & is needed in WvW when taking Supply camps / towers), and Signet of Rage.

I love this build because I can still pack a punch and handle most 2vs1s, but not get one shotted like most Glass cannons. ^_^

#2052466 Moderators Wanted!

Posted Kattar on 30 October 2012 - 01:49 PM

View Postbeadnbutter32, on 30 October 2012 - 12:15 PM, said:

Yes men fan boys wanted.

Must be genetically predisposed to automatic revulsion of any and all criticism of GW2.

Extra points for number of times you mention your passion for jumping puzzles and the 'fun' of buying chances for digital dress up items.
You're thinking of the official forum. A brain and some higher reasoning skills are required for these positions.

#2047606 What's the best WvWvW equipment for a GS 20/30/0/0/20 build?

Posted Invoky on 28 October 2012 - 06:05 AM

If you are going to spec into pure glass cannon, might as well go full berserker

Most people use knight because its balanced

#2043081 Anet releasing MOBA type gameplay within GW2?

Posted G L J on 25 October 2012 - 09:33 PM

View PostRivenTheValorous, on 25 October 2012 - 03:48 AM, said:

Sounds similar to what SMITE is doing. I'd certainly play. My warrior is already named Riven, anyway.

I should have named my Guardian Taric. I use a giant hammer anyways

#2041238 New Mystic Forge Halloween recipes

Posted Nox_Aeterna on 25 October 2012 - 02:10 AM

I keep everything the chests drops ... i keep everything honestly.

This proves Anet listen when they are wrong and make up for it.

I hope this time the drop rate is actually viable.

#2040857 New Mystic Forge Halloween recipes

Posted Juminator on 24 October 2012 - 09:49 PM

After the BLC drama Anet as finally revealed the new recipes that will be added to the mystic forge so the players can use all the trash they got from the chests :)

North American Community Team Lead

“Our Halloween celebrations are in full swing, costume brawls are aplenty and the Shadow of the Mad King is falling across Tyria. Because we are as excited as you are, we will add another opportunity for you to get shiny Halloween goodies.
You will be glad to hear that we are adding recipes to the Mystic Forge that will allow you to throw stuff you get from the Black Lion Chests into it to get a special Halloween chest (no key needed for this one). These chests will include Halloween specific loot and give you a second chance to get one of the terrifying, rare Halloween skins. Here is the recipe we will add:

You need 1 Candy Corn, 6 Mystery Tonics, 1 Boost (any), 1 Boost (any) to get a Mad King Chest.

We hope you like this gruesome addition, we will let you know immediately when they will be in the game – enjoy the celebrations!”

NOTE: this recipe is NOT in the game yet, wait for the update.

Anet Post Link

#2041221 When did Guild Wars players turn in to such whiners?

Posted Kattar on 25 October 2012 - 01:45 AM

Whining about whining is so meta.

tl;dr We don't need another thread about this.

#2041068 When did Guild Wars players turn in to such whiners?

Posted Echou on 24 October 2012 - 11:29 PM

View PostShayne Hawke, on 24 October 2012 - 11:23 PM, said:

I got you a present, OP.  Try it sometime.

Posted Image


...Aaaanyway, I agree with the complaint corner. But it should be for CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM though, baseless whining belongs to the trashcan.